Doctor Holiday wanted to kill something. Well, more specifically she wanted to kill White Knight. She wanted to burn down White's accursed nanite-free cell, and then drive a dagger into his nanite-free heart. Violently. Which was odd in itself because she was usually so against violence unless necessary.

Her fingers moves slow on the keypad, her eyes had bags, and she still wasn't close to done. She loved Rex like a son, she really, really did. But right now she kind of wanted to kill him too. And that brother of his. And every nanite that brother of his had helped to invent. And the substance Rex and his brother had brought her from his lab.

She wanted to strangle Captain Callen too. He was sweet and nice to her, but all she asked was to be completely left alone. All of Providence base knew Knight had given her a fat load of work and she would never take time away from studying her sister. So working on her sister, Rex's mystery substance, and Knight's sudden push for results for the cause of the transformation, had kept her weeks. A couple of hours sleep a week and a lot of coffee. Coffee, that's why she wanted to strangle Callen, he brought her coffee every morning. (He also tried to have a conversation with the usually social doctor but there was simply no time for that recently.) The coffee was 'girl coffee', as he put it. He might as well have dumped in crème and sugar and then remembered he was making coffee.

One of the few people on Providence base she didn't want to strangle was Six, because he had oh so wisely opted to stay very far away from the stressed out doctor. This also caused her to be quite curious as to why he was standing before her in her office now manhandling her chair.

"Agent Six, why, pray tell, are you stopping me from doing my job by turning my chair away from the computer?" Her voice was sharp and tired and angry. Six raised a sharply crafted eyebrow.

"Holiday." That was all he said. She resisted the urge to bash his head into the computer console. Not like she could overpower him anyway, best to put her energy into more productive matters.

"Agent Six let go of my chair so I can get back to work. Now." She was aggravated now. Beyond aggravated, she was livid with him.

Without another word he handed her a cup of steaming coffee taking the long cold cup of Callen's coffee and dropped it in the trash on his way out. She sighed but smelled the caffeine wafting off of the cup and couldn't resist a sip, even if it was coated in sweetener. To her pleasant surprise the coffee only held a pinch of crème but was completely black otherwise. The only way she liked her coffee.

She turned intent on getting back to work but paused momentarily her fingers hovering above her keyboard. Funny, she never remembered telling Six how she liked her coffee. As a matter of fact she never even remembered preparing her coffee around him at all. Shaking it off she decided to resume her work. Sometimes Six could be so thoughtful.

Six walked back to his room quietly. He pulled a video tape labeled 'Lounge Security Camera 4-16'. The very same tape containing the vital information he had spent all his free time in the last week looking over; trying to find Holiday making her morning coffee. He felt it was time spent wisely.