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I started writing this story nine years ago and while it wasn't my first fanfiction, it was my gateway into actually gaining a small following of my stories and basically building up plots that weren't centered around high school drama and was more about world building and showcasing my passion for these fandoms. I have learned many things throughout my journey of writing this story such as discovering my writing style, learning about character development, world building, and I have met some pretty cool people who I'll always adore as readers.

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Naruto was lying peacefully in his bed, when suddenly his Pokétch began beeping. His eyes opened, presenting his shiny blue orbs to the world. The young trainer picked up his beeping watch and looked at it.

The current time read 7:00 a.m., and "Academy Exams Today" was flashing in big black letters on the calendar function on the small screen.

Wait a minute...that's today? Naruto's eyes widened as he read the message repeatedly in disbelief.

Then, he spotted a magazine on his dresser. Naruto reached for it, and began skimming through the pages until he came across a flyer. On it was his father Minato, and his most trusted partners Kyuubi "Ninetails", Braviary, Salamence, Sawsbuck, Escavalier, and Kingdra. Currently, he was the champion of Unova.

Look out, Dad, Naruto grinned still staring at his father's photo. Because when I graduate from White Academy, I'm coming to battle you.

"I've got to get ready," he said climbing out of bed. From there, he headed towards his personal bathroom to wash up and get dress.

For his apparel, Naruto chose to wear a black shirt with a picture of an orange Pokéball on the front, and over it, he wore an orange jacket. His pants were tan and long. Almost long enough to completely cover up his black sneakers. The last thing to do was to brush his teeth, which didn't take him long. Naruto took one last look into his mirror and gave himself a hard stare, and then he smiled.

"Okay today's the day," he said. "Today, I officially become a Pokémon Trainer!"

Chapter One: A New School, A New Beginning.

After getting dress, Naruto grabbed his backpack before heading down stairs with his mother and younger sister in the kitchen. Instead of eating her breakfast as she should have, Naruto's younger sibling, Yomi was pretending to be a trainer with her mother's Glameow.

Yomi sat down one of her Pokédolls in front of the sleeping Glameow.

"Okay, Glameow," she said, pointing at the stuffed toy. "I want you use Shadow Claw."

Yomi's command was basic. Instead of attacking the doll, Glameow yawned and continued with his mid-morning nap.

Yomi frowned. "Stubborn cat Pokémon," she grumbled, picking up her toy and sitting it on a chair beside her.

Naruto just chuckled and poured himself some cereal in a glass bowel. Once he was settled, Naruto reached for the TV remote turning the sound up to a descent volume. "Search for the red Gyarados" was being broadcasted from Lake Verity-a tourist site not too far from Jubilife.

"Despite the exploration team's best efforts, however, the rare, oddly colored Pokémon eluded detection. The rumored red Gyarados failed to appear, even fleetingly, to the crestfallen team…" The narrator said.

"That concludes our special report; "Search for the Red Gyarados!" the announcer on the television replied." Brought to you by Jubilife TV on Nationwide Net! See you next week!"

Wow. To think, a Pokémon like that could have actually existed somewhere in the world... Naruto thought with a smile. It makes me envious.

"Ah. I see you're awake, finally." His mother, Kushina said, as she walked into the kitchen wearing one of her best dress suits. Kushina was the head battler of Sinnoh's new Battling Company. With her Garchomp by her side, there was currently no competition for her position.

"Are you ready to go?" Kushina took a seat at the table and began typing on her laptop.

Naruto just nodded and briefly peered at the kitchen clock on the wall. Currently, the time was 8:01-just hours, before his real journey into Unova began.

"Well, I better go before I'm late," he said giving his mother a quick kiss on the cheek, and grabbing his bag from the counter. "Bye, Mom. Bye Yomi."

One his way out the door, Naruto bumped into a teenaged girl named Hana. Hana was the older sister of his neighbor Kiba, and Yomi's babysitter while his parents were at work since she lived close by.

