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Chapter 2

Location: London

Harry stepped off the train at King's Cross Station. He was surprised when he realized he had gone too

far but he didn't mind backtracking a little. Grabbing a cab he headed north. The direction seemed to be more sensitive which he hoped meant that he was closer to where he needed to be, and when the needle started to circle he knew that was as far as it would get him.

Grinning Harry stopped the cab, quickly paid the driver and set out in what he hoped was the right direction. He hoped that Yusuke wasn't in one of the apartment buildings in the area or he wouldn't find him.

Yusuke woke up slowly, the sound of his cell ringing bringing him back from the world of dreams. Groggily he reached for it and without opening his eyes, answered it.


"Yusuke! How have you been mate...hic?"

"Chu what do you want? I'm too tired. Call me in a few hours. I'll talk to you then." Yusuke said snuggling up to his pillow trying to block out the evening sun.

"Eh! Wait wait wait! Don't hang up on me...hic. Jin's in town. He wanted to hang out. Come on mate. It' ll be fun. Promise...hic?"

"Hmmrg..." Yusuke rolled over and reluctantly pulled himself up. "K, but no bar fights. Humans just can't deal with your strength."

"Aye Mate." Chu laughed. "I'll call you when we find out which club we're going too."

"Yeah, yeah."


Yusuke headed to the shower and turned on the water for waiting for it to heat up. Hopefully it would wake him up enough. It had been years since he saw Jin. Chu had found him two months ago and although Yusuke still kept in touch with his friends he had a bad habit of disappearing for a few years. He went back every once in a while to join the battle for leadership but mostly just for fun. There hadn't been a problem in the Maiki for a while now, other then a few lost humans who somehow made there way through the border.

Stepping into the shower Yusuke hurried to wash.. The water turned cold quickly which was usually why he rushed his showers. His next place would have a better shower he decided. Stepping out of the shower he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. Sometimes it really annoyed him that he looked so young. Twenty at most and even that was pushing it. Oh well Koenma was good at making sure his I.D. And his passport made him 25 on general principle. It was to hard to tell people that he was really over thirty .

His cellphone ringing brought him out of his musings. Tying his towel around his waist he went to his bedroom and grabbed it off the bed.


"Hey Mate."

"Hey Chu. Did you figure out where you wanted to go?"

"Yeah. We found this new pub not to far from here called 'Demon's Rest'"

Yusuke laughed. "You always find the most interesting places. Alright I'll see you there in an hour." After writing down some general directions he hung up the phone.

Getting ready didn't take long and he was soon out the door. He had a feeling tonight would be interesting.

Harry wandered around for days occasionally taking out the compass to make sure he was still within the three mile radius, although he had to move a few times when the compass showed that he was off course, or after he had slept at a nearby hotel. It was around 2:30 A.M. three days later, that he walked into 'Demons Rest'. The bar was dim with candles lighting the tables. It looked like most of the guests had gone home hours ago other then a few small groups.

Harry scanned it briefly and watched a couple slowly leaning in closer as they whispered and giggled over their cocktails. A man sat next to them slowly nursing a red wine, his thoughts far from there. And a small group of about six were surrounding a pool table talking while a few played.

It didn't look like Yusuke was here either. Sighing, Harry walked to the bar. It couldn't hurt to ask before he left to continue his search. There weren't many more places he could look. The bartender stood behind the bar quietly cleaning a wine glass, his eyes acknowledged Harry and he carefully set the glass down.

"How can I help you?" He asked politely.

"Er...I'm looking for a guy, black hair, Asian, looks about twenty...? Er..."

The bartender thought for a moment then nodded his head towards a partially opened door. Harry thanked him then with a small prayer to whoever was listening that it really was Yusuke, Harry opened the door and stepped into the room.

Inside were three men playing what Harry could only assume was poker. They each had a drink near their hands. It was probably because the two men were so unique that at first Harry didn't see the third man who had his back turned towards the door. His eyes immediately went to the tall man with a blue Mohawk and a five o'clock shadow, who was taking a large gulp of his drink.

"Damn it. I can't really be that unlucky, can I?" He said slamming down his hand on the table. The two others laughed, and Harry's eyes were drawn to the red haired man wearing a baseball cap who was somehow floating a few inches off his chair.

"Whoo! I won this round! I told you I would beat you one day Urameshi!" He said excitedly in a strong Irish accent. The three cracked up even more, and it was then that Harry finally really looked at the third member in the party. There sitting in front of him with his head thrown back in laughter was the man he had been thinking of for the past year, since his first meeting with him.

"Yusuke Urameshi." He breathed.

Yusuke looked at his hand. He held a pair of jacks's. It wouldn't do much if the others had higher but it did keep him in the game. Looking back and forth between Chu and Jin he had a fifty fifty chance to win this hand. Chu looked at his hand and scratched his head., which was a good sign, but it was Jin that confused him. The demon had a strange look on his face.

