Momentary glances were hidden in glares. The harsh words that spilled from their lips had confessions tucked neatly inside. When they clashed physically it was to mask the urge for contact.

Their annoyance was true - their hatred was not. It was covering up in one of the most cliché ways; but it worked so they used it.

Perhaps at some point during the beginning the hatred was mutually real. The insults had meaning other than childish taunts. Perhaps; they didn't know. They had never taken the time to look back on it - to figure out when it had changed.

Maybe it had started instantly. Maybe back in Mateel. Or maybe it was so far from that it could have been during the Ark. That certainly been what had triggered them to notice. What triggered them now.

It was difficult – they had a front to put up, after all. They had their pride and it was strong enough to hide their feelings in glares and insults.

There were eyes always watching. Watching him at least – watching Allen; because they suspected him of stupid things. Because they were stupid enough to actually think he would do whatever it was. Kanda didn't know what it was, the brat refused to tell him. Infuriating.

Whenever the subject was brought up, the snowy-haired exorcist would get this pitiful expression and change topics immediately. When the samurai pressed, Allen would go quiet an unresponsive until he got fed up and snapped and Kanda.

It was a piss-off.

Especially when, because of this problem, his "surveillance" was always by his side. That irritating Howard Link who would send the Japanese teen glares whenever their eyes met.

Sometimes, the parasite-type could get away. H would sneak into Kanda's room because honestly, who would think he was there?

But he was and Kanda became used to walking into his room to see a sleeping brat on his bed.

If they ever got caught – what would they do? They never once thought about it. Even when it was so obvious it could happen at any time. They didn't want to ruin the few moments they had, maybe. Or they just thought it would never happen. Perhaps if it happened, they would deny it. Perhaps they would just admit it. Maybe.

Maybe they would have gotten the chance if it wasn't for the Earl and Noah. If the Order hadn't kept Alma Karma "alive" and if the Noah had not awoken him. Maybe it would have been different. Different if none of it happened. It they could have stayed in Kanda's room; sitting on the bed with their backs against the wall. Kanda with his hand atop Allen's; not really holding, just there. If they could have stayed like that talking about everything they could. Though, the snowy-haired exorcist did most of the talking. The samurai mainly listened; occasionally giving short sarcastic answers or small scoffs and unhappy grunts that the British teen registered as "Kanda-language."

If Allen hadn't realized he should leave before Link found him – if he hadn't rushed out after a short, demanding kiss…

If he had stayed and refused to leave his spot on that bed… Perhaps it would have been different.


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