A/N Part two apparently. My ideas of this being a oneshot seem to be at odds with my muse, so this will be three parts. Probably.

Emily walked into the bullpen Monday morning a kit cheerier than the team had seen her in awhile. She greeted them and was answered with a chorus of hells and a wink and slight smirk from Morgan.

"Well, well," Rossi said, leaning on her desk. "Looks like someone had a good time this weekend. How did Friday go?"

For one wild, terrifying moment, Emily thought he was referring to her and Morgan and what they'd done, multiple times that weekend. After a few seconds of panic she remembered that Rossi had guessed last week that she had a date on Friday. "Friday was mixed," Emily said, trying to lie as little as possible. That was the trick to lying, especially to profilers, keep it simple. So, she stuck to the main story. Omission wasn't technically lying, right? "Turns out Gary's a bit of a jerk, he wouldn't be able to handle the lifestyle so I jumped ship early."

"Doesn't exactly sound like a stellar time," Rossi commented.

"Well that wasn't," Emily conceded. Damn, this was where the lying started. "But I decided not to wallow in self pity and found a new hot date." There, that technically wasn't a lie. But calling Morgan a hot date? She was starting to sound entirely too much like Garcia.

"Good for you," Rossi said. Morgan smiled slightly.

"Speaking of hot dates," Emily said, raising her voice. "I hear you found a nice brunette Friday night, Dr. Reid, how'd that go?"

"Really well actually," Reid said, sitting up a little straighter. "Her name's Sara, she's going for her PhD in English. She really enjoyed my analysis of Elizabeth Bachinsky's "Home of Sudden Service" as an exploration of small town cultures that can easily manifest all across North America."

They stared at him for a moment before Morgan clapped him on the back. "All right man. See, I told you she was looking at you."

"She invited me to a lecture at the university this Wednesday night from their renowned sociology professor on the effects of gendered family relations in urban America. We're going to get coffee after," Reid said with a slight grin.

"Don't you already have a degree in sociology?" Emily asked.

"There's not harm in going to a lecture again, maybe I'll pick up something new." No one pointed out to him that with his memory, there was no way anything he would hear would be new. Hotch came in a few minutes later saying they might have a local case and sent Morgan and Prentiss to the witness's house.

"Good eye," Emily said as they walked up the stairs to the tiny house. "How'd you know she'd be a nerd, too?"

"I had no idea," Morgan said, knocking. "She was staring at him, I just pushed him into going over to her."

"Huh," she said. "Well birds of a feather…"

She was cut off by the door opening, revealing a tiny little blind woman clutching to her cane. "What is it?" she barked. "Who's there?"

"I'm agent Morgan and my associate is Agent Prentiss. We're here to interview you over the attack you…witnessed," he said, all the while wondering what exactly she could contribute without being able to see.

As it turned out, Tabby Mills was a huge help. She remembered almost everything she heard, including the attacker repeating 'It's okay, we'll be together,' before bludgeoning the woman to death. Morgan called to tell Hotch, who confirmed what he already knew, it was a phrase used by a repeat sex offender who was recently paroled. Hotch would pass the information on to the DC metro police and they would make the arrest, case closed.

"So," Tabby said as she walked Morgan and Prentiss to the door. "How long have you two been together?"

"We've been working together for I think four years now?" he said half to Emily half to Tabby.

"About that," Emily confirmed.

"That's not what I asked, how long have you two been together?" Tabby said.

"Oh, ma'am she and I aren't…"

"You were never more than a foot away from her the entire time you were here. Agent Derek Morgan, I'm blind, I'm not stupid," Tabby said sternly.

Neither of them knew quite what to say to that so they merely thanked her and left. They were quiet for most of the hour and a half drive back to Quantico, but not uncomfortably so. Morgan had always liked that about Emily, she wasn't one of those women that needed to fill every second with chatter. She was the kind of woman who could sit with him at a baseball game without being bored and pestering him about something like shoes or asking when it would be over. Maybe they should go sometime, that'd be fun, she'd like the Chicago stadium. Wait, did he just think about bringing her to Chicago with him? Apparently so…odd, he'd never thought about bringing a woman to Chicago before. That'd involve meeting his family and-no, he cut that train of thought off before it got too far down the tracks.


"Hm?" she asked, looking away from the window and focusing on him.

"Look, about this weekend…" he started.

She gave him a small sad smile. "I know," she said. "We shouldn't…"

"It'd interfere with work…" he affirmed.

"So even though it was great…"

"Oh Princess, it was amazing."

"We probably shouldn't do that again," she finished.

"Keep it platonic," he agreed. She looked back out her window as Morgan pulled into the Quantico parking lot. He negotiated the SUV into an empty spot and turned off the car but made no move to take off his seatbelt or get out of the car. Emily looked over at him quizzically.

"Derek?" she asked. His lips twitched in a slight smile at that, remembering the last time she'd been saying his name. Well, screaming it.

