so my lovely friends, i got this idea when i was actually watching "Lovely Bones" :) hehe awesome ideas come from weird places beside the movie made me cry at the end i was like bawling up in tears and my parents were like WAT THE F*** ...yeah so um ya here's the story so um i hope you enjoy it. sorry i really didn't know the name of Chloe's father so just made up one if that's okay :D

I stared in my Dad's brown eyes "w-w-what" I stuttered rubbing my ears making sure I heard him right.

Dad sighed rubbing his eyes tiredly "Chloe I won't say this again…My Company wants me to move to Colorado. You have 3 days to pack everything. I got everything else covered" he said.

Staring into his eyes shaking my head "b-b-but I just got friends…and you know how hard it is for me to get friends!" I protested, pleading him with my eyes.

"I'm so sorry please start packing" he whispered looking so sorry.

Biting my lip i nodded not wanting to act like a selfish brat.

He sighed in relief then went in for a kiss on my forehead, I shut my eyes a moment later I heard his footsteps.

Turning around I went upstairs into my room.

Shutting the door gently I took out my black flower print suitcase; shutting my eyes I tried to stop the tears from flowing.

"14th school I've been to" I whispered packing my clothes.

Taking a deep breath, I calmed down and cleared my head before returning back to packing.

HPOV –Chloe's dad Henry sorry I really don't know his name -

I knew this was hurting Chloe so I decided I was going to go buy her a present.

Grabbing my keys and wallet I walked out of the house telling the nanny that I would be back in 30 min.

Getting in the car I drove down the road to the market looking for something she would like "what does, she like" I whispered to myself.

"maybe she likes make up" I thought "nah she doesn't wear that much besides she's not much a fashion girl" I whispered

Then i saw a pet store pass by me, thinking of an idea.

I quickly did a u-turn and stopped at the pet store.

With my luck I found a parking spot close enough to the store, getting out of the car.

"Where's my wallet" I asked looking in the car then patted my pockets.

A throat cleared "excuse me sir" a deep husky voice asked, turning around I saw a huge muscular man with jet black tousled hair that hanged in his eyes, bright green eyes.

He had a dark blue small hoop ear ring in one of his ears (hehe I'm in love with the game twilight princess…plus Link is just adorable his ear ring is just like Derek's)

"Sorry um is this yours" he asked me holding out a familiar black wallet.

I sighed in relief "thank you" I said gratefully taking it back.

He gave me a small smile "I'm Derek Souza" he said sticking out his hand.

Putting my wallet in my back pocket "I'm Henry Saunders" he nodded "can I get you some coffee or anything" I asked.

He shook his head, and then I just noticed he looked pretty sick he was sweating and his eyes glowed.

"Sorry but I'm pretty sick and the doctor said I have to be on a strict diet…thanks though" he said. I nodded "hope you get better" he thanked me and walked off.

Looking back at the pet store I decided that maybe I'll get some coffee instead first then I'll look for a pet for Chloe.

I walked in small coffee shop and asked for a spicy orange tea and a small cinnamon bun.

The waiter nodded walking off, looking out the window.

I heard a slight commotion, then a few men in uniform run down the street quickly.

"Excuse sir here's your order" I jumped and looked at the waiter and nodded "uh thanks" I whispered "you're welcome" he said walking away.

About in 30 minutes I had my coffee and cinnamon bun finished, I paid the waiter and left a $20 dollar tip for him he looked shocked but smiled widely.

"Thank you for coming sir" he said happily, I smiled kindly at him "you're welcome" I replied walking out of the store then down the street to the pet shop.

The door dinged as I opened it a young man about Chloe's age or probably older, smiled at me "morning sir what can I do for you" he asked kindly.

"Um I need a pet for my daughter it's more like an apology present" I said hesitantly.

"How old is your daughter?" he asked, "She's 15" I murmured, "only child" he stated bluntly. I nodded "well most teenage girls like dogs" he said.

