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Words with Friends

I smiled as I looked at my phone. Rose rolled her eyes. "Is that him again? I swear, you're going to get one of those itemized phone bills and it's going to come in a box because the man cannot stop checking on you."

Yes, Edward was a tad overprotective these days, but it was sweet as hell. He'd always been attentive but since the moment that he found out he was going to be a father, he'd been even more so. Nobody was as spoiled as I was right now.

I looked around the room and had to laugh. "You think Edward's overprotective? Why is it you haven't left my side all week? And Esme finds excuses to stop by every five minutes." As if on cue, the doorbell rang. My dad snorted and went to answer. "Alice calls every hour on the hour. Jane keeps texting from the set of her movie. I think I have plenty of worrywarts around me." I shifted and tried to get more comfortable, as if that was possible. My baby boy was a stubborn little Cullen. He came by it naturally.

Rose sniffed. "I'm just here because someone has to keep the crazy people from hauling you to the doctor every time the baby kicks." She crossed her arms over her chest. "Since Carlisle's working, I'm the closest thing you have to a doctor."

She was so full of it. Rose was more than a little excited about her nephew-to-be. "Just wait until it's your turn. I'm going to remind you of this moment when they're all up in your space as b-day gets close."

Rose looked wistful for a moment but shook her head. "Not yet. I've got to get through med school before I even think about it. I'm just going to spoil this little guy for awhile, if there's any spoiling left to be done."

Esme bustled into the room wearing one of her fancy suits. "Bella, I just found the sweetest little onesie." She held up this little white onesie that said Future Movie Star. I laughed and took it from her.

"It's perfect." Imagining my real life movie star husband holding his son wearing that onesie made my heart clench a bit. I was anxious to see my baby, yes, but I was almost more anxious to see Edward with our baby if that made any sense. He was so impatient, so ready to be a father. I had no doubt he was going to be an incredible one.

Esme got out the computer, for the billionth time, and she, Rose and Sue started shopping again. I swear the baby had more clothes than I did, more toys than Emmett did and more stalkers than Edward did. Pictures of me with my ever growing baby bump were all over the internet and the offers we got for baby pictures were just insane. Edward and I talked it over and agreed that we would release one photo via People and we were only doing that to hopefully drive down the interest in the newest Cullen. I didn't know if it would work but I was willing to try. I wanted my son to have peace while he could.

I put my hand over him and smiled when I got a kick as a reward. He was an active one. Just like his father…well, hopefully. Better that than his uncle for sure. The day that Emmett found out we were having a boy he'd gone out and bought a little baby car that actually had a motor. As if my son was getting in that thing ever, let alone when he was first born. Crazy Emmett.

Of course, nothing would top Edward's reaction to the baby news. I felt myself smiling when I remembered that day. It had been our first days off together since our honeymoon and of course we'd spent the better part of the time in bed. Sex was, after all, our favorite activity. And I was finally feeling better after nearly a week of feeling nauseous. It took me that long to piece it together and realize that I might be pregnant. I hadn't expected it to happen so soon after I went off the pill. Neither had Edward.

When I could see straight again, I turned to look at Edward. "It almost feels like we're back in the cabin." I missed it so much, already.

He smiled and played with my tousled hair. "We'll squeeze some time out to go soon."

Not any time soon, what with our schedules and the baby. God, I couldn't wait to tell him. I'd managed to set it up only minutes before our last round of incredible sex. "Not with our schedules. But as long as we make time for this here…"

He laughed and hugged me. "There's always time for this." He kissed me and I almost lost myself in him again, but I remembered that there was a plan in place. I was going to make his favorite dinner and he'd see the Words and we'd celebrate.

"Yes, there is, and now there's time for sustenance if we're going to do this again." Edward stared at me and I fought the urge to jump him again. The way he looked at me, as if I was the sexiest woman he'd ever seen, got to me every time. I put my robe on and he stuck his lip out in an adorable pout, making me laugh. "Naked dinner is perfectly acceptable, but I'm not cooking fried chicken without some protection."

He perked up at the mention of his favorite. "Fried chicken?"

"Alec approved it for tonight. But he wants you back in the gym first thing tomorrow." Getting Alec to agree had taken a bit of wheedling but luckily he adored me. I'd have to see if he knew a good trainer for during my pregnancy.

