Hey I'm looking for a story that I read back in November don't really remember the date anymore and have gone through all 1,224 pages and still can't find it on the computer that I found the story. I didn't add it in the view finder that up in the top of the right hand side. So anyway the story that I'm looking for had a femHarry and James alive. Also it had Remus and Sirius in the story as well but I should warn you guys and gals that I only read like 3 sentences. And what I remember was that James didn't like Harry being alive when Lily was dead and just abused Harry well not her in any way if I'm right but it did have James ignoring femharry. But Sirius and Remus both notice that and that is all that really remember and that it wasn't completed and hasn't been updated. Please would love to find the story again and would love to read it!