Chapter 1: Heroes' Wakening

First all I knew was darkness before realizing it was because I hadn't opened my eyes. This began a new cycle for us. For ten years we have struggled against the dark forces of Chaos and his seven dark warriors.

"Luke you awake yet?" said the voice of my young coordinator friend Kira Yamato, a kind young man who sought a world without war.

"Yeah I'm back in the world of the living," I replied getting up off the ground. Looking around, I saw the faces of my six allies Domon Kashu the king of hearts, a younger Obi wan Kenobi, a younger version of my father Anakin Skywalker, Heero Yui the mysterious true soldier, and my best friend Han Solo. We were back in the sanctuary of the light where our battles began all those years ago. "Omega tell me do we always have to continue these cycles of conflict forever or is there something we can do I don't think we will be able to go home if we just continue to play in to the cycle." I said to the golden god as he appeared in the entrance hall.

"You are quick to get to the point my friend not that I blame you. You as well have grown tired of the endless battles." said the god in his kind yet deep voice. "Do not despair I believe I have a plan that just might work yet, it requires that you be willing to fight for me one last time."

"Hey I don't have any problems with it I'm always up for a challenge." Domon blurted out with his fierce, gruff, and confident voice.

"Yeah I don't see why one more big fight shouldn't hurt us right boys." Han replied getting excited.

"Then were all in right guys?" I asked looking around.

"Right!" everyone yelled looking at the god.

"Then I put my faith in you. Now since time is of the essence let me present to you all the new and improved machines I have built for you all." Omega said with a smile on his face. "Domon I upgraded your Burning Gundam increasing its speed and strength tenfold creating the Burning Master Gundam. I also upgraded the ultimate system to give you Master Mode which is about a hundred times stronger than your original hyper mode." He said pointing to cause it the large gundam that looked like a cloaked Burning Gundam. "Kira I present to you the Shining Strike Freedom, a machine faster and more powerful with all range combat capabilities. Heero to you I give the Phoenix Wing Zero which has more fire power and defensive capabilities. Han please take this new Rebel Gundam which has virtually unlimited fire power. Obi wan for you is the Gundam Defender which is designed to channel your force abilities and is very agile. Anakin to goes the Gundam Force which has incredible attack and defense; however, it does like agility and mobility. And Luke for you is the Gundam Balance a very well balanced suit yet also has a overdrive system known as Cosmic Balancer which will give you an edge over all others."

"We accept these new swords so that we can end this war." Kira said looking at his new machine.

"Yeah with this much power no one will stop us." Anakin said looking to Omega, "So what is the plan."
"Simple first I need you all to go to the other worlds and awaken the seven keys to the light otherwise I will not be able to leave my sanctuary. Once you've all done that I will go with you all to the Black Citadel where once and for all I will fight with my brother and no matter what when one of us dies you all will return to your own lives and worlds." Omega said looking at the seven standing in front of him.

"Well then what are we waiting for let's get a move on." said Domon raising his fist in front of his chest.

"Will be off now," I said "together the seven of us won't lose to anyone." We each got into our cockpits and established a com link.

"Listen everyone no matter what happens out there we all meet at the end alive." Anakin said as we each took off.