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Summary: Magic is becoming Corrupt, a dark seething thing that is slowly destroying the world that Harry loves. When no one believes him Harry turns to the only person who will. Following a stone given to him a year ago Harry sets out on his journey to destroy a No-Interference Treaty that Merlin himself set in place. HP/YYH crossover.

Location: Dark Tournament, 20 years ago.

The roaring of the demons in the stands echoed around the arena as Team Ichigaki and Team Urameshi stepped out. Noting the two missing demons in the Team, Dr. Ichigaki crackled. Everything was going exactly as he had planned.

So far his calculations had been 100% correct. His prototypes to increase the human body, and to make the perfect slaughter machines, had easily killed the competition. Winning the tournament would prove that his human enhancements were the most superior. Especially to his current research partner.

Looking over his shoulder he glared at the lean silhouette that stayed in the shadows watching over his glasses. He took out a cigarette and lit it. Taking a drag he slowly let the smoke out and settled against the wall. His white lab coat swayed around his legs.

Dr. Ichigaki wasn't sure what Noir wanted but as a researcher he was unparalleled which was the only reason he had allowed him to help him on the project. But even he could tell that Noir had become bored, as if the new discoveries that he had made were common place. But today he would realize the true genius of his work...

Noir watched the battle play out from the shadows. The three humans fought well with the slaver nods on their backs amplifying their fighting abilities. To bad only martial artists could survive the experiments necessary to implement them. He had watched enough humans die to know that.

His eyes narrowed as he watched the three prototypes hit the Kuwabara kid. They all managed to not hit any of his vitals although the boy was knocked unconscious.

"Kuwabara!" Urameshi yelled running up to his friend.

"Gyuk Gyuk... One down." said Dr. Ichigaki a smirk on his large face.

The announcer could be heard over the crowd saying, "Whatever Kuwabara was hoping for didn't happen! He just took a merciless pounding.!"

Noir closed his eyes, sometimes even demons needed better eyes, he thought letting out a breath of smoke.

"I'LL GET-!" Urameshi started yelling but something stopped him, curious Noir opened his eyes and looked at the stage.

One of the prototypes was crying tears of blood.

Dr. Ichigaki crackled, "Gyuk Gyuk! This is the most Fascinating Fieldwork I've ever conducted! I'll have to thoroughly revise my estimate of what it takes to gain control of the Human Mind."

Interesting fieldwork indeed. Noir's eyes glinted over his glasses as the fighting progressed, and when the masked fighter purified the prototypes, returning them to normal humans he pulled back further into the shadows. This wasn't his fight after all just another failed experiment, although he had given Dr. Ichigaki a small parting present.

"Enough talk. Time for you to pay." the Spirit Detective said walking up to Dr. Ichigaki

"Heh heh heh...Ha ha ha! You squirming maggots think you can get rid of me? No chance! My genius vastly exceeds your meager skills!" He yelled injecting himself. His body lengthened and his muscles became tighter. "Ha haah! My monster solution makes me your foe of foes! Now... YOU'LL BE SORRY!"

And like some unlearned brute he attacked Urameshi...

Who took him out with one punch.

"You were saying lame brain?"

Noir sighed, not that he was expecting much, but a scientist should learn to have more dignity. At least he was able to get some research information this time around. Throwing another cigarette bud into the ground he exited the arena grounds, time to go back to the drawing board.

Without a glance backwards he left, his lab coat fluttering in the breeze.

Location: Ministry of Magic. Present Time

The Remembrance party at the Ministry of Magic had started, and the Minister, Kingsley Shacklebolt sat at the front of the celebration with the ambassadors seated at a close table. The Ball was about to get underway but he still did not see the guest of honor.

He had personally gone to his house a week ago to give the order himself that the boy was to be here. The boy had ignored him and ranted off about something that he thought was important, something about magic theory. He had ignored him of course. He was just a tool to be used and the more control the ministry showed over the boy the more powerful they were. That boy did not have the intelligence necessary to run the country.

The music stopped and the lights in the hall dimmed.

"Announcing the arrival of Harry Potter."

Kingsley sighed in relief as the doors opened. Harry knew his duty of course, he wouldn't slack off during this important occasion.

The hall stood in silence as they eagerly awaited his arrival but no one appeared at the door. Then suddenly a man raced down the corridor and stopped in the doorway using it as support. "Minister!" He said panting. "Harry Potter has gone missing sir!"

The hall erupted into loud whispers and a few shouts of surprise.

The minister stood up. "Have every Wizard search for him and if they have any news they are to report to me immediately." But although they looked everywhere, the Savior of the Wizarding World had truly and completely disappeared.

