Title: The Smell of Your Skin

Rating: T

Characters: Tyler, Caroline

A/N: Okay so writing a new story should be the last thing I do instead of uploading the next chapter for 'My Hero' but thats on its way I promise.

This is loosely based around the first line of 'Big Girls Don't Cry' by Fergie and an idea that I got in the shower at 10pm.

Disclaimer: I don't own Vampire Diaries, or the song lyrics. :)

Caroline let out a heavy sigh but kept her smile as she sat up on the bed. That was before he pulled her back down to his chest.

"Care, where'd you think your going?"

"The shower, I have to get this smell off of me!"

"Smell? I think you smell nice."

"No I smell horrible! And no offence...but I got it from you."

Tyler raised an eyebrow "Me?"

"Yeah. You know, the dog smell."

"I don't smell!"

"Yes you do! Its really bad."

"Really? Must be a vampire thing."

"Well either way I am not going outside smelling like this." He pretended to be offended before pulling her into a bear hug.

"No offence to you Care, but you smell as well. And not of me."

She scrunched up her face, "Really? Whats it like?"

"Sorta hard to explain."

"Tell me!" A smile crept onto Tyler's face

"Its...the best smell ever." Caroline leant over and kissed him.

"That was so cheesy."

"It worked though right?"

"It was sweet as well..." Tyler's smile went wider, "But I'm still taking a shower."

She leapt off the bed and sped into the shower, leaving Tyler to slump into the bed.

A/N: Soooooo...I wrote that in about 10 minutes, oh hey it just turned Monday. Well, expect more drabbles soon. :D