Disclaimer: None of these characters are my own, they respectively belong to either Christopher Nolan or J.K Rowling.

"Eames, who is that woman?"

Eames glanced at Arthur, who for the lack of a better word looked rather unconcerned for someone that had a wand directed at them.

"My aunt."

He watched as Arthur raised one eyebrow as though prompting him to go on. His aunt looked rather unimpressed and disgusted at the mere presence of Arthur. He wanted to deck that look off her face.

"Er, well Arthur meet my Aunt Bellatrix and er Aunt Bella meet Arthur"

He flinched as sparks shot out of his aunt's wand - she never did like muggles. Arthur seemed rather unimpressed with his aunt as she was with Arthur - though he would have to say that Arthur was far more terrifying.

"That still doesn't explain why she has a stick pointed directly between my eyes Mr Eames."

He took a steady breath, he knew this day would come eventually but he only wished that it hadn't come in the form of his deranged aunt.

"Well you see, darling, my aunt is a witch."

Oh yes, Arthur was far more terrifying.