"I don't want that," he said. He grabbed her hand and turned fully to face her. "I don't want to do the strictly platonic work friend thing when every time I look at you, I'll think of your screaming my name. I'll see you sleeping next to me and remember the feel of just how soft you felt when you came around me. Every time I look at you, think about that and know it'll never happen again? I don't want that, Emily."

Emily's breath became increasingly ragged throughout his speech and her grip on his hand twitched, letting him know just how much his words effected her. "So," she said after a short pause. She ran her fingers lightly over his knuckles. "Am I coming over tonight?"

He gave her one of his award winning Derek Morgan smiles, squeezed her hand before letting go. "Hell yes Princess."

Work was slow for the next few hours, the only task left for them was catching up on reports from the last week. Morgan would glance up every twenty minutes or so to check the time and steal a furtive look at Emily. Once or twice she caught him looking and sent him a quirk of her lips in return. Rossi thought he saw them exchange smiles once but immediately went back to his paperwork. After all, if he didn't see anything, he didn't have to report anything.

Hotch came out of his office around six and told them all to leave. He and JJ were out in a flash, both having children to rush home to. Reid said something about grocery shopping and starting explaining how exactly celery helped the body to Rossi as they walked out. Morgan leaned on Emily's desk as she packed her things.

"So you coming over?" he asked quietly. She nodded and stood.

"Yeah, I just have to run home and change first and drop some things off," she said.

"What you're wearing is fine." He stopped short of saying it'll end up on the ground anyways, but the unsaid words hung between them. She grinned up at him.

""Still," she said as they made their way out. "I'll probably be an hour."

"See you then."

Almost exactly an hour later, Emily knocked on his door. Morgan answered and immediately wrapped her in his arms and kissed her before she could even get a word out. "Hey," he whispered against her lips.

"Hey yourself," she answered. He unwrapped himself and guided her in with a hand on her lower back. She was clad in jeans and a casual v-neck shirt, looking extremely at ease. There were boxes of Chinese food out and two beers sitting on the coffee table. "Derek Morgan, you're a fabulous man," she said as he handed her a box of fried rice.

"I think you said that last time," he teased.

"And so humble, too."He laughed. They sat in relative silence for a few minutes while they ate before something wet touched Emily's hand. "Shit!" she yelled with a jump.

"Whoa, whoa Emily it's just my dog!" Morgan promised.

"Jesus," she said, waiting for her heart to slow back down. She reached down and scratched behind the dog's ears, who wagged his tail happily with his tongue lolling out. Morgan smiled.

"Who's a good boy?" he said. The dog immediately gave a bark. "Come on," he said and led the dog through the kitchen and out the back door. Emily followed and threw some of their trash away in the kitchen garbage.

"He's cute," she said, tossing the empty containers away. He wrapped his arms around her from behind, resting his chin on her shoulder. He kissed the side of her neck.

"So are you," he said. Emily gave a small laugh.

"Why Derek Morgan, you charmer," she said. He squeezed her slightly and kissed the spot right below her jaw line that he knew drove her crazy. He wasn't disappointed, she exhaled sharply, leaning back harder into him. The hands around her loosened and went to the waist of her jeans, running thumbs right inside the fabric. Goose bumps cropped up where his fingers grazed her. The soft, ivory skin was silk under his hands. He undid the button of her jeans and slow slipped in hand in. His finger grazed the side of that sensitive bundle of nerves, causing her to buck against him.

She leaned against him harder, ass grinding against the growing hardness in his pants. He bit her neck gently, running slow circle around his clit with his hand. Her satin panties were slowly absorbing more of her juices as Morgan continued his ministrations. She threw her head back over his shoulder, grabbing the kitchen counter for support.

"Derek," she moaned legs not quite wanting to hold her up anymore. Sensing this, he whirled her around to face him, lips crashing against hers. He grabbed her waist and roughly lifted her up onto the kitchen counter. He stood between her legs, their lips still connected and worked his hands under her shirt, exploring every nice of smooth skin. His hands were rough, hands that said he worked hard and wasn't soft. She loved the feeling of those hands running down her sides, over her back.

"Mm," she moaned, pulling herself closer with her long legs around his waist. In one smooth motion, he lifted the shirt over her head, dropping it onto the kitchen floor. His hands traced up her sides, cupping her breasts and running his thumbs over her nipples through the red satin bra. She gasped out, causing a growl to rise in the back of Morgan's throat. He picked her up again and carried her around the kitchen island and to the couch.

She slid to the floor between his knees, staring up at him as she worked the belt buckle, then the button and fly of his jeans. Slipping her hand into his boxers, she freed his hard dick. He hissed as she licked him from the base of his shaft slowly up to his tip. She licked a lazy circle around his head before taking him in her mouth. Morgan gripped the sides of the couch as she explored his head, tongue tracing hm. In a slow, deliberate motion she worked her way down, fighting to get every inch of him in her mouth and throat.

