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The alarm buzzed, slamming my hand down on the annoying alarm. My eyes cracked opened and I yawned sitting up stretching my arms wide above my head.

I swung my feet out of bed then shivered when they hit the cold hard wood floor.

"I hate morning" I mumbled grabbing a towel walking into the bathroom, shutting the door I locked in just in case Claire didn't walk in on me.

Yeah she's a girl but I still feel awkward, I can't even change in front of everyone during P.E so I change in the bathroom.

Rubbing the crust out of my eyes I moved the curtain aside and pulled the warm water switch on.

While the water was warming up I stripped off all my clothes then hoped in the tub.

I sighed as the warm water hit my sore back, tilting my head back I closed my eyes running my hand through my wet hair making sure it's all wet before I put on my shampoo.

Looking around for my shampoo, I found it on the other side, frowning I didn't want to move from the warm water, but I had to.

So I moved and shivered when the cold hit me and grabbed my body wash and shampoo.

I squealed when there was two knocks on my door "Chloe hurry up!" Claire yelled.

"Okay!" I yelled back, I heard her footsteps fade away and I hurry up and cleaned up.

Then making sure I had no shampoo left in my hair –that happened to me and I got take my clothes off again then go back in the shower ;(-

I turned off the knob, stepping out of the shower, water dripping from my body down to the floor. I grabbed my extra large towel and wrapped it around me, then wrapped my hair in another towel.

Walking out of the shower I was met with Cold again, shivering I quickly changed into my bra and panties.

Then a white t-shirt that was hanging off one shoulder that said. "Come to the dark side we've got cookies", a short denim skirt, with sand colored ugg boots.

After my hair was blow dried I combed it then put it up in a high ponytail, with my side bangs out,

Then I brushed my teeth and mouth washed, I was about to go for my floss when…

"CHLOE ARIA SAUNDERS GET YOUR SMALL BUTT DOWN HERE!" Claire yelled, I shrieked and ran downstairs as fast as I could but tripped on the last second fall flat on my back.

A loud grunt was heard and laughter after that "oh Chloe you never ceased to amaze me" Claire said helping me up, I was a bit dazed so then she lead me to the table and sat me down.

Shaking my head everything became clear again, "Where's Kiba?" I asked.

"Kiba?" Claire replied with a raised eyebrow, putting two pancakes on my plate.

I blushed "oh that's what i named the dog" I whispered. She nodded "he's eating" I looked to where she pointed.

Sure enough Kiba was leaning down, his furry muzzle disappearing a huge bowl of bacon, and pancakes.

I looked at Claire who shrugged "he won't eat dog food I have no idea why" she whispered.

"Anyways" she tutted patting my cheek lightly forcing me to chew quicker, "I'm going out to get him a name tag thank you for telling me his name" she said.

I nodded "Milo is ready waiting for you outside" Claire said glaring at me, I grinned sheepishly. Getting up I wiped my face and gulped down the orange juice.

Going over to Kiba, I leaned down and rubbed behind her ear then kissed his head "bye love you" I whispered. He grunted and chomped down more food. His ears twisting and swiveling to every single noise we made.

Getting up I hugged Claire and kissed her cheek "tell dad bye" I said grabbing my bag and ran out the door.

"Chloe" Milo greeted me; I smiled at him "morning Milo" I said getting in the car, he tipped his hat and got in the driver's side.

"So how's your new dog" he asked. "Kiba is okay so far" I said "I just hope he likes Colorado" I added.

Milo cleared his throat "uh Chloe dear your dad changed the plane tickets he needed to get to Colorado earlier" I glanced at him then asked hesitantly "how early" I whispered.

He looked away then turned a corner to my school's road "tomorrow early morning" he said. I stayed quite letting it sink it then sighed.

"Okay" I whispered looking out of the window, my day just got better. Note the sarcasm

"We're here" he exclaimed trying to lighten the mood. "Thanks Milo" I replied smiling. He grinned back, the corners of his eyes crinkling. "Bye" I waved getting out "bye" he waved back, driving off.

"Chloe!" a voice called, then I was pulled into a hug "uh hi" I replied to Mimi, she was tall I mean tall about 5'8. With straight brown hair and honey eyes, she was gorgeous.

I was so envious of her, then out of the nowhere I was lifted out of her arms into strong ones "hey cookie" a deep voice said above me. It was her boyfriend Max; he had blonde hair, with crystal blue eyes and muscular body.

