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"Amami, watch how I do it, okay?" Amami nodded, staring intently at her older brother's movements as he bounced the ball a couple of times before dribbling it and jumping, throwing it in the air towards the net, and it went through. "Got it, Amami? Try to do that."

Amami nodded again, and jumped up running towards the slowly stopping bouncing ball from its place underneath the net. Taking deep breaths in and out to calm her self, she bounced the ball like her brother then running, but tripping over her shoe laces.

She let out a yelp similar to a puppy that had be just kicked, and her small and petite body crashed against the ground.

"Mami-chan!" Sora gasped, getting up and rushing to her side. His hands grasped her underneath her armpits and picked her up. He brushed away to dirt from her clothes, and frowned at the redness of her hands and knees. "Oh boy, Amami, what am I ever going to do with you?"

"S-sorry, So-onee-chan," she sniffled, and Sora smiled crookedly at her.

"Don't worry about it, Amami. It's fine," he said reassuringly, and kissed her palms and knees. "Did that make all better?"

"Yup!" Amami cheered, grinning widely.

14-year-old Sawada "Mami" Amami slowly stirred and awoke to a unfamiliar ceiling. Her sepia eyes widened, and she shot up into a sitting position in alarm.

"W-where am I?" She asked no one in particular.

Suddenly, a sharp pain in her head down to her spine made her arch and gasp out raspy words.

"Do you think she'll remember?"

"No, at least, I don't think she will. I've spent years creating this, and it seems this is the result."


"Ayumu, we've waiting for this chance. It's time we follow his wish. That's all."

"But what about Kira, huh? He's planned everything behind this, and if we fuck this up, he'll kill us."

"Ayumu, watch your mouth!"

Then once again, Amami found herself slowly closing her eyes until the door of the room she was in flew open, and someone grabbed the collar of her jacket. They began to shake her rapidly.

"Get up!" They yelled, and Amami let out a scream, her sepia orbs flashing orange as she smacked the person across the face.

There was a crash and a loud thud which was followed by running footsteps. That was when Amami finally took in the person who she had just hit. His bangs were orange while the back was bleached blond. His eyes were squeezed shut as he rolled around on the floor, moaning in pain.

"S-sorry?" She said, and the man shot up, red eyes glaring.

"You should be! You freakin' hit hard!" He snapped, and he scowled.

"Akastuki," a woman's voice started to say," watch yourself. We don't want to scare poor, little Amami."

The woman in the doorway had long blood red hair with yellow streaks going through it and dirt brown eyes. She smiled politely at Amami, but glared at the man on the floor now named Akastuki.

"How are you feeling?" She asked, and Amami stuttered.

She laughed which caused Amami to blush.

"You are so cute!" She squealed, and wrapped her arms around Amami's neck bringing her face into her bosom. "I could just eat you up!"

"Scarlet, you suffocating her with that big-" SMACK. Amami was released, and watched at Akastuki was sent the wall by the woman now known as Scarlet's slap.

"Next time you won't get off easy," she growled. "We've finally got to see her, and you're already killing it!"

"A-ah, where am I?" Amami asked, and the attention went to her.

"That's right. We didn't tell you yet." A new voice said, and a boy with dyed white hair and icy blue entered the room, walking to Amami. "You're in Italy."