"Kiba's already on his way to the Pokémon Center in Canalave," Hana explained to him. "You'd better hurry if you want to catch him, but I doubt that you will. My little brother will never slow down…"

And with that, Naruto headed towards the Pokémon Center, which was a couple blocks away from his apartment building. Inside, there were other trainers either sitting and relaxing, or getting their teams checked out by Nurse Shizune. Naruto took two Pokéballs and an egg from his bag. Inside of the red and white balls were his Pokémon Tepig and Pansage. However, the egg was different story.

Naruto had stumbled upon the mysterious egg one day after a day of training with Tepig and Pansage. And until this very day, the Pokémon inside of it has remained a secret.

"Naruto…?" someone suddenly said.

From the sound of the voice, Naruto swerved his head around, coming face to face to with a girl named Haruno Sakura. Sakura was wearing her green headband over her unusual pink hair, a short-sleeved red shirt that matched her shoes and red skirt that reached her knees. She also wore a pair of green tights under her skirt. Following close behind her, were her Pokémon Skitty and Munna.

"Hey, Naruto," she said to him. "I just caught my third Pokémon! Take a look at it."

In her arms, Sakura held a young Lillipup. Lillipup had the appearance of small Scottish terrier puppy, large eyes and a red nose, with his face covered by an abundance of cream fur.

"Isn't he the cutest thing?" Sakura petted Lillipup's head happily. "And it's all thanks to Skitty that I have him and my Munna in that massive outbreak of new species."

Naruto nodded, and remember the outbreak of new Pokémon in Sinnoh. It was how he'd caught his Pansage, and right around the same time that the mysterious egg had appeared.

"You did a great job, Skitty," Sakura smiled at her oddly colored kitten.

Hearing her trainer's praise made Skitty one happy cat Pokémon. The oddly colored kitten rubbed her head against Sakura's leg, and purred as Sakura bent down to pet her. Munna on the other hand was a strange psychic Pokémon that looked as if she were a tapirs or a pig. Her body is also rounded and stubby-limbed, giving her a lumpy appearance, with pink-and-purple floral patterns along the back and underside.

Naruto grinned petting Lillipup for himself. "That's great," he congratulated his childhood friend.

"So...did your egg hatch, yet?" Sakura suddenly ask. "Mistress Tsunade said that it was important for us to make sure that each of had acquired at least three Pokémon before the exams."

"She did...?" Naruto scratched his cheek sheepishly.

Sakura sighed a little. Sometimes, Naruto was just so clueless.

"Yes she did, Naruto." she answered. "In order to get our trainer's cards, we must use our Pokémon in a three on three battles. The winner of course gets their trainer card and a free ticket into the academy."

Naruto looked down at his egg-it was smooth and warm. And every now and then, it would move. Sakura looked at the egg curiously, as she sat down Lillipup to play with Munna and Skitty.

"Wow...it's so pretty," she said still looking at the egg.

"Yeah, but I wonder what going to come out of it...?" Naruto replied.

"Come out of what?" A voice familiar voice questioned.

Naruto and Sakura looked away from the egg only to see Kiba standing there-his tiny partner in crime, Akamaru the Poochyena was beside him. Kiba wore his navy blue and black hooded shirt with matching black shorts and skater shoes. A navy blue bag was slung lazily over his shoulder.

"We were just wondering about Naruto's egg," Sakura explained. "It's looks so mysterious..."

Naruto held up his egg, and Kiba took a good long look at it.

"Huh. It is pretty freaky looking..." his gaze still fixated on the egg. "What do you think Akamaru?"

Poochyena, or in this case, Akamaru is a small hyena-like Pokémon with grey and black fur, red eyes, and long bushy tail. The pup sniffed the egg a couple of times before replying, "Arf,"

"But," Kiba reached into his pocket and pulled out two Pokéballs. "My Blitzle and Eevee are guaranteed to be stronger."

Kiba's Blitzle appeared to be a white-on-black zebra Pokémon, with thick, pointed white stripes on his neck, chest, back and hind legs. He also has a large, rounded dark nose, and oval eyes with blue irises and yellow sclera.

