blood stained snow

Silver eyes brimming with tears

Like a mirror they reflect

My blood red ones

In this cruel world

You were the white snow

Softly, shyly, sharing your kindness

Dyed red by blood

I am a shinoubi weapon

Stealing life, stealing happiness

Yet as you warm to me

You rust away my blade

You dull my edge

I still cut if you draw too close

Your blood mingles with mine

Adds to my sins

I taint you with every touch

Why do you still stay?

When it is easier to go

I view you through distorted lenses

Crimson drops stain the floor

This is the end

I'm scared, it hurts

I don't want to lose everything

Don't want to lose you

I'm sorry

Please stop crying

Don't cry for me

What I've been afraid to tell you

I smile; I want to let you know

'Ai shiteru'

The hourglass has run out

All that remains

Is blood stained snow

note: ai shiteru-strongest way of saying i love you in japanese