"Jesus, Emily," he hissed out. She sucked him down, running her tongue over his length as she moved her over mouth over him. Faster and faster until he pulled her up. "I'm not gonna last if you keep that up, baby," he said before kissing her deeply. "Get on up here." He guided her until she was laying on her back, him between her legs.

He pulled her jeans down the rest of the way, leaving her in the match red satin bra and thong. "Mm," he said, dragging a finger over the soaked fabric. "Satin thong?"

"I told you I needed to change – oh!" Her words were cut off by a soft caress over her clit. He pulled the damp thong down her toned legs and threw it over his shoulder. His fingers tips traced patterns up her inner thighs, stopping just short of where she ached to be touched. He licked her inner thighs, trailing up until his tongue met her slick folds. She jerks as his lips closed around that sensitive nub and he slid a finger inside her, feeling her soft walls. Emily closed her eyes, reveling in the gentle probing of his fingers and the massage of his tongue.

He held her thigh with his free hand, fingers clutching at her while his tongue and hand worked her closer and closer to the edge. Her dark eyes rolled back into her head, Morgan felt her body begin to tense up and he flicked him tongue faster across her clit. Emily's breaths became short gasps as the muscles between her legs began to spasm. With a final suck from Morgan, Emily was thrown over the edge. Unable to make articulate sounds, she merely gasped and nearly shrieked in pleasure. He kept his lips over the sensitive spot, finger still inside her and waited until she came down from her orgasm before adding another finger, stroking her g-spot.

"Oh god!" she yelled as a sudden unexpected wave of pleasure washed over her. Her thighs were coated with her juices now, a sight Morgan was more than happy to take in as he stared down at her. When she finally opened her eyes again, she grinned up at him, desire written all over his face.

""Like what you see?" she asked breathlessly.

"Oh Princess," he said, huskily, running his hands up her thighs. "You know I do."

Grabbing her by the thighs, he pulled her to the edge of the couch. He shrugged out of his jeans and boxers, dropping them next to his shirt and her bra he'd taken off moments before. She moved down farther until her hips were at the end of the couch. He swung one of her legs over his shoulder and moved forward, slowly sheathing himself inside of her. She cried out at the sensation of him filling her up.

He began moving into her, slow strokes speeding up until he was slamming into her over and over. Emily gripped the side of the couch, high pitched noised being ripped from her throat. She arched her back and moved her hips to meet him thrust for thrust. She grabbed his forearms and pulled herself up, lips crashing against his. With a groan, he grabbed her by the hips and twirled her around, bending her over the couch. He ran his hand up her thigh, over her ass and up her back. His hardness pressed against her, pulling another groan from her throat. He pushed into her, one hand flat against her back. She moaned out his name and moved with him, each stroke bringing her closer and closer until with a scream of his name, she collapsed forward onto the couch.

The feeling of her wet core clenching around him sent Morgan over the edge and he came, finger nails digging in her upper thighs. His breath came out ragged against her back. She breathlessly moved onto the couch, Morgan crawling over her and setting most of his weight on his side, draping his upper body over hers, hand running up and down her arm.

"Mm," Emily murmured into his neck.

"You feel incredible, baby," he told her and kissed the top of her head. She laughed and jabbed an elbow gently into his ribs. "Hey! What was that for?" he asked.

"Derek, you're amazing, but you're heavy," she said. With that, she flipped them so he was flat on his back, her laying down the middle of his body, head tucked under his chin. Wrapping his strong arms around her, he felt her heartbeat slam a rhythm against his chest.

"Amazing goes both way," he assured her. Her exposed skin was already starting to form goosebumps against him. "You cold?"

"A little," she admitted.

"We should probably move then," he said. She made no move to get off of him. "You know, moving require movement usually…"

"But damn if you're not so comfy," she said before slowly rising. He stared up at her in all her naked glory.

"Mm," he said with a grin.

"Enjoying the view?" she asked.

"You know me," he said.

"Hm," she said, turning to walk down the hall. She turned her head over her shoulder. "Coming?" He followed without a moment of hesitation. Falling asleep with Emily in his arms was the only was he wanted this day to end.

Morgan crawled into his bed behind Emily, body wrapping around her. Her body relaxed as slowly she drifted to sleep, but Morgan was still awake. He meant what he'd sad to her earlier, there was no going back now. No purely platonic friends and coworkers, no staying away from her and certainly no more trying to ignore those persistent fantasies he had about her. He'd had enough trouble with that before they sleep together. Which brought up another point, it wasn't that they'd slept together one time, past tense, it was that they were sleeping together now and he sure as hell wasn't going to give that up.

Which raised two questions. One, what were they going to do concerning their jobs? Two, what were they going to do about each other? If there was one thing Morgan didn't want Emily to be, it was an it-meant-nothing-sweep-it-under-the-rug-and-forget-it's-there fuck buddy. No, he wanted so much more than that. What, he hadn't quite figured out yet, but the standard week long 'thing' he usually had wasn't an option.

Morgan fell asleep, wrapped around Emily's warm, naked body, wondering what exactly she was thinking about in regards to the same topics as he was.