Eevee on the other hand is a mammalian creature with brown fur, a bushy tail that has a cream-colored tip, and a furry collar that is also cream-colored. He also has four short, feline-esque legs with three small toes on each foot, brown eyes, big ears, and pink paw pads.

"Oh!" Sakura suddenly reached into her fanny pack and pulled out a device called a Pokédex.

"Since the outbreak, my parents have been researching nonstop on any and every Pokémon that they can," She said as her small pink device scanned Kiba's Pokémon. The information was displayed in an instant.

Blitzle: The Electrified Pokémon.

Its mane shines when it discharges electricity. They use their flashing manes to communicate with one another.

Eevee: The evolution Pokémon.

A rare Pokémon that adapts to harsh environments by taking on different evolutionary forms.

Poochyena: The bite Pokémon.

A Pokémon with a persistent nature, it chases its chosen prey until the prey becomes exhausted.

"Oh, that's right. Your parents are scientists." Naruto said, and Sakura nodded.

"And my older brother, Rector is a gym leader," she said. "Unlike them, I plan on becoming a famous coordinator."

For a couple more hours, the gang sat around the Pokémon Center chatting about what they would like to accomplish once graduation day came to the academy. While Sakura wanted to prepare her team for contest, Kiba and Naruto wanted to travel and collect badges from different regions.

At 9:30, the three of them walked down to the town's harbor.

"Tickets, please," one of the sailors asked holding out his hands. Each of them handed the man a golden ticket.

Other than the three of them, there was also four other trainers. The first was a young boy with onyx eyes wearing a blue jacket over a white t-shirt, black jeans, and blue sneakers. A one-strapped grey bag sat beside him. Instead of chatting with the other trainers, he sat alone in the corner reading a book.

The other three trainers all wore school uniforms. The shortest and presumed to be the youngest had white hair sat looking out of the window with bored expression on his pale face. His older sister with long red hair and wearing a sailor-type uniform was busy brushing the fur on her Tepig. The last and oldest sibling was a teenaged boy with green spiky hair. He was also wearing a Gakuran style uniform, and was flirting with one of the female waiters. The only thing the three of them seemed to have in common were their serpent-like yellow eyes. The gang had decided to take their seats near the three of them.

"From here, we're headed to White Academy," Sakura said. Skitty was sleeping in her lap. "I'm getting nerves just thinking about the entry exams."

"Well I'm not," Kiba said proudly. "I've trained day and night for this, and I'm not about to lose to a bunch of beginners."

Naruto chuckled. Of course, Kiba would say something like that. He'd been that way since the three of them were short, chubby cheeked, and dreamed of getting their first Pokémon.

Since Naruto and his friends were so close to him, the boy with the snowy hair suddenly turned his attention away from the window, and directed it at the egg in Naruto's arms. Before leaving for the harbor, Nurse Shizune had given him a protective glass cover egg to keep it away from harm's way.

Interesting... The boy thought to himself. A mischievous grin etched his face.

"Hey, you," he said gaining everyone's attention as he approached. "You with the strange egg, let me see it for a minute."

At first, Naruto didn't think it was such a bright idea to just hand over his Pokémon egg over to some stranger. But, the kid standing in front of him didn't look too much older than himself, Naruto decided to let have a look.

"Hmm..." the boy stared at the egg for a short while, and then he handed it back to Naruto.

"I would like to propose a single battle between us," The boy pulled out a Pokéball. "If I win, you hand over that egg of yours."

Naruto glared at him. "And if I win?" he questioned.

The boy shrugged his shoulders. "I guess you can keep It." he answered. "So, is it agreed?"

Naruto nodded, and reached for a Pokéball of his own. But, not before handing Sakura his egg for safekeeping. From here, the battle had started, and challenger was the first to make his move.

