Reborn and Gokudera flew downstairs in a flurry. They were faster than Nana remembered them being in their teenage years and before they left to Italy. Nana frowned in concern before noting the grim and dreading faces.

Gokudera let out a string of curses, and Reborn felt anger and puzzlement take over.

They were too late: it had already taken Amami.


Hibari frowned. Kiyoshi watched his father's strange movement. He was just taking a nap and now his father was awake and alert.

A murderous intent possessing Namimori made him shoot up in shock, however, he did not show it. Kiyoshi looked out the window in worry.

Did something happen?


Arashi dropped his drink in shock, and Takumi watched him and his strange behavior, confused.

"Did something happen, Arashi?" Takumi asked with a frown.

"Amami." Arashi breathed.


Takumi's face fell as fear and confusion took over.

What was that?

Something had happened to Amami, and Takumi was now pissed.