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Author's Note: I couldn't resist myself sadly and as I've been under a heavy writer's block and this was actually making me write I decided to just keep going through the motions. Anyway this is a reversal fic which asks the question how Edward and Bella's 'epic romance' would play out if Edward was the human newcomer and Bella was the vampire.

It certainly intrigued me.

This is only my second TwilightFic (and here I said I'd never write one again) and my first time writing Edward and Bella – so concrit is appreciated.

I hope you enjoy it.

Hasn't been beta'd - so all mistakes are mine and mine alone.

That Green-Eyed Boy

And if their roles were reversed, would they still be together? Edward Masen, a transfer student, meets the golden-eyed Bella Cullen. A different road is taken, a different outcome is given. AU

Part One: Welcome to Forks

Edward Masen wasn't happy to be leaving home.

In fact he was downright bitter about it. He understood and knew why his Mom had chosen to move. He knew it – he saw the pain she felt each day as she woke up alone, and wandered around their apartment looking over the Chicago skyline, coffee mug in hand and eyes longing. There were too many memories there of his father, her husband.

He wished Dad had had a better immune system or better yet had gotten the vaccine when Mom had asked. Instead he had been off working, burying his heads in law books and meeting with clients – one who had given him the swine flu which had ended his life.

Edward wished he could stay in Chicago instead of moving across the country. It wasn't just that he'd miss his friends, his school, his piano teacher, his athletics team and watching a baseball game with a corndog at The Cell. Well, it was all that. He doubted Forks in Washington was going to have all that. From what his mom's descriptions it sounded like a tiny 'quaint' country town … 'quaint' – the very word made him concerned.

Edward threw one last glance at Home, the city of his childhood and the city he would return to once he finished high school. He pulled his White Sox cap down a little lower, turned his iPod music up as the dull roar of metal complimented his teenage angst and prepared himself for the thirty-six hour drive to Forks, Washington with regulated pit stops along the way.

The house wasn't anything like the apartment back in Chicago (which they had kept and were renting). In fact the town wasn't anything like Chicago. The town of Forks was green, misty and damp – and very small with only a population of 3,120 (sorry, now it was 3,122). Minuscule when he thought back to Chicago. Wet, cold and tiny – it was the best way to describe Forks. Even though it wasn't winter yet, only autumn, he was feeling the ice against his skin as he got out of the car, hair touseled more than usual and bags under his eyes.

He should've put on a jumper.

"Well here we are," said his Mom, Elizabeth.

She looked over at Edward, a weary smile on her face. She wanted him to be excited. She wanted him to be happy. He could see it in her eyes, the raw longing for his approval.

He forced a smile.

"Yeah, home sweet home,"

His words unfortunately came out as flat and his mother's smile slipped slightly.

Elizabeth looked to their house and Edward followed her gaze. It was two-stories, made of wood with brick mixed in at some points, had three-bedrooms (not that they needed the extra room) with a fireplace and in need of a new paint-job … desperately. The white paint was peeling away and with the tall tree, skeletal in appearance and the mist Edward was tempted to ask when the monster was going to turn up.

Hopefully the inside would be better but he somehow doubted it.

They had moved to Forks because Elizabeth's old friend Katherine 'Kitty' Stanley from nursing lived here now, widowed like his own mother, with her teenage daughter whom Edward remembered vaguely from his childhood as being very loud and hyperactive unlike himself. It was Kitty who had found them the house which used to belong to an old man called Harris who had been mauled to death four months ago while hunting – Edward eyed the forest that crept near their house and wondered if he could convince Elizabeth to buy a shotgun just in case.

He doubted it.

In fact he doubted a lot of things and Edward had found, as he grew up, this pessimistic mind frame wasn't that bad. It actually made things fun in a morbid way – especially when his doubts turned out to be true. For example when he walked into his new 'home' his prediction of it being crap inside was accurate.

It made him smirk.

