I Do Not Own YuGiOh, characters or previously mentioned plotline - I do own Caylee and anything that has reference to her,


Caylee is an orphan who has been living on the streets for six years and no one knows about her past. Seto Kaiba happens to run into her with his limo and now the two are constantly bickering while she lives with them and riling Seto up has become a hobby of hers.

But will sparks fly between the two of them as Seto's cold demeanor is slowly melting with her zest and fire for life and will Caylee finally be able to trust someone with her past?

Read to find out! Without further adieu - Fire and Ice! (I love the title, so works for their two personalities)

Kaiba watched out the window while the Limo drove through the heart of Domino City, heading towards Kaiba Tower.

He looked to see his little brother, Mokuba, typing furiously away at a laptop. Kaiba often felt sorry for his little brother for not having a proper childhood, but it was the price to pay for running a multi-million dollar gaming company.

He sighed and continued to look out the window. He saw a group of teenagers about his age walking down the street. All of them appeared to be boys, ragged and dirty like filth or street rats.

Kaiba scowled at their appearance as the limo drove closer. One of them turned their head as the car approached them.

He gasped at what he saw; a girl with hair like fire that seemed to flow down her body, yet restricted by her tattered purple hoodie.

She saw him staring at her as they passed, he would have sworn that she was glaring at him.

"Seto, are you okay?" Mokuba asked.

Kaiba blushed and looked at Mokuba and realised his mistake – he was never flustered or blushed!

"Nothing," he said hurriedly, looking away.

Gaining some of his dignity back, he looked out the window thinking her wouldn't ever see the girl again.

Kaiba typed away at his computer in his office; the TV blaring in the background as Mokuba watched the morning news.

He ignored the noise until Mokuba called out.

"Hey Seto, check this out," Mokuba stated.

He glanced up to see what looked like police footage of a bunch of hoodlums in masks, jumping over traffic and walls. Nothing that spiked his interest.

Until he saw the familiar purple hoodie and unleashed hair that looked like it was on fire.

"Turn it up Mokuba," he growled.

The volume increased, letting the commentary be heard.

'Earlier today, a group of hoodlums were reported to have been causing havoc in Inner Domino; several key witnesses claimed that the mask-wearing hoodlums were performing dangerous stunts and disturbing traffic. Police urge citizens to be on the lookout for the hoodlums and if they have any information to call Police Headquarters,'

Kaiba continued to watch the footage, his eyes darting over the screen, looking for the girl.

The news moved onto other topics, leaving him somewhat disappointed, yet he couldn't understand why.

'Something must be wrong with me,' Kaiba thought.

Kaiba's thoughts and peace of mind were continuously shattered every time he thought of the flame-like hair that seemed to burn in the sunlight. Even when his work could not distract him, he had given up and decided to go home for the night. He watched out the window as they headed towards the mansion.

"Big brother, is something wrong? You've been staring out the window a lot?" Mokuba asked.

Kaiba was about to answer when the car screeched to a halt and thump sounded as if they had hit something.

"You buffoon, why did you stop so suddenly?" Kaiba yelled.

"I'm so sorry Mr Kaiba, but someone ran in front of the car, I'm afraid I hit them," the driver exclaimed, exiting the car.

Mokuba left the car in a hurry and ran to see who it was. Kaiba sighed and followed after them.

He saw them crouched in the darkness with the figure they had hit.

As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he saw that their leg was odd-shaped, as if it were fractured.

Mokuba looked up at him and reach for his phone, "I'm calling an ambulance," he said, stepping away from the person.

The light fell upon the person, revealing many scrapes and a few bruises portrayed on the angelic face.

She seemed to be a sleeping angel.

With hair like fire.