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He focuses his bow on the forest, silently scanning. Wind whips through the trees as he carefully makes his way through them. He can hear the slightest sound, the crunch of feet against leaves and the whisper of small animals scurrying in the brush. The snap of a branch and they are in flight, running through the forest with the ever advancing night. Their quarry is quick, almost unnatural in his speed.

Their initial attempts to catch him fail but hee does not worry for he will find him again because he knows how he thinks.

He raises a finger to his lips, stopping his fellow hunters. He turns slowly, thinking yet never showing his thoughts. His face is blank, covered in shadows. He turns to the right, if he is correct, there is water just out of sight. He pauses, before silently creeping forward. Branches are broken, indicating his prey. He gestures for his companions to stay.

There he is drinking water, his defenses momentarily down. He looks so innocent, so vulnerable. It is now or never.

The arrow leaves his quiver before he can even think. An agonized cry, moments later, and he freezes, allowing him to escape. But, there is blood, so much blood. He can smell it. Its overpowering stench. He doesn't know how his prey has kept going.

He stumbles into a bush, cursing as he sees the body lying in the clearing. In a few steps, he is reaching down and turning him over. Eyes closed, he sighs.

I'm sorry, my friend.