Me: Wanna do the disclaimer for me granny Yeva?

Yeva: И. М. собираюсь заставлять вас делать это!

Me: huh? *very cunfuzzled*

Yeva: глупая девушка, вы не можете заставить меня делать оговорки!

Me: *backs up slowly* kay I think I'll just do it…I don't own anything it all belongs to Richelle Mead!

Yeva: *evil cackle*

Me: *hides under blankie*


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AN IMPORTANT: kay so this is important! From where it says "earlier that year," will be a huge flashback! Like a few chapters long! I know, I know, that's not huge…it's gigantic! But very important! :D

_Chapter 2_

After some wondering I found Pavel in what looked to me like a conference room. He was sitting in a black office chair, the kind that managers sit in, at the head of a large oval table. He had one elbow propped up on the table while the other held a sheet of paper, his chin was resting on the palm of his propped up hand.

Sighing, he stared at the piece of paper for a moment longer before looking up at me. He gave me a half hearted smile and nodded towards me, indicating me to take a seat beside him.

"What are you looking at?" I asked snatching a few of the papers that he had scattered on the table in front of him. My eye brows netted together as I tried to figure out what the papers were about.

"Well, Pavel I know you never wanted to be an architect, so why are you looking at a layout of our Headquarters?" I questioned him even though I already knew the answer. Knowing the answer and admitting that you know the answer are two very different things.

He gave me an exasperated sigh, "I'm trying to figure out how the Strigoi got into our HQ. It's just not possible! The guards and wards were too strong, and they didn't have a human to break the wards for them."

I nodded my head in agreement, and then froze, "Pavel, do you think… could they of… "I paused for a second trying to find the right words, "what if they had inside help? It's the only logical explanation to how they could have gotten in."

It broke my heart to say it, but at the time it was necessary, "You think someone could us out like that?" I set the papers back down on the table and looked at Pavel waiting for his response.

Pavel turned wheeled his chair around to look me in the eye, "Yes Rose, that's exactly what I think and I also know exactly who that person was."

*earlier that year*

I sat on the counter of the kitchen in Abe's house; well it was more like his mansion. I was looking over 'profiles' of the people Pavel and Viktoria (yeah, Dmitri's little sister was also one of the leaders of the fraternity) had given to me for approval.

I reached over not taking my eyes off the paper in front of my and grabbed my can of Monster. Taking a quick sip, I finished reading about Brett Harris, some guardian from Ohio, and then set it back down back on the table. I pushed the paper off the top of the pile and let it fall to the floor where it joined many other unlucky candidates who I had rejected.

I looked at the overflowing stack in my hands and groaned. I so did not want to do this. I let my head fall back and I leaned back against the cabinets. I lifted up the next paper so I could see it and automatically froze.

NO. FREAKING. WAY. This could not be happening to me, it had been three years since the last time I had seen "them" and I didn't want to break that lucky streak anytime soon.

Jumping off the counter I went down stairs where I knew Pavel was working out. Sure enough, I walked into our gym and saw him on the floor in the middle of his push-up routine

I plopped down beside him and shoved the paper in front of his face, "I was just wondering…what the hell is this?"

He sighed and briefly glanced at the paper, "Looks like a piece of paper," he replied stopping his push-ups and sitting on the floor next to me.

I rolled over onto my back and held it out so I could look at it again, "Not just a piece of paper, Natasha Ozera's piece of paper, which states," I reached up to underline the sentence I was quoting from with my finger, "Miss. Ozera will be accompanied by Guardian Dimitri Belikov."

He sighed, "Look Rose, they will both be great additions to our team." I put the paper down on the floor and looked over at Pavel.

"So when do we go the island to train these people?" I asked him casually just as if Dimitri and Tasha coming here was no matter at all.

He thought about it for a second "We should arrive in Africa sometime tomorrow, so you figure from Russia to Africa it's about 14 hours by plane, then from there to the Canary Islands its about 4 and a half hours, so we should arrive there late tomorrow. Then they will be there the next day around one since it takes eight hours to get there and the flight leaves at 5:00a.m," he finished with a grin.

"I'm glad you can do math Pavel, but you could have just told me they get to the island in two days or they arrive on Wednesday," I shrugged while raising my eyebrows, "maybe it's just me but that seems a little easier to understand."

He just rolled his eyes at me and went back to working out. I got myself off the floor and went upstairs to pack for the flight.

When I got to my room I docked my iPod and turned the volume all the way up and started singing and rapping along with the first song that came on.

When the song was done I was half way through packing, and I figured I could do the rest later, I needed a nap to prepare me for what the beginning of the next few days would bring.

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