He took a gulp of his Jack Daniels then set it back down.

"Show 'em."

Chu sighed and laid down his hand he had a pair of two's. Yusuke grinned, until he saw Jin's hand. A royal flush. His jaw dropped.

Then he started cracking up laughing. Chu grabbed his drink and took a large gulp. Slamming his glass on the table he exclaimed. "Damn it! I can't be that unlucky, can I?"

Jin was floating in the air, his excitement making it hard for him to hold in his demon powers. "Whoo! I won this round! I told you I would beat you some day Urameshi!"

Yusuke laughed.

A voice behind them whispered, "Yusuke Urameshi." None of the three in the group were startled they had felt the boy coming into the restaurant. Yusuke grinned when he heard the voice. It had been a while since he had seen the boy but he had left an impression.

Without turning around Yusuke addressed the two demons. "Chu, Jin. Meet Harry Potter. Met him last year in an unusual pub. It's good to see you again Harry." he said finally turning to face the boy.

The black haired boy looked tired, causing Yusuke's eyes to narrow. "May we never save the world again..." he sighed. "Doesn't look like it worked."

Yusuke stood up and grabbed a nearby chair. Chu left the room and ordered another bottle of Jack Daniel's and another glass. He set a glass in front of Harry and forcefully set him in the chair.

"Bloke looks like he's running from something." Yusuke nodded not taking his eyes off the wizard.

"Well Harry looks like you were looking for me. So...What can I help you with?"

Jin used a small breeze to push the door closed as they waited for his answer. Harry took a gulp to help steel his nerves. He had been so set on searching for Yusuke that now that he was in front of him he wasn't sure how to word what he wanted to say.

"I need your help." He said finally.

"Apparently." Jin said but Yusuke shushed him with a wave of his hand.

Taking another sip he continued. "There's something wrong with our Magic. I can't figure out what it is on my own, but no one in the Wizarding World is helping. They all just think it's some residue of Voldemort."

Chu whistled. "Nasty fellow, he was. Never did mingle with demons though. Thought they were beneath him." Harry glanced up at Chu nodding briefly to acknowledge his comment before going on.

"The magic is becoming corrupt. I can feel it. And other dark wizards have also but since the only ones affected so far are dark wizards they aren't talking to anyone." Yusuke nodded.

"And how do you want me to help?"

"...King Enma." he said softly.

"King Enma?" Yusuke said surprised.

"I know he can help. He helped Merlin before they instated the No-Interference Treaty. I know he can help me now. He's my only hope. You mentioned him. You must know some way to talk to him!?"

Yusuke looked at down at his hands. "King Enma. eh. Haven't really been on good terms with him since he tried to have me killed."

Jin laughed. "I remember hearing about that from Koenma. Those two also got into a pretty big argument afterwards too." Chu grinned remembering the story also.

Harry looked between the three. "Then you can't?" He asked, his voice almost a whisper.

Yusuke laughed. "Nah. I can help you with that. Scaring ogre's is fun." Harry looked confused but the other three just laughed and didn't explain.

"Drink up Harry. Tomorrow we'll go visit the King of Hell."

The four spent the rest of the night drinking and playing poker. Yusuke invited Harry, Chu and Jin to crash at his place since it was the closest. None of them woke up till noon.

After the three crashed Yusuke went to his bedroom and pulled out a compact mirror.

"Hey Botan." He said after the death reaper answered. "Yusuke!"

"I have a favor to ask you."


"Can you bring me and one other person to visit King Enma tomorrow?"

"I can but why the sudden visit?"

"Just helping a friend out. Night Botan. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Wait! Yusu..." Yusuke closed the mirror. Then, double checking to make sure his three guests were comfortable, he went to bed.

Botan stared at her mirror for a moment after Yusuke had hung up. Something seemed off about the ex-spirit detective, and of course he didn't give her time to ask what it was. Closing the mirror she headed out to Koenma's office. It wasn't everyday that Yusuke visited the Spirit Realm and even fewer when he wanted to see King Enma. Koenma would definitely want to be there when those two came face to face.

"Koenma-sama?" She asked peaking into the room.

"Yes Botan?" asked a voice behind several large stacks of paper.

"I just got a call from Yusuke..."

"Hm...That's unusual what did he want?" Koenma asked not really paying attention.

"He wanted to introduce someone to King Enma."

The steady rhythm of Koenma stamping his signature stopped.

"...Did he explain more then that?"

"No, and he hung up before I could ask."

"Something must have happened in the Human Realm for Yusuke to personally get involved in demon affairs again. I want to be there tomorrow when you drop them off."

"Of course Koenma." Botan said then left the office.