Edward groaned at the mention of Alec's name and hid his face. I cracked up. He hated his regimen but he had to admit it made him look damn good. Still, I could cheer him up again. I kissed the top of his head. "I might also have stopped and picked up some Chocolate Decadence cookies for dessert."

He practically vaulted out of the bed making me laugh. Yes, we were going to have our favorite cookie to celebrate our news. "See, at least the gym visit will be worth it." Edward tried to grab me again but I moved out of his reach. "Cut it out, insatiable one."

"You like that I'm insatiable," he whined, moving the sheet and showing me exactly what I was missing. I was mortal and of course I licked my lips and tasted him. God he was beautiful. And mine. And I was having his baby. How was this my life now? "And you don't seem disinterested yourself."

"Oh, I'm interested," I assured him. "It's a tough choice between you and the chocolate but I'm a lucky girl that gets to have both." He stood and tried to get me but I moved away again. "Oh no, chocolate first. You later."

"What kind of priorities do you have woman?" he asked, his lips twitching with a smile.

"I've already had you twice. Now I need some chocolate so I can have you again." And I need to get away from you before I blurt everything out and ruin the surprise. I'd been close about a billion times already, and only sex with Edward had distracted me. Which wasn't a bad thing.

That seemed to please him. "Okay."

"Get a shower, a cold one, and meet me in the kitchen," I told him. He started heading that way and I felt the nerves jumping in my stomach. Don't show him, Bella. Don't show him how excited you are. "Oh, and do me a favor? When you get done with that, check your phone. I started a new game with you."

He stopped. "Did I win?" I laughed at that insanity and went down to get started on the chicken. There should be just enough time to get it cooked before he got out of the shower and I ran upstairs to see his reaction. I heard the water start as I opened the fridge and got out the chicken. I'd already coated it in my special mix so I just needed to warm up the oil in the pan along with boiling water for the corn and…

"Bella! BELLA!"

The way he was screaming scared the hell out of me. Had he fallen in the shower? Was he hurt? I went toward the stairs only to find Edward running toward me completely naked. "Edward? What's wrong?"

"Baby? We're having a baby?" Oh, thank God. I felt my heart start beating again. Trust him not to wait until after his shower. I was kind of upset I'd missed it but the look of awe on his face was what I'd expected and I smiled and nodded. I hoped he was as happy as I was. I knew it was fast, but I wanted our baby so badly.

"Yes. You were supposed to wait until after…" but I said no more as Edward picked me up and kissed me, swinging me, laughing maniacally when his lips were off mine. I hugged him and the tears came as I knew I was finally going to have my own real family. One I made, one where my child never had to worry about being wanted and loved.

"When are we due? What are we having? When do we find out?" Edward shot the questions at me, looking around the room frantically as if the baby was going to randomly appear. I laughed at his insanity.

"I don't know any of that yet. I've been feeling sick the past few days and it occurred to me that it was possible that I was pregnant so I bought some tests and took them this morning." I smiled as I remembered taking his phone. "I may have stolen your phone when you got on the computer to check your scheduling with Kate and set up Words. I thought I had to tell you that way." It was all I could think of when I found out I was pregnant. We'd met with Words, we'd gotten engaged with Words, so I had to tell him about our baby the same way.

Edward smiled and told me he loved me, kissing me and lowering me down onto the couch. Dinner, cookies, all of it was forgotten but it didn't matter. I had everything I wanted right in that living room, with my husband and our baby. We'd both only laughed when we discovered our flooded bathroom, forgotten in the excitement of the baby news. It made for a fun story, much like all our stories, it seemed.

"She's got that look on her face again. She's got an Edward sex haze happening." I glared at Rose, slightly grateful that she'd somewhat filtered herself in front of my father and mother-in-law but still, that wasn't cool.

"I was remembering when I told Edward about the baby and we flooded the bathroom because he left the shower on when he read it on Words." Not being able to be grammatically correct had almost killed me but I didn't have enough time to figure out a way to do so. WE HAVE BABY was as good as it got.

Rose raised an eyebrow. "Are you telling me that you didn't have celebratory sex? Because you might recall that I lived with you so I know just how often the two of you…"

"Enough!" Dad shouted, covering his ears. "There are some things a father just doesn't need to know."

My cheeks were bright red and I glanced at Esme who just laughed and touched my stomach. "Please, I'm married to a Cullen. I know exactly how much of a libido they have. And it got me my grandson, so I'm all good."

