House of Anubis & The Kane Chronicles

Chapter 1

Sadie's POV

"Ugh Carter Are we there yet?" "No Sadie were not there yet, just wait a while longer." "Fine Carter Whatever you say." I should probably explain what's happening at the moment. So after defeating Set and hiding the Djed…..or um spine amulet we decided to look for more kid's with the blood of the pharaoh's and train them in magic. [YOU PEOPLE BETTER HAVE READ BOOK ONE OF THE KANE CHRONICLES CUS I DON'T WANT TO EXPLAIN TOO MUCH OK…OK GOOD] So now me my annoying brother and our Guardian Bast the Cat goddess are on our way to a school in who know were with tacky Uniforms.

"Were here" purred Bast. "O goodey well let's find these other kid's with the blood of the pharaoh's and get out of here. "It's not going to be that easy Sadie." "O whatever Carter let's just get inside and check in."

Carters POV

So after checking in the principal said we have to share with some older kid's since they don't have any rooms left for us in our group age. Apparently we will be staying in the house called House of Anubis…..Coincidence much? So after checking in, unpacking and saying good-bye to Bast/Aunt Kitty we got to meet or roommates"


I know it's short but hey im new here ok please tell me if its any good. Should I continue this story? Consructive criticism please. FLAMES ACCEPTED. PLS REVIEW!