"She probably get's lonely sometimes so a dog is a good friend for her" he said smiling.

I nodded again, it was true she was always lonely at home, never was good at making friends so probably a dog would be good for her.

"Okay can I see what kind of dogs you have" I asked he nodded and I followed him to a different room.

"Choose. Yell when you found on" he said "Thanks" I murmured.

Looking through all the dogs I couldn't find one that matched Chloe.

Some were too loud some were just fat and lazy. Long, short, big, tall, hairy, bald, there had all kinds of dogs.

"This is going to be harder than I thought" I murmured. "I could help" the man asked coming towards me.

I smiled gratefully at him "thanks" I said. He nodded "Names Cody" he said "Henry" I replied.

"so uh what is your daughters personality" he asked. "Um well she likes directing and is pretty happy all the time…she likes to run and go outside" I said trying to think of more.

"A big dog will be good" he said "we just found this one today and ran test on him…he's fully healthy and gorgeous" Cody said bringing us to another smaller room.

There lay a big black dog his fur was all shaggy he looked like a huge wolf! "Uh are you sure he's a dog?" I asked.

Cody frowned then pursed his lips a bit "he's probably a mixed breed between a wolf and a husky" he murmured.

The dog opened his eyes and I was met with bright glowing green eyes, the dog barked and jumped up his tail wagging.

I then noticed the one of the dog's ears was pierced it was a small dark blue hoop

"Uh how about it" Cody said grinning, the dog however growled lowly at Cody who smirked "I'll take him" I said.

The dog barked "so what's his name" I asked.

Cody frowned again "uh he doesn't so let your daughter know" he said smiling. I followed him outside, the dog following me.

The paper was filled out and he handed me a black diamond studded collar.

Slipping it on him I clicked on the leash "bye" he waved "bye and thank you" I replied "no problem" I opened the door and it dinged again.

One last wave I walked out to my car and opened the back seat.

The dog hopped in, and I shut the door going to my side of the car and getting in the driving back home.


Claire told me that dad was going to be back in 30 min. and it's already been an hour.

I sighed waiting for him on the dinner table the clock struck 9 "dear why don't you eat and go to sleep. You still have school tomorrow" Claire said "no we would always eat together when he's home he promised" I whispered.

Claire nodded "I'll heat the food back up again" she said grabbing our plates. I sighed throwing my head back against the seat

"OMIGODS! I'M SO BORED AND HUNGRY!" I yelled. Claire shrieked "Chloe don't you dare scream in this house again"

Pouting I crossed my arms, then the door opened a smile wiped on my face and I ran to the door

"Hey daddy!" I squealed hugging him around the middle.

He chuckled "hey pumpkin sorry I was late" I snuggled closer in his chest inhaling the coffee and ink off his jacket "I was worried" I whispered.

He nodded patting my head giving it a kiss "I got a present" he said.

I pulled away grinning "cool where is it" I said happily. Dad kind of blushed "he's uh kind of eating your dinner" I turned around quickly and screamed.

There on the table was a huge even bigger than an adult leonberger dog, and he was eating my dinner.

"Sweetheart its okay he's not going to hurt you" Dad tried to calm me. The dog picked up his face to look at me and I swear I saw a flash of surprise cross his face.

I gulped when the dog jumped off the table and stalked to me.

I could tell he was muscular by the way he walked and his green eyes captivated me so I couldn't look away. I was breathing heavily; he was about 1 feet away when I closed my eyes slowly.

I felt his breath caressed my face and it smelled like chicken and mashed potatoes, then he licked my cheek softly. I opened my eyes and stared into his eyes. He barked loudly making my ears ring and my hair blow slightly.

I smiled touched his muzzle "so uh do you like him" dad asked, I looked up at him "nope" he frowned and hurt showed on his face "I love him" Dad brightened up again

"now time to eat pumpkin" he said ruffling my hair. I turned to look back at the dog, leaning forward I kissed his muzzle and he sneezed adorably.

