"Shhhh love, 'Liza's here." She whispered as she tucked him in and lit a candle for her vigil, "'Liza's here."

She held his hand as he woke. His eyes remain unfocused and he looked uncomfortable.

"Do you feel any better Henry?" She asked him softly pushing back his hair gently.

"No," his voice was hoarse and soft. He started to cough harshly into his arm. She gently rubbed his back murmuring softly.

"Henry shhh . . . it's okay . . . it's going to be fine." She whispered. She helped him to sit back against the pillows. He was shaking pretty badly. He reached out to her and fingered her hair to insure he wasn't dreaming. He just felt so tired.

He was asleep in seconds, Eliza and the Colonel assumed it was the influenza. It'd been rapid that year, the cough and the fever seemed to fit. However, there was one thing Eliza was worried about, and that was the extreme fatigue and the shaking. Her mind then flipped back to his lack of sleep and his fever was rather high. She was solaced momentarily.

"Should it get worse we shall send Mrs. Pearce for a doctor." Pickering said to her.

Eliza nodded and gently took Higgins' hand in hers. She rubbed his palm with her thumb.

"Talk to him," Mrs. Pearce said to her, "It used to be the only way he'd sleep."

Eliza smiled, "Henry, I missed you. I wished sometimes that you would visit. If you wanted to hear me talk why didn't you come? Henry, I wondered about you sometimes. How you said that you liked to hear me speak. When I told you to listen to the grammaphone tracks and look at pictures, I didn't realize you would. So now, I promise, unless you ask me, I'll talk forever. I shant ever stop talking."

She could tell he was smiling. She was glad that her proper grammar made him smile. It was the least she could do for him.

She watched him sleep. He looked so peaceful were it not for the way his cheeks appeared as though slapped raw. His eyes held dark circles despite the sleep. He groaned wearily and rolled onto his side holding his stomach painfully.

"Henry, Henry love?" She asked softly. "Henry love what is it? What's the matter?"

She rushed around to the other side of the bed so she was facing him. The color from his face blanched further. She helped him sit up against the pillows.

"Shh . . . sweetheart you're alright." She grabbed a basin if he should be ill and helped him lie back in the pillows but still upright enough that he could be sick if needed. She climbed up at the foot of his bed and then sat next to him dabbing his face with a cool cloth.

"E-Eliza," he bit the inside of his cheek. He started to feel. . .weird he didn't know how to put it into words, it was just an odd feeling. He felt tired and hot. However, he felt cold too. He looked up at Eliza and his eyes betrayed him. She could see that this was hurting him badly. He couldn't focus on anything and his hands were shaking, his whole body was shaking with chills. His color blanched again as he was ill.

She had her arm around him within two seconds cooing to him speaking in a mix of Lisson Grove and proper speech. She didn't care as long as words were coming out.

"Shh . . . 'Fessor 'iggans. It's okay, it's alright luv. 'S alright 'Liza's 'ere love. 'Lisa's here." Her H's were dropped and then added and words were mispronounced only to be corrected in a later sentence.

He hated weakness and this was the worst weakness of all and here she was treating him as though this were the most normal thing in the world, to have tears running down one's face. Now, seeing that he was a professor of phonetics and not physiology he didn't know that his was just a triggered reaction. Eliza knew this simply by the number of times she'd seen others get ill around her.

She was helping him lie back now. He was flushed and still quite upset; she moved the basin and then took his hand.

"Lie back now and rest," she murmured. "Is it helping to be propped up?"

He nodded.

"Do you want anything?" She asked softly brushing some of the light brown hair filled with the smallest and softest flex of gray from his face.

"T-tea?" he said painfully before coughing harshly into his arm.

"Of course luv, shhh . . ." she hushed gently. "Shhh . . . is there anything else I can do?" She whispered.

He shook his head not really wanting to speak.

"Lie back then I can go get Mrs. Pearce for tea. Hush, my dear, and Eliza's right here dear, I'm right here." She said letting his hand go for only a few seconds before rubbing one of his legs reassuringly and leaving to go and find Mrs. Pearce and Pickering. He needed a doctor and he certainly wasn't going to let her leave. In the deepest corner of her heart she would admit she didn't want to.

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