"You are now," I reminded her, laughing at the memory. It had been so close to Christmas that we decided we'd wait and tell the whole family when they were together. Alice and Jasper were coming down to visit and so were my dad and Sue. It made sense, except in practice, because we'd both had to avoid Esme, which is not an easy thing to do. She'd been quite perturbed at the time. Luckily it had all been directed at Edward since he was her son.

"Well, the prodigal son has finally returned!" Edward cowered as if she'd raised a hand to him, which she just might had I not been standing there. She pulled me into a hug and whispered that she'd missed me before turning to her son. She hugged him hard enough that he let out a little oof. "Is there a reason you haven't been at family dinners?"

My big, strong husband went pale. "We've just been really busy, Mom. This new movie is kicking my as…tail and Bella's got some rewrites and things have just been nuts." Even our lives weren't that insane but I wasn't going to argue.

"Your brother is on the same movie and he's managed to make dinner."

I took a moment to be grateful that Edward was getting all that chilly wrath. "Emmett would fly in from Antarctica to make one of your dinners." Edward smiled winningly. "I would, too, for that matter, but it's just taking a toll on me and all my down time is spent with my new wife. I'm sure you understand that?" How dare he drag me into this? This was…well, partially his fault anyway.

"You should always call your mother, boy." Dad broke the tension, well, mine anyway, when he clapped Edward on the shoulder. "Merry Christmas, Esme."

"Charlie, Sue, it's wonderful of you to come." Esme loosened up and smiled and invited us all into the living room. Edward froze when he saw who was there.

"Edward!" Jasper practically launched himself into my husband and I giggled at the expression on his face. He'd never get used to his fanboys. Girls he got, but the boys baffled him. Edward patted him on the back and shot me a pleading look. "Alice said you're making a war movie. Is it awesome?"

"It's pretty cool, Jasper. Emmett can tell you all about the explosions and effects he's doing."

Emmett grinned and came to his brother's rescue. "Yes, young padawan, sit and be awed by my awesomeness." Edward smiled and pulled me back to him as soon as Jasper released him, his big hands folded over my stomach. I couldn't begin to count how often he touched me there now. It was the sweetest thing ever.

"I know we're supposed to wait for the toast but my mom's glaring at me and your dad probably shouldn't be near any sharp implements when we tell him, so can we do it now?" he murmured in my ear, making me chuckle. I knew he wouldn't be able to wait until the toast.

"Damn, are you two at it again? Haven't you come down from the Honeymoon Hornies yet?" Rose asked, making everyone look at us. Dad shot Edward a look and I decided it was time.

"We're not…that's not…" Edward started, stammering cutely under my father's angry glare. I reached up and covered his mouth before he said something stupid.

"Edward was just asking if we could make an announcement now or if we should wait for dinner. Seeing as we're the center of attention thanks to you, Rose, I guess we'll do it now." She was my best friend but her mouth got us all into trouble on more than one occasion.

Esme knew. She gasped and her eyes got really big. I removed my hand from Edward's mouth. "Me?" he asked, sounding incredibly hopeful.

"You." I wanted him to have this moment.

"We're pregnant." Never before had a silent room become so animated. Esme had me in her arms before Edward finished speaking. Dad was next to me, touching me gingerly and asking if I was alright. Rose looked like she was going to cry. Alice was bouncing and Jasper looked a little green around the gills. Guess he wasn't ready for babies. I couldn't blame him there. I hadn't been at that age either. Carlisle was beaming proudly and Sue smiled softly.

Emmett yelled out, "Way to go, Bro. See, Rosie? We have super sperm. You'll be knocked up the instant you're off the pill." She smacked him for that but didn't stop smiling.

"Is that why you stayed away?" I turned when I saw Esme addressing Edward.

He nodded. "You'd know. You'd get it out of me and we wanted to tell everyone together."

She kissed him and held his face in her hands. "I'll forgive you, this time, but next time, you tell me right away. I have things to buy!" And then she dragged me to the couch and grabbed a laptop and every female in the room started picking out things for my baby. It was wonderful. I saw my dad approach Edward and speak to him quietly. The fear melted off my husband's face and he nodded and smiled. I didn't know why he was still scared of my father. Dad loved him, even if he didn't admit it often. And I could see that he was excited about being a grandfather. They shook hands and I knew all was well. It was the best Christmas I'd ever had for sure.

