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The cake raced before their eyes. Literally, it raced. The bottom was the field, all made out of green frosting, and the stands were made of chocolate. The best chocolate in the wizard world you can find, explained Mrs. Weasley later. The players were everyone standing in that very room except for Mr. and Mrs. Weasley who were in the stands cheering them on. What exactly were they cheering for? Quidditch. Harry, Hermione, Luna, Ginny, Ron, Fred, and George were playing an intense, and mystifying game of Quidditch. They were all miniature people, but it was as if Mrs. Weasley had taken everything, from the Quaffle balls to the colors of the teams, and made everything miniature. Everyone on the field played perfectly and was absolutely amazing. Underneath the green frosting they assumed was the real cake. It looked very delicious.

"Hey Hermione, you don't look to bad on a broom!" Ron laughed breaking the silence. Hermione blushed like crazy and turned toward Mrs. Weasley and said, "This is amazing! Where is the world did you come up with such a perfect idea?"

Mrs. Weasley replied, "Oh, so sweet, but it really was nothing."

The thankfulness showed on Harry's face, and he said very brightly, "Thank you."

She smiled even more.

Ron feeling very confused asked, "I know it is so perfect and everything, but are we actually going to eat it? Because I know I'm hungry, but you all are gaping at it, so are we gonna eat it?" Such a typical thing of Ron to say.

"Why yes of course you can all eat it Ronald! I took much to many pictures, so I want it all eaten by the end of the day! All right? Go on! You haven't got all day."

Fred also added, "Can we eat the people?"

Mrs. Weasley said over her shoulder, "You may keep your miniature selves, but they wont do anything but fly around. If you don't want them leave them on the cake."

Fred and George laughed but were the first to dig in. Followed by Ron and Harry, and finally the girls. Whatever happened to the 'ladies first' rule in the house disappeared at that enjoyable moment. Laughter filled the house, and bellies full of the delicious Quidditch chocolate cake made even Hermione do a little girlish burp.

"Burp." Hermione let out, looking very embarrassed.

"Buurrrrppppppp..." Ron followed after her.

"BURRRRRPPPPP, VErrrryy GOOddd CaaaakKKKKKEeeee!" Fred burped and said at the same time, loudest of them all.

"You made mine look like a baby burp." Ron jokingly complained to Fred.

"I can't have another piece, I will collapse if I keep eating" Everyone turned to look at Luna who hadn't even taken a piece yet.

"Luna, you said you didn't even want any...? You never took a piece." Hermione said, a hint of annoyance in her voice.

"I took some. But I guess you didn't notice." Luna started humming and mumbling words at the same time. "Anyway this cake is great it's so delicious and moist." Her words were barely audible.

"Oh." Hermione glanced at the counter where a plate sat, with the tiniest, could be even considered microscopic, piece of cake sat, with a tiny nibble on the side.

Ron changed the subject very quickly, "Hey! Anyone up for a game of Quidditch?"