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I'm floored by the response to my crazy little story! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing and seeing the fun in this concept. I had a few people ask me what Words with Friends is and basically it's electronic scrabble that you play against a person on the iPhone, iPad and various other smart devices. It lets you know when a word is real or not and even lets some bad words through, though not the really good ones I'm sad to say. It is completely addictive. Thanks to my readers who have added me to their WWF games as well! I had no idea the story would get me new competitors but I love it!

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Words with Friends Chapter 2

I woke up to the sound of Lady Gaga assuring me that I was born this way, which made me groan and smack my alarm quickly. Her songs were annoyingly catchy and the last thing I needed was to have that in my head all day. I turned on my iPhone and pulled up my Words with Friends app for the fifth time since I'd sent the invitation to Skeletor17, but there was still no response. Yeah, I slept for shit last night, too anxious to know if I'd found him to bother with something as important as sleep. In other words, I was a fucking moron.

I stumbled into the bathroom and splashed cold water on my face in an effort to wake up. Whatever had possessed me to sign up for an 8 AM 14th Century Lit Class in my senior year? That was the kind of moronic move a freshman would make, but no. I had to brush up on my Chaucer. Joy.

After I showered, I pulled on a pair of jeans and a long-sleeved red shirt. Fall in Washington was absolutely beautiful and I was going to enjoy the upper 60's we were assured for the day. I went into the kitchen and poured myself a cup of coffee. Rose didn't have class until 9:45 but Alice was up and around for her bio class. She grinned at me widely as she filled her to-go cup and grabbed her backpack. I shouldered mine and we left together as we did every Tuesday and Thursday morning.

Alice wasn't a morning person so I had no idea what was causing her to sport that shit-eating grin. She waited until we were out of our apartment building before letting out an ear-splitting screech that caused me to cover my ears.

"What in the hell is wrong with you, Alice?" I demanded. Thank God she'd waited until we were outside to scream like that because Rose would have killed us both dead first and asked questions later. She was less of a morning person than the both of us combined.

"Nothing's wrong! Everything's so, so right." Her gray eyes were dreamy as she held both hands over her heart. "He accepted my game! Not even ten minutes after I sent the request, Edward played the word heart, which of course is a sign!" She punctuated her words with a ridiculous little twirl, flaring out her black skirt.

My heart dropped at her words, but then I remembered that ridiculous name she'd chosen as his handle and I knew it couldn't be Edward. He'd never go for something so obvious or lame. Why not just be Edward Cullen then?

Alice was so excited that I didn't have the heart; which I'm sorry, was not a damn sign; it was a fucking word, to rain on her parade.

"Did you message him?"

"Of course! I said I was his biggest fan." She reached out and touched my right arm, looking at me earnestly. "No offense, Bella. I know you're probably a bigger fan but I could hardly call myself his second biggest fan, could I?"

I bit back a rude response and nodded at her to go on. "Anyway, I played mine off of heart, like my heart is his! Isn't that the cutest?"

It was equal parts cute and annoying, if I was being honest, which of course I wasn't. Annoyance was winning out the longer I thought about it. Why couldn't my Edward have responded? Even though she undoubtedly had the wrong Edward, I couldn't help but wish I'd been the one to get an answer. Then again, maybe the fact that he hadn't just proved that I had it right and Alice had it wrong.

"Did he say anything back?"

She giggled. "He said 'Thanks. Steven Steele Is a heck of a character.' Then he asked if my name was was Alice. He's so perceptive," she gushed.

Ha! Edward Cullen would never say anything so lame. Heck? Alice was clearly playing with a 12-year old. Ew, that sounded wrong. I knew better than to try to discourage her from the notion that she had the real Edward instead of some pre-pubescent boy that thought Steven Steele was the coolest character in the world, which of course he was. But Edward would never actually say that.

"Your screen name is AmazingAlice, it's not rocket science to deduce that might be your actual name," I replied dryly.

"You of all people know how smart he is, Bella," she snarled, her excitement fading away due to my reaction. I immediately felt bad. I was being a bitch, shooting holes in Alice's theories just because my own Edward had yet to reply to me. Of course, the fact that hers apparently had no life and replied pretty much instantly would make me suspicious, but Alice deserved to have her fun. There was no harm in it. Alice was my best friend and if she was happy, I should be happy for her.