I laughed hugging his large and fluffy neck, "Chloe dear time to eat Claire got another plate for you" dad called.

But I was too engrossed with my new pet to answer. He grumbled laying his head on my shoulder, most of his fur covered half of my face, and I giggled.

"Chloe dear please eat" Dad called, I sighed kissing his nose, he sneezed

"So cute!" I cooed at him ruffling his hair, and then I skipped over to dad and kissed his cheek "thank you so much" I whispered going to sit down in my chair.

The dog…wait I just can't keep on calling him the dog "daddy does he have a name?"

I asked, daddy frowned and his fork stopped mid way "uh no I was wondering maybe you can name him" he said putting the fork in his mouth.

we both looked at the dog that had his head tilted on the side his hears folded slightly.

giggling I rubbing his head, "Hmm I like fluffy" he growled "then Cody" he growled louder I pouted

"hmm let me think about it after I'm done" I cooed at him. He huffed hopping on the chair beside me.

Daddy made a disapproval noise "nope he seats on the floor" daddy warned. I pouted putting my puppy eyes on full blast, the dog whined also.

Dad groaned "fine just this once then after that no more" I nodded happily digging in my chicken and mashed potatoes.

While my dad wasn't looking I feed him a bit of chicken from my hands and he happily ate them.

Then when I handed him a carrot stick he snorted which made daddy look "we're you feeding him food from the table" dad warned.

I smiled sheepishly "sorry" I whispered dad gave me a warning look "eat your vegetables…I need to sleep" he said getting up, Claire grabbed his plate.

Daddy gave me a kiss on the cheek and a pat for the dog.

"Good night" he yawned walking up the stairs "night daddy" I called, the dog barked a few times then looked back at me.

We both looked down at the lonely vegetables on the plate then back at each other.

An evil grin formed on my face, I grabbed the plate and opened the window silently making sure Claire hadn't heard and threw out the vegetables then shut it back up again locking it.

I put the plate back on the table "Claire good night I'm going to sleep" I called a muffle good night was my response.

We both ran upstairs to my room. I shut the door behind us and the dog jumped on my big fluffy purple bed, he circled a few times then went underneath the covers. I smiled going to pat his head, then walking to the closet.

I was about to peel off my shirt when a whine was heard.

Looking over my shoulder a small smile grew on my face I saw the dog had his face underneath one of my pillows. I laughed "aren't you a gentleman" a grunted was heard from him.

Shaking my head I peeled off my clothes putting on my booty shorts and an extra large T-shirt.

I shut off the lights and the only thing that lit up the room was the moonlight coming through the window. Squealing as i jumped in the bed, pulling the cover of me.

The dog laid beside him his head between his paws which were resting on one of my pillow almost asleep.

I ran my hand through his silky fur "what should I name you" I whispered, he grunted moving his head slightly.

Then I thought of the manga my friend made me read it was about a pack of wolves who were trying to find a haven something like that.

The leader was named Kiba and I searched it up and it meant fang for a husky.

"Kiba I think that's a beautiful name for you" I whispered kissing his ear then shutting my eyes going into a peaceful sleep.

DPOV my eyes snapped open when I knew she fell asleep, I couldn't believe my luck! I had to change at that time and know i'm stuck with this chick here.

Ugh i hate life! i look at her again. I had to admit she wasn't bad to look. She was a cute way. Shaking my head i cleared my thoughts

I need to find a way home before something really bad happens! Hmm i wonder where her mom is probably working late...i guess i have to stay in wolf form while i find an escape plan.

grumbling i shut my eyes trying to find sleep, i was waken up when a arm was thrown over my shoulder. my eyes snapped open and i looked at Chloe hehe even her name is cute...STOP! pay attention

Okay back to business i noticed she had her arm thrown over my neck and her leg over my body, she snuggled into me mumbling slightly. I smiled slightly maybe this wasn't half bad...*YAWN* I'm so tired...


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