A/N: This is my first published fanfic so be gentle, ok? :D And I must say there might be some misspelling because English isn't my native language! I appreciate if leave a comment :)


Is this a dream?

I watched the surroundings, wondering where I was. There was this beautiful landscape with green grass, trees, flowers..

I walked forward, listening every sound. Birds. Lots of birds singing on the trees, singing their songs. I felt so happy, so light, so.. so alive. There wasn't anyone else besides me. I stopped to touch a big stone near me, it felt like living. The sun was glowing warm.

This was a strange place, why my brothers weren't here with me? Where was everybody? I was totally alone. I started to walk again.

There was this music coming somewhere. So, did that mean there was someone? My hope raised and I walk to the direction I thought would be right. I came to a hill and saw a large flower meadow, reaching to the far horizon. Every kind of flowers, different colours, different scents.

But there wasn't anyone. Even though my brothers weren't here, I didn't feel lonely at all. Actually, I was quite happy. This peaceful place was the kind of I could stay forever. I wanted to stay.

Wake up..

What? "Who's there?" The voice sounded familiar. Tingling in my stomach.

Come on bro, wake up! We need you here!

Wake up? So, this is a dream? No, it can't be, this was a paradise! I don't want to go anywhere. A slight pressure on my chest. It felt very uncomfortable.

Please, come back.. we need you. Stay with us, please.

The pressure got worse and it hurt so much. I felt like someone was pulling me down to the earth.


Suddenly, I was gasping air for my life. The pain in my chest was horrible. I started coughing.

"Thank GOD!" Someone said relieved.

"Breathe, bro. Breathe. Everything will be fine."

"Don't move. You need to stay still."

I could feel I wasn't anymore in my little paradise. Here everything was darker and I could feel the horrible pain. I winced and shut my eyes.

"Keep your eyes open, we don't want to lose you again." I didn't understand the meaning of those words but I did as I was told. I could see Leo's worried face near mine.

"Don't worry, we will do everything we can to make you feel better."

Someone put a needle in me and I shivered. Their faces were little blurred but I still could recognize their bandages. Two of them left from my sight, I don't know where, but the last one stayed with me, taking care of me. Like always.

"I am so sorry, Donnie.." he apologized.

"It wasn't your fault," I said tired.

"I should have watched yer back better."

"No, it was totally my fault," I tried to explain to him. "I wasn't concentrating to the situation."

I could see Raph denying the fact, like he always did. I sighed and felt exhausted. The medicine started its journey in my veins and my eyes began to shut.

"Sleep," Raph said gently. "I'll be here when ya wake up."

"Mmmm..." I mumbled, already half sleeping. I was thinking the beautiful, harmonic place I'd been earlier. The paradise of mine. Only one question popped into my mind before I totally fell asleep:

Was it a dream?