"Sorry. I didn't sleep well." That was the truth. Between waking to check my phone every couple of hours, I'd had a couple of crappy dreams about Edward rejecting me, both in the game and in person so I wasn't in the best of moods. "I'm excited for you, really." I tried to put more warmth into my tone. "I hope it's him."

Alice grinned, her good humor restored. She was quick to bounce back, which was one of her best traits in my eyes. "Of course it's him! He's going to fall in love with me and whisk me away to Hollywood. I'll co-star in a movie with him and then we'll get married and have lots of pretty babies."

I couldn't help it. I laughed at her ridiculousness. "There's a flaw in your plan. You can't act."

She pouted and elbowed me. "That's not true! I was awesome in Romeo and Juliet."

"You were the only one small enough to fit in that ridiculous tower we designed," I replied. She laughed along with me. "And that was the fifth grade. You'll need to brush up on your skills a bit."

"It'll all come back to me, you'll see." I shook my head and decided to let her have her delusions. What harm would it do?

"I have no doubt you'll take Hollywood by storm, Alice."

She gave me a hard hug as we came to stop in front of Prentiss Hall. "Thanks, Bella! I'll be sure to take you right to the top with me. Edward must have gorgeous friends. You never know!" I did know but I wasn't about to attempt to drag Alice back into reality. Once she started, there was no stopping her. I hugged her back.

"It's nice of you to think of me, Alice."

"Of course! You're my best friend in the world and I love you bunches. Fame and fortune won't change that."

I laughed and waved her off. "Get to class, crazy person. I'll see you later."

I went into class and zoned out while my professor yammered about The Knight's Tale. Ninety interminable minutes later I was free at last and I wandered out to sit at one of the picnic tables in the quad. My next class wasn't until 11:45 so I had some time to read for awhile before class. I pulled out my new copy of Wild at Heart and started to flip it open but I had to stop to stare at the cover. I'd read the book countless times and had one of the original copies but I'd had to buy the movie companion edition so I could have the cover with Edward on it, looking so broken but yet still so beautiful.

I traced his incredible jaw line for a moment and allowed myself to imagine that I was the one that got to take care of him and bring the smile back to that perfect face. My phone buzzed and I grabbed it from my bag. Alice wanted to know if I wanted to grab something to eat before our next class. I texted her back where I was and she said she'd meet me in ten minutes.

Closing my book, I stashed it back in my bag. My phone was still on and I figured I may as well check once more to see if he'd played. I was probably doomed to disappointment yet again but it was a worth a shot.

I opened the Words with Friends app and oh my God, Skeletor17 had responded! My hand was shaking as I pulled up the game. He'd played the word 'teams' off the e in my 'name'. There was a 1 next to the little green message. Edward Cullen had sent me a message! I hit the button and pulled it up.

Hi. Do I know you?

How best to answer that question? No, but I know you? Great, Bella, that sounds like you're some psycho stalker that will be boiling his bunny at first opportunity. No, but I'd like for you to? That seemed a bit forward, like I was offering my body or something. I mean, I totally would if he wanted me, but that probably wasn't the initial first impression I needed to make.

Shit, what did I say to the person who might be my dream my guy? These would be our first words to one another. Someday, it could be the start of our epic love, the story that we told everyone about how we met and got to know one another. What? It could happen! I needed to be both profound and memorable.

Do you know me? No. Alright, we'll start with no.

No, I just wanted someone new to play with. Well that was just ridiculous, I wasn't going to send that. I moved to the backspace key but hit send. Shit! Unsend! Unsend! Why wasn't there a fucking unsend when you needed it? So much for profound…more like pathetic. Time for some damage control.

Oh, I didn't mean it like that! Sorry, I'm a spaz. Great, now I sounded like an idiot. He'd resign and stay the hell away from me for sure. I quickly played spy off his teams for 11 points and closed the app. May as well send the message that I was nothing but a bumbling spy, like that Inspector Clouseau guy. I sucked. My friendship with Edward Cullen was over before it started.

A/N Poor Bella. How many times have you texted the wrong thing? There really does need to be an unsend option. I guess we'll have to see what Skeletor has to say to her next time! Thanks so much for reading! See you soon with more!

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