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_Chapter 6_

(Still earlier that year)

Pavel and I walked close beside each other, even though it was rare, Strigoi attacks on Dhampirs were still a possibility. I was better off keeping close to Pavel since he was more experienced than me in these situations.

"Hey?" We both were walking in silence since the beginning of our hike, and it was just about to drive me to an edge.

A few seconds later, Pavel glanced back at me, finally taking a break from staring at the beeping navigator system. Apparently his little "memory map" was no use at the moment.

"What exactly is our mission this time?" I tried again when he didn't respond to my first attempt to start a conversation. I switched my backpack on my other shoulder and started massaging the sore one with the palm of my hand.

"Ummm…the most I know so far is that there was some Strigoi attack during a wedding in Russia. I think the bride was kidnapped, from some royal family I believe." He quickly snuck a glance at me and continued, "I think your father was at the wedding also…"

I felt my stomach slightly twist into a knot, Abe better not of have gotten into any trouble. I couldn't stand if I lost him as well; I had lost way too many people in my life over the two years…

Still following Pavel, I took a right turn on the forked road and narrowly missed hitting my head on a dead tree branch. Looking ahead, I saw that the church in which the wedding was held at was just a few steps ahead.

As we neared, the few guardians that were fending off Strigoi at the entrance became visible. The whole place was covered in either green or purple with ribbons and streamers decorating every inch of the church. Obviously, these people came from very rich families.

"Strange," Pavel muttered to himself. As I walked into the church I understood what he meant, there were only a few guardians inside and the Moroi were nowhere to be seen.

"Rose!" Pavel was standing in the corner of the room with a familiar looking guardian. He waved at me indicating me to join their conversation. Confused, I quickly walked over to see why they wanted me with them.

"Rose, this is Guardian Brooks, she has offered to tell us about what the exact situation is here."

Being one of the most "official" guardians, Brooks wasted no time with the introductions and launched into the story. "During the wedding, a few Strigoi attacked. The guardians took care of that but we weren't prepared for the gigantic number of them waiting for us at the entrance. Lucky we got all the Moroi secured..." she paused for a moment and I saw a strike of fear in her eyes just before her guardian mask came back on, "except for the queen. She was taken by them into their private jet."

My body reacted much faster than my mind did. Even before Brooks had finished talking, I shoot out the church door and was hunting down the plane. The Queen was on that plane, which meant that Lissa was on that plane. Looking up into the horizon, I saw that the Strigoi plane was just taking off.

So naturally…I began to run after a plane that carried god knows how many Strigoi and the Queen of the Vampire world.

Standing right under the gradually rising plane, I flung my rope up and started climbing up into the storage area.

L-POV (Lissa)

He grabbed me by the throat and threw me against the wall. My head hit with a thump and I slid down to the floor.

"See, this is why you don't mess with me." He growled as he walked towards me. I blinked and stood up, looking around the cockpit of the plane, nowhere to go.

He grabbed me again and threw me to the door like a rag doll; it broke under the pressure and landed on my back in the middle of the passenger seats.

I looked in the mirror, the soft satin of the dress, flowing down around me. I put the veil into my hair, and turned it over my face. My eyes began to water and I blinked rapidly.

"Rose should be here…." The doors flew open and I spun around completely shocked.

Back to R-POV

They turned around to walk down the aisle and Lissa stopped dead in her tracks. I smiled softly at her, and she ran towards me, wrapping her arms tightly around me. "I thought you were gone…."

I gave her a very quick hug before going after the Strigoi on the plane. The one closest to us tried to snatch Lissa's hand but I pushed him back with my foot and wrestled him to the floor. I reached down to my belt and swiftly took my sliver stake out before finishing him off for good.

The others were no problem to take down either. My sudden appearance had surprised all of them, creating a huge advantage for me. After I called the alchemists and landed the plane, I went over to check on Lissa.

"Lissa…" I chocked back my tears while I ran over to hug her.

"I thought you were dead Rose!" Lissa sobbed. Her wedding gown was shredded and she had scrapes all over her body, luckily nothing very serious.

"I know, it's a long story. But no, I'm not dead and yes I'm alright." I grinned at her knowing I answered all her unspoken questions. She smiled back wiping a stray tear falling down her angelic face.

"I'm so sorry Lissa, but I have to go before people come looking for you…"

"I know." Lissa answered softly. She finally let go of our hug and turned away to hide her smeared face.

I was halfway out the plane when I stopped and turned back to look at Lissa. "Remember, you never saw me."

"Yeah I know…you're still dead." She stifled her tears this time and I nodded biting my lip and taking my final steps out of the plane.

V-POV (Viktoria)

(While Rose and Pavel are gone)

I sank down on my pillow and groaned to myself. Every part of my body was stiff and tired.

Showing the newbies around was worse than fighting off Strigoi…who knew how controlling these people are? As I closed my eyes my speaker went off, "Viktoria? *static* can you come down to the front desk? One of the new arrivals wants to talk to you."

I glared at the speaker for ruing my peace and quiet and finally sighed while standing up stretching my legs. "Sure, I'll be right over."

As I reached the desk, I saw Dimitri leaning in the corner anticipating my arrival.

"Hey Dimka," I smiled at him and stifled the yawn that crept up within me, "do you need help with something?"

"Where is the cafeteria?" Dimitri asked shrugging his shoulders as if he couldn't care less about the answer.

"You called me all the way down here to ask where the cafeteria was?" I glared at him from beneath my eyelashes and tapped my fingers on the desk next to me.

Dimitri's carefree expression turned into one of amusement and soon enough both of us were cracking up while people around us stared with questioning looks. Shaking my head I got up and led Dimka and myself to the cafeteria.

D-POV (Dimitri)

After grabbing some dinner, Vikki and I sat down in the corner of the room catching up with each other.

There were a few minutes of silence, before decided to break it with a question that had been nagging me since the beginning. "Vikki? Can I ask you a quick question?"

"Sure." Viktoria finished off her sandwich and leaned back in her chair waiting for me to continue.

"Ummm….I just wanted to ask about….the…" I pointed at her neck and Vikki's hand immediately went up to the dog tag around her neck. She ran her fingers over it for a few moments before replying.

"Where do I start…" she muttered under her breathe while unhooking the bracelet from around her neck so I could see it.

"How about the beginning?"

I saw Vikki roll her dark eyes at me and I continued, "Who is it for?"

"His name was Luke," I bet I looked confused because she went on to explain further…"he was Rose's brother."

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