Drabble Number: 1

Prompt: She is not her

Word Count: 392

Warnings: Confusing thought process.

Summary: Tamina is not the she Dastan wants her to be…

.:The Wrong One:.

Dastan catches himself watching the new Tamina for awkwardly long amounts of time at the strangest places.

He watches her in the barns, the way she gently lifts up an apple and feeds the horse with a frown because it is too smelly to be in her presence. So unlike her with a smile on her face as she strokes the horse's mane and sniffs in the mud.

He watches her when they walk, the way she daintily steps as she picks out a careful path, head bowed and silent. So unlike her with her head held high, strides long and important and proud.

He watches her when the talk, the way she does not look him in the eye and has nothing to say to him at all. So unlike her with her sharp eyes and fiery words that clearly state that she has something to say to him and he better listen to her.

He watches her as she rides, the way she sits side saddle and proper and as if she does not want to be there. So unlike her with her aggressive attitude and normal riding style as she tells him to hurry up.

He watches her as she argues, the way she compromises and backs off and cannot speak forcefully. So unlike her with her constant demands and refusal to compromise because she is a priestess.

He watches her all the time, the way she is shy and quiet and timid and scared. The way she accepts him and does not rebuke him and does not tease him.

So unlike her with her need to be recognized and heard and seen. So unlike her with her incessant taunting and correcting and denial to be content with his personality.

She is not her.

But the her that he so wants is trapped in a dust-covered rock, lost in a world of would-have-beens and could-have-beens that she will never come out of.

And so he is stuck with the she he does not want. The she that is so unlike the her that fills his dreams.

Some days he thinks that maybe, maybe if he tries hard enough or imagines long enough, of remembers fast enough, she will become her and he will not be so…


Because the she is not the she he wants her to be.