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Maureen felt her eyes droop as dinner slowly continued. It was early march and the gang had decided to go out for a bite considering none of them could make a decent meal without a box.

Everyone else seemed to be in occupying themselves. Angel droned on about how he and Collins went wherever doing whatever.

Mark was fiddling with his camera and Collins was staring wide eyed at Angel occasionally adding a comment or two.

In the corner Mimi and Rodger were kissing…again. Benny was shifting uncomfortably, alone.

Joanne was checking her phone messages under the table, glancing up at Angel every once in a while to nod or laugh.

Sighing Maureen stirred her iced tea with a straw deciding if a third 'bathroom trip' was worth the embarrassment to get out of there when she felt a jolt go up her leg. After the initial shock she realized her phone was vibrating.

"Ay chica! Are you okay?" Angel asked sounding genuinely concerned. Maureen opened her cell phone and in big bold letters read Reminder: change light bulb in living room. She was grateful she had set the reminder even if the amusement only lasted a few minutes.

"Yeah, my phone just decided to scare the crap out of me!" she fake-scolded the inanimate object. After a few half hearted laughs everyone went back to what they were doing.

After the slight distraction, Maureen began to slip the phone into her pocket, and then stopped a smirk forming on her face.

She whipped the phone out and went to and flipped through an inventory of tabs until she reached one labeled Contacts from there she found Joanne, and Text. She turned the phone sideways so she could use the keyboard and began.

I' m so bored right now


After minute or two a response came.

Same I love Angel but she can be a little mind-numbing


Maureen smiled at her girlfriend's strange vocabulary.

I wish we were alone right now I'm aching to get away from all this


Joanne didn't respond but instead set the phone down and asked Angel a question about whatever they were talking about. Maureen crossed her arms and let out a frustrated sigh and tried again.

Please don't ignore me Pookie I'm being serious…I thought you liked that…


She turned to Joanne and put on a pout. Joanne sighed and began typing. And soon enough there was a reply on Maureen's phone.

I do, but for Christ sakes Maureen were out to dinner!


Maureen frowned and texted back

It's not my fault your legs are so tantalizing


This time a reply came much faster than before.



Joanne gave her a confused glance. Since when had the diva used such a vivid vocabulary? Maureen giggled and quickly typed out her answer.

Do you like it? I got if off some sex website! I figured it was a lot more sexy than just 'sexually appealing' ;)


The lawyer rolled her eyes and responded.

You should really stay off those sites if you haven't noticed the ideas they have on them can be stupid or dangerous.


Maureen let her foot run up and down Joanne's leg as the replied.

You didn't seem to think so last night when we were playing court. I didn't know my leg could reach that far back!


Joanne gasped she had thought the idea was so original; something that only Maureen's mischievous mind could create.

"So girls, where do you stand on the subject?" Angel interrupted. In the time they had been texting Mimi (much to Rodgers dismay) had joined in conversation and Mark had gone to the bathroom.

"I-ugh, think it sounds great!" Maureen said trying to save her and Joanne from brutal guilt, but instead of saving them it seemed to have got them into deeper trouble.

The whole table went silent, background noise filled the air. Mimi was the first to speak.

"Interesting, I would have thought you two of all people would think differently I mean with what we've seen and we have seen a lot you two were never very shy with public affection. Especially when Maureen's uh…" she trailed off.

"We're sorry," Joanne sighed. "What were we talking about again? We were uh-busy for a second and didn't quite catch It." she said knowing if she didn't ask what they were talking about they would be in deeper trouble.

"Discrimination towards gay marriage."Angel said sounding slightly hurt. Maureen frowned.

"Oh, sorry were totally against it! Sorry Ange!" Maureen burst out. Joanne nodded in agreement and Angel continued speaking.

What a funky mix up huh?


Maureen's talented fingers typed gracefully and quickly. While Joanne's were less able and quite slow to respond.

I guess but I kind of feel bad about it


Maureen pouted she never liked it when Joanne was even the least bit upset.

Why? It wasn't your fault.


Joanne sighed, she knew but it was still distressing. She felt as if somehow she had betrayed her race of sexuality. Angel and Collins even looked slightly upset to her. It was silly, but not meaningless.

It's hard to explain. Angel kind of looked hurt and I really wasn't looking to offend her or Collins. I love being who I am and loving you. I love you.


Joanne found this all very stressful, and Maureen saw this as an opportunity to jump in and be her knight in shining armor. And maybe get a little something out of it when they got home, she did enjoy playing fantasy games with Joanne.

I love you too, your touch and feel; especially when you wear your sexy lawyer suits. I swear I can hardly keep my hands off of you. I love how the lace tickles…


The mocha receiver smiled as she recalled the previous nights' activities. She had to admit Maureen didn't look to bad herself in their little fantasy costumes.

Your wardrobe needs updating how about you try me on for size?


Suddenly both women felt recovered, and the previous conflict seemed to fly out the window.

That could work my but you are a little…tight…


Maureen's wit concurred back.

Don't worry; I can loosen up a bit,


Maureen shivered in longing.

Are you cold honey? I could warm us up a bit.

Joanne slipped her arms around Maureen's waist and kissed her neck. Maureen smiled and giggled typing out a reply

I'm fine, still a little shook up from yesterday; I couldn't stop staring at your big, luscious, tempting, t-t-t-teeth. You have such a beautiful smile


Joanne reached over and slapped Maureen's leg, but her plan backfired when Maureen simply grabbed it and ran it all over her thigh slowly moving to her center. Joanne pulled away just in time for things not to get too racy.

But with Maureen of course they did. The thespian lesbian flung her arms around Joanne's neck and pulled her into a more lustful than passionate kiss. Joanne tried to struggle out but there was no hope she quickly lost herself in her lover's lips, tongue and everything else.

For the second time that night the table fell silent. Everyone was stunned for a moment but not surprised. It was just like Maureen to do something like this.

The silence was broken by the couple's moans and other sex noises, and soon they weren't the only ones.

Maureen and Joanne, Angel and Collins, Mimi and Rodger. And Mark.

Mark was the only one left all alone and not sucking face with someone else.

Alternative ending:

Mark got so pissed he ran to the nearest library and signed up for an online dating sight. He met up with some lady who was 20 years older than her profile said. He got so mad he cried all the way home, when he arrived he found each boho couple happily and rapidly fucking each other's brains out.

Then he started to cry miserably until Benny came in and threw-up from all the sex and tears.

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