"I can't help it if I don't like for my sons to hold out on me. You try raising a child like Emmett and see if you can avoid the early onset of gray hairs and dementia." Rose cracked up at Esme's statement and I joined her. At least I did until I felt a sharp pain and sudden wetness beneath me.

"Uhh, I think my water just broke." There was a beat of silence and then suddenly everybody was up and moving around the room.

"Charlie, you get the car. Bella's bag is already in there, yes?" Dad nodded and ran from the room at Esme's orders. "Rose, grab something for Bella to change into. Sue, call Edward, then Carlisle, Kate, Alice and Jane." Esme studied me for a few seconds. "You could also call…no, fuck her. She can find out through a press release like everyone else."

Esme's hatred for my mother was well-known. She wouldn't tell us what all had happened, but I knew my mom had tried to get a reality show after news of me and Edward broke. Esme had made damn sure that nothing ever saw the light of day and on the few occasions that I'd spoken to my mother she'd been brief and blown me off. Honestly I hadn't even thought to call her after I found out I was pregnant. I guess that said it all.

Esme called a number and announced that I was in labor and on the way in. "Your doctor," she told me when I questioned her. "They'll have your private room ready and we're going in the back way. Tell me when you have another contraction." She somehow was timing it and giving orders. That was Esme for you. In just a few minutes I was changed and on the move in the back of Emmett's customized SUV. I had no idea what the thing was but Dad had commandeered it and Emmett was still scared of him so he let him use it.

"Edward and Emmett are on the way," Rose told me, holding my hand as another contraction hit me. This…wasn't fun. My pregnancy had been pretty good all things considered and maybe I'd mistakenly thought birth would be a breeze as well.

"Ha, they'll probably beat us there," Dad predicted darkly. "If that boy gets a ticket…"

"Shut up, Charlie, it's a special day. If Emmett speeds, it gets Edward to Bella faster. And you know that she wants him." Only Esme could get away with talking to Dad like that but she was right; I did, I really, really did need Edward right now.

We pulled up in front of some private entrance and a nurse waited there with a wheelchair, which I thought was excessive but I sat in the thing anyway. I was ushered into my private room and set up with minimal issue. Dad looked awed by the big, comfortable room, Rose was checking out readings on the monitor and Esme was asking questions about my doctor's whereabouts and giving instructions for letting Edward in.

"Do I get drugs?" I asked.

Sue laughed and squeezed my hand. "Not just yet, Bella. Let the doctor examine you first." And Dr. Baden came in shortly thereafter and did so, declaring me only a few centimeters dilated and not yet drug ready. That sucked. Kate and Garrett showed up right after that sad news and it wasn't long until I was all smiles again.

"I hope you're ready for another Cullen man in this world. My job's about to get a billion times harder. Offers for baby modeling, parents trying to match their daughter up with the cutest baby ever, because we know he will be, acting jobs…you two really should have consulted me on this whole baby thing."

I giggled. "We were kind of indisposed at the time."

"I just bet you were." Kate wiggled her eyebrows at me just as another contraction hit. She patted me lightly. "How about we focus on something else? How's the screenplay coming? Can I start a buzz?"

"Nearly done so buzz away." Publicity was good. I couldn't wait for my movie to come out in just a few short months. It was so surreal. Was this really happening?

Noises could be heard from the hallway and Esme looked up from her phone, where she'd been texting like mad. "My boys are here." My boy was here. Thank God.

"Edward!" He came bursting in, looking frantic, still in his Steele clothes and makeup. His mom intercepted him before he could pounce on me. "Your father's on the way. Alice and Jasper can't make it down but they're thrilled for you."

Edward ran to my side just as a contraction hit and I grimaced. "Are you okay? She needs medication! Where's the doctor? Is it time to breathe?"

Trust my husband to be more worked up than I was. "You need to start breathing," I told, him laughing once the pain rescinded. He was so damn cute. "It's a long process, sweetheart. You know this."

"Yeah, didn't you go to the classes?" Garrett asked.

"He went to every class," Kate responded, no doubt remembering the nightmare of press and scheduling that went with making sure Edward could attend everything.

"And every appointment." It was quite possible that he'd never been more beautiful than he was the first time he heard our son's heartbeat at our first appointment. Except for maybe when we found out we were having a boy, though of course he would have been just as excited for a girl I knew. I'd caught him looking at little tiny dresses in some of the boutiques I dragged him to. Maybe someday we'd add a little girl. He'd be amazing with a daughter.