He was a soccer player while Mimi was a dancer "Hey and don't call me cookie" I grunted, he laughed putting me down then went over to Mimi and kissed her adoringly. "Hey" he whispered "Hi" she said giggling.

They both were like older brother and sisters to me, Mimi actually saved me from falling down the stairs when a snob tried to kill me…I might be exaggerating but what really happened was….

I was walking when I felt like I was being watched, turning to love over my shoulder I saw a girl a really tall pretty girl she had, long waist length brown curly hair, and honey colored eyes. She wasn't glaring or anything just watching me.

Turning back around, I then felt like someone else was watching me, looking to my other side I saw a really muscular guy with light blonde hair and crystal blue eyes, he looked like he played football but he didn't. On his letterman jacket was a patch of soccer ball and the word dance on it.

I looked away, when I reached my class room, I walked in turning back around and sure enough they were still watching me. Gulping I quickly ran inside and sat down in a random spot, thank god we didn't have assigned seats in this class room.

The bell rang the two people walked in the same people that were watching me, I froze "we switched out of our class to this one" the boy said. Mr. Smith nodded and they both went to sit right behind me.

My breathing became heavy the only thing I was thinking was 'omigods I have two stalkers!' my palms were sweaty and I knew they were watching me I could feel it.

Mr. Smith was about to talk when a overly busty girl walked in with a short skirt "excuse me sorry sir I was late" she said walking then her gaze stopped to me, an evil grin formed on her face.

"Excuse me freak you're my seat" she hissed. Mr. Smith sighed but didn't say anything, I looked around mostly everyone was snickering except my two stalkers "um it doesn't have your name on it" I said really confused, I thought we didn't have assigned seats.

Busty girl flushed then people laughed at her "yeah but I always sit here so I can learn" she said in a duh voice. "No you don't you're always texting" I said, yeah I sit right behind her all the time and she doesn't pay attention one bit.

People laughed even more "move" she snarled her pale face blushed even more, "why there's a sit right there and it's in the front" I pointed to my far right. I swear I thought I saw smoke come from her nostrils.

She glared at me then leaned down and whispered low in my ear "better watch your back Barbie" she hissed and stalked to the empty seat on the far left, the nerd sitting next to looked like he died and went to heaven.

After class was over, I walked out going towards the stairs, nobody was on them so it would be easier for me, then it felt like I was in slow motion. I felt a hard shove to my left and I shrieked losing my footing.

Then I was falling, I tried to grab the railing but nothing happened. Shutting my eyes I waited for the compact but a pair of soft lean arms wrapped around my waist, pulling my back into a chest, it was a girl's chest.

Shrieks were heard and some people even yelled, I opened my eyes then sat up. The person underneath me groaned, I squealed and jumped off of her, I stared at her shocked. It was my girl stalker.

Then a snarl was heard above us, we looked up the steps and saw busy girl was up against the wall a strong hand around her neck. The boy stalker was glaring at her

"I swear if you hurt that girl again I will kill you" he said in a deadly calm voice. She paled and nodded, "What happened!" a teachers voice called.

Everyone turned to see Mr. Smith with the principal and a nurse, the nurse saw Mimi and I then scuttled down to us making sure we weren't hurt.

"Sir this bitch right here tried to kill Chloe" the boy said. Mr. Smith glared at busty girl "no, no, no, no, I didn't mean to kill her I just shoved her and she slipped and fell down the stairs. Mimi caught her though so nobody's hurt right" she said giggling nervously. The principal took busy girl away and she yelled curses at me.

Mimi smiled at me then the boy ran down the stairs to us "you okay sweetheart" he said looking at Mimi who nodded "I'm fine Max" she whispered. Max looked at me and smiled ruffling my hair "you're welcome cookie" he said grinning. I stared at him in shock but smiled anyways "thank you" I whispered.

So yeah she kind of tried to kill me, but anyways "I uh got to tell you guys something" I whispered. They stopped and looked at me "what" they whispered making sure Mrs. Eien didn't hear, "never mind I'll tell you during lunch" I whispered back.

Mimi and Max looked concerned but didn't say anything; today at all I didn't pay attention just worrying about moving.

Then my doom came…it was lunch time. Max bought Mimi and himself lunch and I got a two cookies, slushy plus cheese sticks.

We sat underneath a tree on a metal table bench. "So uh what you wanna talk about" Mimi said taking a bite out of her ice cream.

I took a deep breath and blurted out "I'm moving!" I said quickly. They stopped eating then looked at me "for reals" max whispered. "For reals" I said back "for really really really" he said "for really really really" I said, "For really really really really really real – " "MAX!" Mimi exclaimed.

