Hermione stares into the mirror. She sees herself, wondering if it truly is her returning the stare.

Her pink dress spirals out around her, with her hair cropped up in a bun with a few brown strands dangling down.

Butterflies dance around in her stomach.

I can do this, she tells herself. Stop thinking about what others think of you. Rather think about what you think of yourself.

Hermione inhales and exhales. Twirling her hair, which for once, is not frizzy. It's a miracle.

Jitters and laughter from the last of the girls going down the stairs, awaiting their partners remind her to get moving.

Here goes nothing.

She's there before she knows it.

Walking down the steps toward the dance she sees the crowd of colors, and fancy hairstyles, with decorations adorning the walls, with all colors possible, each to compliment someone's outfit.

At first she pretends not to notice all the stares. But who could when the prettiest girls in school are gawking. Eyes stare up at her. There are more encouraging looks than bitter.

Then she sees him. Staring at her. Twinkles in his eyes, a smile creeping on his face. A radiance only he could produce.

The music starts. He walks over.

Together the become hand in hand. Making their way behind the other couples.

I can't believe I am doing this…

They've reached the dance floor. Harry and Ron are bound to have noticed her if they haven't already. She wonders if she should have told them. No, they would have laughed, or would they have…? She wonders what they are thi-

"Hermy-ownee, you look amazing. Zee most beautiful girl at zis dance for sure."

Hermione flushes with color. "Thank you Viktor."

The music gets louder, Viktor's hands wrap around her waist, and Hermione's around his neck.


"You are not like the other girls. You don't drool over me, follow me everythvere I go. I like vat about you." Viktor smiles.

He twirls her around then pulls her in closely. Hermione laughs.

"I like how you didn't fall for any of them," She glances at a group of girls, dancing with boys a little too close for comfort.

They dance some more. The music taking over until…

"Vould you like some punch?" Viktor asks.

Hermione nods.

He disappears in the crowd.

Hermione searches for Harry and Ron.

I hope their night is as lovely as mine.

Spotting them, she realizes they both look sad, and then suddenly Ron looks up, locking his gaze into hers.

Hermione looks away. Anger flaring. Couldn't he be happy for her just this once! Instead of giving her those glares, that look of disappointment.

Viktor appears beside her.

"Here you go," Viktor holds up the punch.

Lost in the moment, Hermione, containing her anger, sets the punch down on a nearby table. "Lets just dance."

I need to escape real life. Let me feel free, dancing.

So they do. Twirling under the floating candles, illuminating against the snowy background. Feeling her anger ease through all the dance steps. Slowly erasing all thoughts of Ron Weasley, and everybody else, but her and Viktor. Feeling as if she is spinning in the clouds. All thoughts leave her. Stresses are erased. She is lost in the moment; unaware of the crowds around her. Happiness floats around them. As laughter and happiness envelops them together.

If only it was always this simple.