Location: Unknown

Lightning crashed over the manor illuminating the silhouette of a man, his cloak blowing haphazardly in the wind. The rain drenched everything as if buckets of water were being poured out of the clouds. The lights in the manor could only be seen as a glow in the storm as if the windows were miniature lighthouses lined up on a cliff.

Pulling the cloak tighter around himself the man walked up to the door and knocked. Looking back at the falling rain he glared... of all the days.

A minute later the door opened and the man stepped inside. Pulling the cloak off himself he shook it out trying to dry it off as best he could before he handed it to the servant that had appeared to take it.

"An appropriate entrance as usual. It seems even the weather is trying to hide you, oh Mr. Chosen One." Draco Malfoy said leaning on the railing at the top of the large staircase, with his arms crossed. His blond hair was tied back and a small smirk played on his lips.

"Shut up. If I had know the weather was going to be this bad I would have come earlier. Seriously, what's with the sudden storm?"

Straightening up the man turned to face Draco. "Hello Draco."

"Good Evening Mr. Potter."

"How many times have I told you to call me Harry now? I mean it. I hate it when you call me Mr. Potter or Chosen One. Reminds me too much of school." Harry said with a grimace on his face.

"As you wish, Potter." Draco said descending the stairs to shake Harry's hand.

The two men had been rivals at school but after Voldemort was defeated they had found a rough truce between them.

"Would you like some tea?" Draco asked showing Harry farther into the Manor.

"I would love some. Anything to get me warm. That rain really sucks the warmth right out of you."

Harry ran his hand through his messy black hair as he followed Draco, maybe he should grow it out like Ginny had said, at least it would be easier to get out of his face.

The mansion was a lot cozier then one would think thanks to the warm wood finishes that permeated the d├ęcor of the house. The architects love for marble also showed through in the fireplaces, the stairs, and the floors in the dinning halls. All in all the house felt rich.

Draco opened wooden doors to their left and Harry entered a beautiful study. Fluffy green carpet made it feel like he was bouncing with every step and as he looked around the room the only place that wasn't filled with books was where the fireplace was. There had to be at least three stories of books if not more. Harry whistled in appreciation. He had been to Draco's house on many occasions but Draco still managed to surprise him with new rooms almost every time he came. Harry had a sneaking suspicion that Draco was doing it on purpose.

"Earl Grey?" Draco asked sitting in one of the armchairs next to the fireplace and indicating the one across from him for Harry to sit in.

"Sounds wonderful." Harry said and no sooner had he gotten comfortable then two teacups and some sugar appeared in front of him.

Draco watched as Harry took a sip, his own glass untouched. "So Harry. How can I help you today?"

Harry sighed and set the cup back down. "Something is wrong."

"Apparently or you wouldn't be here."

Harry grimaced. "I'm not kidding here Draco. I've been feeling it for a few months now but no matter who I talk to everyone just thinks that I'm exaggerating or that it's just a lingering effect from being connected to Voldemort for so long." Harry said, real frustration showing on his face.

"There's something wrong with magic. I-I know you probably also think I'm crazy but I'm serious. I'm not sure how I know but it just feels...not dark. It's different then what it felt like when Voldemort used magic it feels... I don't know. Rotten. That's the only way I can describe it."

"Ah." Draco said taking his first sip of his own tea.

"I know what you are talking about.. All to well I'm afraid. The taint has been causing problems with my last few experiments. It really is troublesome when you are trying to study the effects of spells on items."

Harry's head shot up to look at Draco, a small hope shining in his eyes.

"You've felt it too?" Harry asked in a whisper.

"Yes. Most dark wizards most likely have, although I'm sure they won't tell anyone about it. Most will probably think it's only them and won't want to show weakness in front of their peers."

Harry laughed a little, and mixing his tea with his spoon for a second, drank a little more.

"Now the real question is this Mr. Chosen One." Draco said ignoring Harry's glare. "What are you going to do about it."

"I don't know." Harry said looking into the fire. "but I may have found someone who does."

"What do you mean?" Draco asked resting his glass back on the table and looking at Harry intently over his folded hands.

"I found a book in the Ministry Library. I couldn't really tell what the book was about unfortunately since most of the pages were missing but I was able to glimpse something that might help. Years ago back in the time of Merlin a mysterious being had been preying on wizards. Merlin unable to deal with the threat himself asked someone called King Enma for help. He was able to get it resolved quickly but afterwards the two had gotten into a fight, although I'm not sure about what since it was missing a few pages at that part, and from what I understand afterwards the two, King Enma and Merlin decided to form a No-Interference-Treaty."

"And what pray tell does this have to do with the current situation?" Draco asked generally curious.

"Do you remember this?" Harry asked reaching under his black button up shirt and carefully taking off a necklace that had lain hidden against his chest.