It was a bit musty, dusty and even had a rusty smell to it. The walls were dark green and the lace curtains on the windows meant that very little light was allowed in. And then there was the fact all of the Masen possessions, the ones they hadn't packed into storage, were all in boxes, save the furniture which was actually in somewhat of a proper place.

How nice of the movers.

"Just needs a fresh coat of paint, hey hon?" said his mother, who was staring at their home with wide eyes.

"And to be aired out," said Edward.

"Indeed," said Elizabeth, wrinkling her nose.

The two shared a knowing look and went off their separate ways. Elizabeth went to check the water was running and the appliances were all plugged in, and Edward to check the power was on in the fuse box and to open as many windows as possible as well as locate the air freshener which was buried somewhere in their boxes.

"LIZZIE!" cried a shrill voice from outside, which was followed by heavy knocking on the front door.

Edward straightened up from one of the boxes he had been searching in, and walked over to the front door and opened it. Outside was Kitty Stanley, tiny with dark curls and a wide smile, and a girl who was just a bit taller – who was Jessica, he reckoned … now seventeen instead of six years old when he had last seen her.

"Oh Edward!" said Kitty, warmly, "I can still remember when you were just – LIZZIE!"

Edward shifted to the side as Kitty moved in and embraced Elizabeth in a warm hug, as his mother crept into the hallway. Jessica looked apolitically at him.

"Moms," she said with a derisive tone. She smiled – a direct mimic of her mother's. "I'm Jessica by the way. We used to –"

"-play together," finished Edward, "Yeah, I remember … well I'm obviously Edward … – you're a junior right?"

"Yeah, so we'll probably have some classes together," she said with a nod, "Bet it's going to be a lot smaller than your old school – how are you liking Forks so far?"

He threw a glance down the musty hallway and looked back at her, eyebrow raised.

She grinned. "Fair enough – I told Mom this was … well …"

"Needs some work?"

"Exactly," said Jessica, bright-eyed. "So what subjects are you …"

Jessica prattled on for the next hour or so as the two of them sat on the porch while Elizabeth was given the names of every painter, builder etc in the State by Kitty so the house could be done up. Edward had to keep shutting up the little voice in his head that demanded him to kill himself – okay that was an over-exaggeration but Jessica did talk a lot – he couldn't remember if she had been the same when she was younger.

"… and so then I was like to Lauren – and you'll completely love her …"

He longed for his iPod.

They got the fire going that night and had decided to camp down in the lounge together where Edward's piano had been placed. He had been delighted to see it had made it to Forks intact albeit a small scrape on the right side … still at least it was still in working order.

They had laid one of the mattresses on the floor, covered it with blankets. Elizabeth was having a cup of tea while Edward trailed his hands over the piano.

He settled into a familiar tune, which his mother hummed along to, as he attempted to recreate the life that had filled their apartment back home, when he played. The music swirled in the room as long fingers crept back and forth in precision. The sound of the crackle of wood, smell of smoke, his mother humming and the notes resonating made him smile.

Bob Marley had said it well 'One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain'

Edward had never heard truer words.

Forks High School was really like his high school back home – it had teenage hormones, teenage romances, teenage angsting and just the generalness of teenagers. The main difference was that it was a lot smaller and it was green – which wasn't a bad thing because his old school was just concrete slabs while this school actually looked nice and … green.

Green seemed to be a common theme in Forks – lucky that matched his eyes.

The first day that Edward arrived at the home of the Spartans he decided he could deal with this. It was actually a nice temperature despite the cloud cover and in the end high school was high school no matter where you went. He had also gotten to keep all the same subjects from Chicago which was a relief in itself.

When he got off the bus he was immediately spotted by Jessica and introduced to all her friends. He shook hands and stored all the faces in his mind while trying to attach names to each of them as they stood by one of the guy's – Tyler – van. Edward listened to the chat which resumed, answering a question here and there while taking a glance around the car park – a black BMW catching his eye. It stuck out compared to the older and other models that surrounded it – from what he had gleamed from Forks most people didn't have new cars like that … his mother's Volvo stuck out as well, though less so than the BMW.

Soon enough Jessica pulled him over to the front office, to get him his schedule.

