Luna! Luna, if you don't get down here you're going to miss Harry!" bellowed Hermione up the Burrow's stairs.

Luna's skipping feet could be heard coming down the stairs. She reached the last step and then continued into the kitchen with a pair of shoes in her hands.

"I found where the Nargles were keeping my slippers." She held them up to Hermione and Ginny who seemed uninterested at the moment.

"Finally Luna, I thought you were going to stay up there forever." Hermione looked intently at her watch. "You might have missed Harry's surprised face!"

Luna set down her slippers and put them on, the morning chill was coming in through the door.

"He should be here any second! Can you go get Ron, Ginn–"


Hermione was cut off with Ron's purposely-loud sneeze as he was walking in the Burrow's door.

All the girls stared at Ron, but Ginny broke the silence by saying angrily, "Ron, don't be such a gross brother all the time! Now everyone go get in your places. Mother!... can you go stand by the door and welcome Harry in?" Ginny was finally taking charge.

Molly Weasley came into the room rushing to the door saying, "Oh, is he already here?"

"Not quite." replied her daughter. "But any second now."

Everyone went into their places, including Ron who was reluctant at first, stating that Harry would be fine with a simple, 'Happy birthday from everyone.'

Mrs. Weasley at the doorway, Ginny behind the door, Ron behind the couch, Hermione ready to pull the invisibility cloak off of the Happy Birthday banner at any moment, and Luna hiding behind a book. These were all their hiding places.

"Luna!" Hermione whispered. "You need a better hiding place than that!"

Luna hesitated for what felt like a full five minutes to the anxious Hermione but really was a few seconds. She finally crawled over behind the kitchen counter.

A couple minutes passed and then a few more passed by and Hermione was getting worried. Ron meanwhile was never better. He was half asleep leaning on the back of the couch dozing off. Ginny realized she had to go to the bathroom, and Luna was daydreaming about her slippers and how the Nargles could have gotten them.

The only one completely ready was Mrs. Weasley when she shouted, "HE'S HERE!" and everyone's heart skipped a beat, everyone's accept maybe Ron's.

Outside the Burrow, Harry was dismounting his broom while Fred and George apparated beside him.

From inside you could hear them talking about going back to school and how Fred and George were going to show off their apparation skills to the first years.

Harry replied, "I know... I can't wait till my class learns..."

"Harry! So glad to see you, come in, come in! Your friends are upstairs!" Mrs. Weasley looked like she was going to explode with joy.

"George and I don't even get a simple 'Hello' from their mother?" Fred jokingly complained.

Mrs. Weasley smiled but didn't respond.

Harry continued to the door. The moment everyone prepared for was about to happen.