Draco gasped in recognition. "The Hirui Stone."

"The guy who gave this to me last year mentioned King Enma in passing during the conversation." Harry said unable to look away from the stone. The small jewel was worth more then all of the Potter and Black fortunes combined. Something he had found out only after he had asked Draco about it not to long after having been given it.

The encounter with the black haired boy who had given it to him still remained vivid in Harry's mind. Yusuke, the boy's name, had been the first person he had ever felt understood him after the last battle with Voldemort. Harry still kept the note that had come with the stone safe at home, he had read it so many times...

"Thanks for everything. Here's a gift as repayment and a thank you for last night.

Don't spend it all at once. This hirui stone sells for a ton on the black market. Figured you could find someone willing to take it off your hands for a few billion.

Hope to meet you again.

From one savior to another, may we never save the world again.

Yours truly.

Ex-Spirit Realm Detective

Urameshi Yusuke"

"May we never save the world again. "

After a moment Harry looked away from the stone. His piercing green eyes watched Draco.

"I need a way to find him."

"Harry" Draco said looking away from the stone. "You know there are no ways in the wizarding world to track someone."

"In the Wizarding World? No, there are none. But you do." Harry said.

Draco laughed. "I'm beginning to think you know me better then anyone Mr. Chosen One." Harry flinched slightly but his gaze never wavered from Draco's face.

"All right, all right."

It had only been two years since Voldemort had been defeated but Draco had not been idle. He had finally been free of his life's path to being a Death Eater and he had finally been able to work on what he truly loved. Finding new magic.

He didn't stay inside Wizarding parameters either. Arthur Weasley would have a field day if he knew how many of Draco's experiments included muggle items.

Being the heir to a large fortune Draco was able to immense himself into these "pet projects" until he was satisfied. Every once in a while he would give one of his discoveries to the Ministry of Magic and in this way they left him alone for the most part. Draco had become a "Magic Researcher" and was well respected even by those with whom he had made enemies with during his school years.

"I have something that might work for you. Unfortunately it's not very well refined at the moment. I had started the project four months ago but I've had to many interruptions to perfect it." He looked at Harry hinting that he was the cause of most of those.

He summoned one of his house elves and with a whispered command, the small creature vanished and reappeared again holding what Harry guessed was a pocket watch although the cover was still closed so he couldn't be sure.

"May I?" Draco asked pointing at the stone still in Harry's hands.

"Er... Sure."

"As I said, this isn't well refined and since you've been the owner of this for so long that will also cause disruptions with the readings." He opened the cover revealing not a watch but a compass. He gently placed the stone on top of the glass and as they watched the stone was absorbed by it.

"Hey!" Harry said trying to snatch back the stone but it disappeared too quickly.

"Don't worry it's not hard to get it back just turn the compass upside down and lightly tap it. The compass will point at the last owner of the item as long as the new owner is the one using it. Otherwise it will only point north like any other compass."

Harry took the compass carefully into his hands and watched as the needle slowly turned and pointed west.

"There is a small downside. When you are in a 3 mile radius of the target the needle will start to spin making it impossible to use to find them. At that point it's just up to luck."

"Thank you so much Draco. I don't know how to repay you for your help."

"Easy. Bring Yusuke here when you find him I would love an introduction. Oh and also take notes on how the compass is working I want to know if anything changes from my own observations."

Harry nodded. That was easy enough. Harry attached the chain to his pants and carefully slipped the closed compass into his pocket.

"Now you better get going. Ministry Officials have the most unpleasant habit of dropping in unannounced."

Harry nodded again and followed Draco out of the study and to kitchen door. "Just go through the cellar door in the basement. The tunnel down there will take you straight to a muggle train station. It should be easy enough to get to where your going from there."

"Thanks again Draco." Harry said shaking Draco's hand firmly. "Until next we meet." With a last wave Harry climbed down the latter leaving his sight.

Draco sighed. He wished Harry all speed in his journey. The taint in magic although small at the moment had been steadily growing. So far it had just cause small disruptions in the few in-depth rituals he had tried but soon it would begin to effect normal spells as well. He had a bad feeling about this and the longer Harry took the worse things were going to get.

He had been standing there for less then a minute when the doorbell rang throughout the house.

"They really do have impeccable timing." Draco said heading to the entrance way and opening the front door to reveal two Ministry Officials.

"Good evening gentleman. How may I help you?"

The tunnel lead to a back alleyway just behind the train station. Harry had changed his clothes to muggle ones, a simple button up red shirt and black slacks. Looking at the compass once more Harry stepped into the station. Since he was unsure how long he would be on the train Harry bought a ticket to the end of the line. He would get off as soon as the compass started to move again.

He closed the compass and with a determined look on his face he boarded his train.