Part of the human world

From the Little Mermaid Part of that world.

Firestar, Arcee, Moonracer and Elita 1: Maybe their right. Maybe there is something the matter with us. They just don't see how the human world could be such wonderful place to live.

Arcee: Look at this stuff
Moonracer: Isn't it neat?
Firestar: Wouldn't you think my collection's complete?
Elita: Wouldn't you think were the girl's
Together: The girl's who has everything?
Moonracer: Look at this trove
Firestar: Treasures untold
Arcee: How many wonders can one cabin hold?
Elita: Looking around here you think
Together: Sure, we've got everything
Elita: I've got gadgets

Moonracer: and weapons a-plenty
Firestar: I've got upgrades and photo's galore
Arcee: You want Autobot symbols? I've got a zillion.
Together: But who cares? No big deal, we want more.

Together: We wanna be where were our boyfriends are
Elita: I wanna be, wanna be a dancer,
Arcee: Walking around on those - what do they call 'em? Oh - feet!
Moonracer: Being a robot, you don't get too far
Firestar: Legs are required for jumping,

Elita: dancing
Moonracer: Strolling along down a - what's that word again? Street

Arcee: Up where he walks,

Moonracer: up where he runs,
Firestar: Up where he stays all day in the sun
Everybody: Wanderin' free - wish we could be Part of that world

Everybody: What would we give if we could live out of this planet?
What would we pay to spend a month right next to you? Bet'cha on earth they understand. That they don't reprimand their daughters Proper humans sick of robots. Ready to stand
Firestar: And ready to know what the humans know.
Everybody: Asking our questions and get some answers
Arcee: What's is blood and why does it - what's the word? Hurt?

Everybody: When's it our turn? Wouldn't we love, love to explore that world from your view?

Out of Cybertron

Wish we could be
Part of that world.