She looked at his schedule the moment Ms Cope handed it to him.

"I can't believe we aren't in any subjects together!" she said with a mournful sigh as they left the front office.

"Yeah, that's terrible," muttered Edward.

"Oh well we can sit together at lunch,"

"Great," he said under his breath.

She went on as if he hadn't spoken and Edward was grateful when she left at the door of his Calculus class.

He actually did like Jessica – sometimes.

Calculus was boring.

Not because he was ahead with the material or anything, but simply because their teacher was a drone. She went on and on and on and on and on – he wasn't sure how he was going to make it through the year to be honest. He wasn't the only one, he noted, as his peers struggled to keep their eyes open – save for a small little pixie girl, who sat in the back row and noted down each note with due diligence. Despite this obvious attention, she never once raised her hand to answer a question, remaining quiet. The only time her demeanour changed was when she briefly glanced around the room and froze for a second – as if struck by lightning – before resuming her work.

The pixie girl with spiky short black hair was fascinating to watch, and throughout Calculus, Edward couldn't keep his eye off her – or rather the corner of his eye, as he didn't want to start staring straight at her. She was pretty – like a porcelain doll and angelic in a sense. Even siting down she carried this immense grace about her.

The class soon ended and everyone picked up their books. Edward stuffed his textbook in his bookbag when a musical voice spoke behind him.


He turned sharply to find the pixie girl.

"Hi," said Edward.

"Have fun watching me?" she asked lightly, quirking one eyebrow.

"Ehh …"

She laughed: light and bell-like. "Don't worry about it. I'm Alice Cullen – and you're Edward Masen, correct?"

"Yeah," said Edward with a small nod.

"From Chicago?"

"The one and only,"

Alice tilted her head to the side. "I think we're going to be good friends,"

"Sounds good," said Edward slowly – not sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing. He suspected she'd be a bit like Jessica and yet … not. Taking in her tiny frame – she was a foot shorter than him, bright –golden? – eyes and smile, he decided it probably was a good thing.

He hoped.

"What class do you have next?" asked Alice, glancing at the clock, "I'll take you there,"

She gestured to the door, and walked slowly over there, as Edward slung his book bag over his back and hurried after her. Breaking into the outside – where the temperature seemed to have dropped. He fought back a shiver.

"Thanks," said Edward, pulling out his timetable, "I've got –"

"- Government next," said Alice, doing a small spin.

How had she known that?

She smiled at him. "I have it too – you can sit with me and my sister,"

"You have a sister?" he echoed as he followed her through the labyrinth known as High School.

He couldn't help but notice that people were staring at him strangely and giving him a berth – or rather Alice as they walked through the corridor. She walked lightly, was tiny and if this was home she would've been swallowed by the crowd. Instead she parted the crowd like it was the Red Sea – and this seemed to make people stare at her … and probably him as well, he realised. He was the new kid after all.

"I have two sisters," said Alice as she danced (her walk was in no way an ordinary walk) through the halls, "but Rose is a Senior … but you'll get to meet Bella,"

Edward quickly worked out that Bella must be Alice's twin – being in the same school year made that assumption not too hard to grasp. He wasn't sure if he could deal with two hyperactive girls.

"Bella is your twin?"

Alice chuckled. "No … she's my adopted sister, if you will, and I'm hers,"

She stopped suddenly and turned sharply to face him, outside a classroom. She gestured to the classroom door and started to open it.

"And this is Government – I would advise paying attention in this class, though," said Alice, giving him a small wink with a cheeky grin.

They entered the room, walking to the back; their classmates who were already there, burning holes in their back as they took up the back right corner. Alice left a seat closest to the window empty and sat down. Edward followed suit, trying to not look at the rest of the class, face warming slightly as he organised his books and took out his favourite pen – a gift from his father last year. He hadn't wanted it at the time – wishing instead he had been given a voucher to a music store. Now though he was thankful that he had been given this pen – a memory of his father.

"Bella's here," said Alice suddenly.

He looked up.


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