The Mysterious Duelist

FYI, I do not own anyone or anything in this fanfic. The gems for this one Dueldisk I got the idea from Deltora Quest, so I don't own them either (I think). They all belong to their respected owners.

Ch.1: Mysterious Duelist

The moon was shining over the island of Duel Academy. It may seem quite tranquil under the moonlight, but if you check one clearing, you would find a blue-haired Obelisk Blue with glasses named Tom in a Duel with a mysterious man with a black cloak with a hood worn over his head. On Tom's side of the Field is Luster Dragon in Attack Mode (ATT 1900/DEF 1600), and he has 1100 LP left. The stranger's side of the Field has only a Vampire Lord in Attack Mode (ATT 2000/DEF 1500), and he has 3500 LP left.

"Please," Tom begged the stranger fearfully. "Don't hurt me!"

"I do not intend to," the stranger said in a low voice. "I intend to win this Duel…and become whole again." As he said this, the stranger held up his left arm across his chest. Tom saw that there's something up with the stranger's arm. From the fingertips to the wrist, it was glowing with a white mist of some kind. The rest of his arm is a silvery-blue metal of some kind. And his Dueldisk is like one of the Academy's Dueldisks but with seven gems (a diamond, an emerald, a lapis lazuli, a topaz, an opal, a ruby, and an amethyst) circling the orb at the center.

"My turn now," the stranger then said, drawing a card with a silvery-blue right hand and looking at it before adding it to his hand. "I shall now remove Vampire Lord from play in order to Special Summon Vampire Genesis in Attack Mode!" Vampire Lord vanished, and Vampire Genesis (ATT 3000/DEF 2100) appeared in his place.

"Now, Vampire Genesis," the stranger said to his newly summoned monster, "attack his Luster Dragon!" Vampire Genesis the sped towards the sapphire blue dragon and landed a slash of his severely clawed hand on the defenseless dragon, which disintegrated with a dying roar. Tom grunted in fear as his LP dwindled to 0.

"It looks like I have won the battle," the stranger said, holding his left hand up to his face, which is hidden in the shadow of his hood. Tom watched in awed horror as the mist making up his hand dissipated to reveal silvery-blue metal. When it stopped, all that was left of the white mist were the claw-like fingers. Tom also saw that the stranger's LP had dwindled to 0 as the mist was dissipated from his hand. It's as if his arm had absorbed the LP to turn the mist into the metal material making up his arm.

"Blast," the stranger hissed, flexing his misty fingers. "Still not enough."

"What are ya gonna do to me?" Tom stuttered. The stranger then looked up at him, a round red left eye glowing at him.

"Nothing," he answered. "My time with you has ended. Thank you for the Duel." A glowing red pair of batwings sprouted out of his back, and he flew off. Watching him, Tom then fainted.