"Glaceon, front and center!" he called out as he tossed the Pokéball in his hand. From the inside, popped out a beautiful blue fox-like Pokémon with long bangs, and pointy ears. The entry on Sakura's Pokédex was read as such;

Glaceon- The Fresh Snow Pokémon.

As a protective technique, it can completely freeze its fur to make its hair stand like needles.

"Allow me to introduce you to my Glaceon. She's been looking to use weaker Pokémon for her daily target practice. And that's where you and your Pokémon come in." The boy said, with a small smirk.

"Ignore him, Naruto." Sakura said. "It says here that Glaceon is ice type Pokémon, and is weak against fire and ground based attacks."

Naruto perked up. "Fire..?" He repeated. And then suddenly, he grinned, reaching for Tepig's Pokéball.

"Come on out, Tepig!" he shouted.

In a sudden burst of light appeared Tepig. Tepig has large, ovular eyes, an archetypically snout-like nose, and a thick stripe of yellow over it. Tepig has short legs, with the extremities of his forefeet being black in coloration. There is also a band of black on his lower back and rear, from which stretches his coiled tail, topped with a ruddy-red bauble-like adornment.

Sakura's Pokédex scanned the cute fire pig instantly.

Tepig: The fire pig Pokémon.

It blows fire through its nose. When it catches a cold, the fire becomes pitch-black instead.

"Glaceon, use Ice Beam!" the boy shouted, pointing at Tepig.

"Tepig you use Defense Curl!" Naruto called out.

On her trainer's command, Glaceon shot a stream of bone chilling air at Tepig. But just before the attack could make contact, Tepig curled up into a ball to avoid taking serious damage.

"Now use Ember!" Naruto said.

Almost immediately, Tepig shook the ice from his body, and stood up. After that, the small fire pig took in a deep breath before firing a barrage of tiny sparks at Glaceon from his nose.

"Oh no, you don't." the boy growled. "Glaceon, counter it with Water Pulse!"

Tepig's fire, colliding with Glaceon's water created a cloud of steam, which covered the entire ship. Once the smoke cleared, both Pokémon were seen in their same battling position. Seeing this, both trainers were about to call out their next commands.

"Use Ember once more, Tepig!" Naruto yelled.

"And you use Double Team, Glaceon!" the snowy haired challenger shouted.

Just as Tepig's attack was about to make contact, Glaceon created several doppelgangers of herself. Tepig looked around at each of them, slightly confused as he tried to figure out which one was the original Glaceon.

"Now use Water Pulse!" the boy said.

And then, all at once, Glaceon and her copies blasted Tepig with large rings of water. Poor Tepig fainted instantly from the attack, and Naruto gritted his teeth in anger as he returned Tepig to his Pokéball.

"Here," Naruto received his egg from Sakura and was on the verge of handing it over to the boy with white hair. "You won the battle so..."

"Forget it," The boy cut him off. "I lied about taking your egg. I only said that as a way getting you to battle me. I knew that if you had something precious on the line, you would use every bit of your partner's power to get it back."

Hearing this, Naruto felt relived. But at the same time, he felt confused. Just who was this boy? And why in world was he testing him? He wondered as the boy walked back to seat.

"Look! I can see the academy from here!" Sakura said as the boat moved closer to land.

Out of curiosity, Naruto and Kiba peered out of windows of boat. And sure enough, getting closer by the second, was White Academy. The school was almost completely hidden by rows and rows of trees, which means there were plenty of Pokémon living around the school itself. Naruto could wait to reach the shore and start training his Pokémon.

The young trainer stepped onto the shore with his friends and the other passengers after waving goodbye to the sailors on the boat.

Alright White Academy, Naruto thought to himself as the boat began to sail into a different direction. Here I come!

Author's Note: Well, that's chapter one. How was it? Hopefully, it's a little more original than most of the other Naruto and Pokémon crossovers. And unlike my older story, I'm going to allow you readers to send in some of your OCs to take part in some of their chapters. Best take this opportunity while you can. The sign up form is below.

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Signed, Mistress Tsunade and the Staff

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