I know that the last chapter was sort of confusing at the end so let me make it clear...Derek isn't going back to New York neither are, Kit, Simon, and Tori. There staying here but like under cover or something cause they found something about the EG. and Derek isn't going to school anymore but Chloe will and yeah so um yeah I hope that leaves you guys un confused and sorry for the long wait! :) please forgive me!


"Well that was a pathetic excuse" I muttered to snuffles as he snuggled into my side "he can't just leave that quickly"

"Maybe he has some important business to tend to" Pierce said. "Well it's time for dinner" I said going down the stairs with snuffles and Pierce following me.

"We have chicken nuggets!" Dad cried happily holding out a plateful of chicken nuggets. I laughed "dad I'm not a kid" I said taking a piece and taking a bite.

He pouted "Oi you're never too old for chicken nuggets" he said defensively and sat down with a grunt. It looked like he was really upset about this.

Plus it looked like he cooked it "did you cook this yourself daddy?" I asked. He nodded without looking at me. "Aw dad I'm so proud of you" I said going over to hug him and kiss his cheek.

I saw his lips twitch slightly as if to fight back a smile "thank you" he said proudly then took a bite grinning.

I smiled at him then went to sit back down "Chloe…I have to go a business trip tomorrow" he said breaking the silence, I stared at him then nodded even though my heart ached. We were finally bonding and he leaves just like that.

"Oh" I said softly laughing nervously "its okay" I said grinning but it probably looked like a grimace so I stopped.

"I'm really sorry about this" he said, I just nodded and drank some water "it's okay really" I said taking a deep breath and smiled at him.

He smiled back relieved that I wasn't mad; of course I wasn't mad I was just upset. "Well goodnight" he whispered kissing my forehead and walked upstairs.

Claire walked in front of the kitchen and started to pick up the plates "it'll be alright" she whispered stroking my hair. I nodded and walked upstairs without another word…I really missed Kiba so badly.

Climbing into bed ignoring Peirce at his confusing gaze, I snuggled up into my pillow with snuffles beside me already asleep

"Kiba I miss you so much" I whispered letting a tear fall, even though I knew Kiba for only like 2 days. I felt as though half of my heart as been ripped out. Clenching my jaw, I shut my eyes trying to get some sleep.



I woke up in a cold sweat and looked around the room; Ian was snuggling into my pillow with a smile on his lips.

I stroked his fine hair and his widened; I quickly walked out to my balcony door and opened it snapping it shut.

It was freezing cold outside, but it felt good against my sweating hot skin. Instantly I felt my body grow warmer, my muscles stretch and my body shrinking slightly. I growled and hunched up going down on all fours letting the change take over me.

In matter of minutes I was a wolf again, it felt nice. I did a heavy cat like stretch and shook my head. Jumping on the railing of the balcony, I jumped down on the heavy snow.

The wind blasted against me, but my thick heavy fur pushed against the cold and kept me warm. With a slight trot in the forest, I just looked around to find something to hunt but found nothing.

Sighing I was about to turn back when a slight sniffle caught my ears, my wolf ears swiveled towards the noise as I stayed still.

I knew that sniffle from anywhere, my inner wolf did a happy jump and I took off towards the noise. I went faster urging my legs to pump faster.

Finally I ran out of the forest and skidded to a stop at a large house, slowly I walked around the house to find a larger balcony compared to my tiny one, vines stretched up and twirled around the railing and the pillars.

"Kiba" I voice whispered in my ear, I whined and placed my paw against the wall, aching to be up there in her arms.

Her soft thin arms, wrapped around my neck, the sweet aroma of strawberries and lemon drifted down to my nostrils and I whined again.

My heart ached for her, her beautiful blue eyes staring into mine as she told me her secretes or her problems.

I wanted to be next to her badly, I let go of the wall and paced underneath the balcony. I threw my head back and howled loudly letting everyone know that I found her.

I stopped and my howl echoed the forest…a few wild wolves howled back congratulating me. I inwardly smiled.

Chloe was my mate and I wasn't going to deny anymore, I miss her so much, so be so close yet so far. "Kiba!" a shocked voice startled me.

I jumped and looked up quickly to see leaning over the edge of the balcony wearing sweatpants and a large heavy jacket, the snow twirled her blonde hair in the air.

I barked jumping up and down my wolf eager to see her, "Kiba oh my gods you're here!" she squealed quickly running back inside, I whined lowering my myself on to my rear, flattening my ears against my head, my tail stopped thumping against the snow now just lay there limp.


I looked to my left and jumped up barking. Chloe stood there, I barked again when she smiled running towards me. I ran towards at well.

She laughed when I jumped on licking her face eagerly, I miss you so much I whispered in my head, even though I had seen her yesterday but I couldn't actually feel her warm hands on my fur, her soft kissing on my nose.

I stopped and moved away from her letting her sit up; I saw tears in her eyes as she hugged me tightly. I whined bumping my large furry head against hers.

She laughed while tears streaming down her face. I froze suddenly and moved back, "Kiba?" she whispered reaching for me. I jumped back...how I been so stupid could! I yelled to myself.

What about Ian you can't just leave him I thought, "do you have to go?" she asked her face looking hurt. I whined but licked her out stretched hand.

Chloe had a thoughtful look on her face; I leaned forward and whined nuzzling my nose against her cheek.

She giggled and kissed my muzzle and I sneezed as normal "if you need to go, I won't stop you" she whispered letting her dainty fingers run though my fur.

I huffed and laid my head on her lap, she giggled and ran her fingers though my hair through the whole night as I kept her warm from the cold.

"It's almost 2, I should go and get some sleep" she whispered kissing my nose. I sneezed then licked her cheek, I watched as she disappearing back into the house.

I waited then she appeared on the balcony blowing me a kiss and walking back inside, I barked and ran back towards the house.

I changed back into human form and sneaked inside the house stark naked and into my bedroom. I pulled on a pair of shorts and jumped into the bed pulling the blanket over my body.



My alarm rang off and, I smiled shutting it off then snuggling back into my pillows "wake up sleeping beauty!" I heard a deep voice yell in my ear.

I squealed and fell of the bed, I heard Peirce laughing. Sitting up I threw my pillow at him but it when right through

"Tsk Tsk little lady can't hit a ghost" he taunted "yeah but I can banish you" I muttered smiling getting up from the floor, heading to the bathroom.

"You can but you won't have a nice Chloe" he said and disappeared.

I quickly took a shower and put on some dark blue fitted jeans, black fur lined boots, my light blue sweater and grabbing my off-white fur hooded coat. I brushed and blew dried my hair, I quickly brushed my teeth and dapped on my mascara and eyeliner.

"Bye!" I yelled to everyone in the house grabbing my bag heading out the door with a creamcheese bagel in my hand.

I smiled from the memory last night, I think things are looking up for now on

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