"Hey, DILF," Kate said, kissing Edward on the cheek. Clearly she knew just how much more attractive he was about to be to the female populace. And to me. God help us all.

"Stop it, I'm not a DILF." I laughed at the discomfort on my gorgeous husband's face.

"You're going to be king of the DILFs, Cullen, but I wasn't talking about you." She moved past him to kiss Carlisle, who'd just walked into the room. "God, this family is fun to fuck with," Kate announced, making the rest of the room crack up. "If you'll excuse me, I have to go lie to the press, make them think DILF-to-be's exit from the set was a false alarm. Then I'll plant some rumors that you're over at UCLA. Garrett, come on, let's let them have some family time."

"Wait! What kind of ILF am I, if my dad and brother are DILFs?" Emmett demanded before she could leave.

"You're a DOLF, Emmett." A what? Em clearly didn't know either and Kate touched his cheek. "A Dumbass Others Like to Fuck. Not me. Go see that girl of yours that is entirely too good for you."

I laughed at the pout that moved over Emmett's face and my muscles clenched again. "Damn, it hurts to laugh."

"Stop making her laugh!" Edward yelled, sounding panicked.

"Edward, it's fine. It gives me something else to concentrate on," I promised, touching his cheek. His eyes were wild and he looked like he was going to jump out of his skin. I knew he was worried about my blood pressure, which had been high a time or two, but all was well. We were going to do this, no problem.

"Okay, I just…"

"I know," I assured him. "I'm anxious and excited too. He'll be here soon."

If only my words had been true, but no. I took hours and hours to dilate to the point needed so I could hear that magical word. Never before had "Push" been such a beautiful word to me. I tried to sleep a little, to get some strength, but contractions came fast and furious and I didn't get much. Everyone cleared out, though Dad, Sue, Esme and Carlisle stayed in the waiting room. Edward was as attentive as can be, getting me everything I wanted or needed, touching me constantly, telling me stories and entertaining me until finally I heard the word I'd been longing for.

I held onto Edward with everything I had in me. The drugs numbed some but they damn well didn't take away all the pain. I was a sweaty mess but I bore down and pushed for all I was worth. My baby didn't feel like coming out with just one, of course, and it took way longer than it does in the movies. I'm totally not ever writing a birth into any of my screenplays since Hollywood makes it look too easy. Assholes.

Edward kept telling me that he loved me, telling me to breathe, wishing that he could take the pain for me. I managed not to yell at him. I wasn't going to be a cliché, even if he had impregnated me and put me in this position. I pushed again and the doctor finally said the head was out, which was good since it was giant and stretching me in ways I'd never recover from. Edward looked down and I swear there were tears in his eyes. It would have been cute if I didn't have two thirds of a baby still inside of me.

I pushed again and then one more time and finally I heard my baby cry. I was too exhausted to reach for him but Edward held him so gently when they handed him over, a look of awe on his face. I was crying and so happy but so damn tired. I wanted my boys and that was it. These people all needed to go away. The doctor was still fiddling around and finally Edward handed my baby to me.

"Hello, baby," I whispered. He was so little. He didn't feel little when he was coming out of me. He was red faced and he had a lot of hair and big dark blue eyes. He was the most beautiful baby that ever lived and he was mine. I kissed his sweet forehead and he seemed to like me because he stopped crying and snuggled into me.

"Shouldn't we call him by his name?" Edward asked, enfolding us both in his arms.

We had one? We'd bantered back and forth about it for ages. Did we use and E name like his family had? Did we name him after a parent? "Did we officially decide then?"

"Aiden Charles Cullen, I'm your daddy," Edward announced. Aiden's head moved a little at the sound of his voice. "I think he approves."

"Of course he does," I agreed. "He's got the best daddy in the world."

Edward kissed me, looking so beautiful and earnest. "I'm going to do my best to be the best husband and father to you both. You're my entire world."

"We know." I lifted a tired hand to his cheek. "We have faith in you." Who knew that a simple game of Words with Friends started with a hope of finding my crush would lead to this moment? I should send the guys that designed it a present. They'd earned way more than the $2.99 I'd paid for their app. I had a better life than I could ever have imagined, thanks to a silly little game. We'd gone a complete circle from the word name to naming our first child. Aiden. That was the most beautiful word of all.