Ch.10: We Shall Meet Again

"Are you sure you don't want to stay here for a while?" Jaden asked NOS-4-A2. The Energy Vampire, Buzz, and the X-Bros were getting ready to leave.

"I wish I could stay," NOS-4-A2 answered, "but Lightyear wants the LGMs to study my Dueldisk. That way, I can learn how to control it. There are some things I have yet to understand about it."

"Too bad," Chazz said. "We could've gotten to know each other more."

"I can come by and visit," the Energy Vampire stated. "Lightyear said that he would even ask for the Commander's permission. Either way, I am certain that we shall meet again."

"And we'll be waiting," Jaden said with a wink/thumbs-up.

"Hey, Nos," XR called from the ship, "we're ready to go."

"I will be right there," NOS-4-A2 called back before turning back to Jaden and Chazz.

"Well, see ya later," Jaden said.

"Take care," Chazz added.

"You take care, too," NOS-4-A2 replied before holding up his fully healed left arm. "And thank you." He then flew into the ship and turned to the boys once inside the doorway, giving them one final wave good-bye. The boys waved back before the door closes itself completely. Once it has, the ship blasted off into space. Inside, NOS-4-A2 sat next to Buzz and watch sadly as the island disappeared from sight.

"Are you okay?" Buzz asked, noticing the Energy Vampire's sadness.

"Hm?" NOS-4-A2 answered, snapping out of his sad daze. "Oh, I apologize, Lightyear. It is just that…I have been living on that island for a while that it began feeling like home to me."

"Aw, don't sweat it, Nos," XL said. "Like Buzz said, we'll see to it that you can go and visit again."

"Yeah, maybe by that time, you'll have a cute girlfriend," XR added, "although I doubt that's possible."

"Hey!" the Energy Vampire snapped indignantly.

"Gotcha!" XR laughed. "Ya should've seen your face! Priceless!" NOS-4-A2 groaned in reply at the little robot's joke.

"Perhaps I should have stayed on the island," he muttered.