Max pouted "I was just making sure…nothing wrong with that" he mumbled, Mimi sighed "where?" she asked "Yesterday during dinner he said in Colorado a mountain village called Vail…he said it was a small and quite place…with lots of tree and area to roam around" they nodded taking everything in.

"So that's it you agreed no fighting no arguing" Mimi said shocked. I nodded "I didn't want to be a bother to him" I whispered. She nodded "so that's it" Max said clapping his hands once. We both jumped and stared at him "what's it?" we both asked.

He grinned "we have to come with you" he said smugly. Mimi grinned and nodded "I uh um…what about your parents" I asked.

They both waved their hand off in dismissal "they wanted us gone for a long time…ask your father if we can come…please we'll get the tickets by ourselves" they both pleaded.

I smiled at them my heart lifting "oh um sure" I said getting out of my phone calling him, he picked up on the third ring "hello" he said "Chloe what is it?" he asked "um…" I looked at Mimi and Max who nodded eagerly

"I was wondering if two of my friends can come with me…they said they can get the tickets themselves and they asked their parents who agreed" I said quickly waiting for the answer.

I heard dad sigh, I waited then finally he answered "fine" I squealed happily "bye I love you daddy soooo much" I said grinning. I heard him chuckle "you too sweetheart" he said and I hung up the phone.

They waited "he said yes" I squealed. They yelled happily jumping on top of the table. Dancing like idiots.

I laughed as they attracted attention then sat back down, blushing quickly eating their food. From now my day had really gotten better.

After school when Milo finally arrived "bye. I'll be over at your house around 7" Mimi said giving me a kiss on the cheek. I nodded and ran inside the car and sighed happily.

Milo noticed my grin "happy day" he asked with a raised eyebrow. I nodded "I'll tell you later" he grinned in response and drove home.

Giggling I ran out of the car and inside "I'm home!" I called, a bark was heard then Kiba came bounding down the stairs, wearing a pink bow on his head. His eye lids were shadowed blue and his nails were painted the blue also. He whimpered and ran behind me.

Claire came down stairs with a comb and a glare on her face "that thing refused to take a bath after running out in the mud outside in the backyard then ruined my bedroom and the carpet so I gave him some punishment" she screeched.

Kiba huffed a breath behind me, I laughed grabbing him by the collar "let's take a bath" I whispered he grunted following me then growled when we passed Claire who had a growl of her own.

He huffed raising his tail at her moving his head, swaying off. I laughed and he barked happily putting his tail back down rubbing his head against my shoulder.

"I missed you too" I replied leaning down to kiss his cold nose. Yet again he sneezed "awe I can never get tired of that" I cooed at him, walking in the spare bathroom.

I filled the tub with warm water "nope you're not giving that big mutt a bath in here… go to the pool outside" Claire said from behind me.

I shrieked and Kiba snorted trotting off outside. I glared at her and followed him downstairs to the backyard. Before Kiba jumped in the small pool I took off his bow and removed his nail polish.

Then I grabbed the body wash and bubble bath water and filled up the pool till it was all bubbly. Kiba barked and jumped in splashing me from head to toe in water.

He then reappeared the top of his head was full of bubbles his fur was in his eyes tongue hanging out. I laughed at his comical look then jumped in with him.

I washed his back and he just sat there like a good boy "your just a good boy" I cooed in his ear "such a sweet boy" I whispered dumping water on his head washing away all the bubbles and soap, again his fur covered his eyes. I moved them away and found his beautiful green eyes.

He barked loudly making my ears ring, and then he licked my face over and over again. I laughed and jumped him. He yelped and we both fall back down in the water.

After our lovely bath, I dried him off with a shower, his fur sticking in all directions. I couldn't help but take pictures and laugh, he grumbled bringing a paw and pat his head.

He eased down on his belly running his paws over his head, smiling I grabbed a brush coming through his thick fur, he stopped and looked up at me, then he got up and laid back down only this time his large head was on my lap.

After I groomed Kiba, he got up and circled twice; he barked in approval and walked up to me. I wrapped my arms around his neck laying my head on his chest inhaling the deep lemony scent.

"You smell beautiful" I giggled and he grunted moving away from me his head tilted away. "Come on I have a friend visiting today so I need you to be on your best behavior okay" he grunted and bumped his head against my shoulder.

"This has been the best day so far" I whispered, running my hand over his fur once again he grunted in response jogging up ahead in the house.

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