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"Shiki" rima called her bestfriend soflty, while looking at him sitting a chair not far away from her bed.

"Hn?" he replied while eating a pocky.

"Which is better, strawberry or chocolate?" rima asked.

"Chocolate" he replied still eating a pocky.

"Hmm, for me chocolate is good but strawberry is better" she quickly replied to shiki's answer with a teasing tone, while smirking.

"If you say so." He stared at her with a pocky in his mouth, rima was sitting in her bed while eating pocky too.

Rima noticed that he is staring at her. 'He knows that I dont want to be stared at, but why is he always doing that?' she thought.

"Stop staring at me shiki!" she said with an angry voice.

"Don't wanna" Shiki stood up and walked to rima, still staring at her. Until they were 1 feet away from each other.

"Yes you will!" she replied angrily and stood up "You're so annoying!"

She forgot that shiki doesn't like to be called 'annoying'

"Annoying huh?" rima's eyes widened as she remembered what happened to Aido when he called shiki 'annoying', shiki punched him. Rima's eyes were filled with fear, what will shiki do to me? Will he punch me too? I don't want to be punched, especially, by shiki!

Suddenly, shiki pushed rima to the nearest wall.

"Now, your punishment will be.." He thought for a moment, then he smiled at her, rima knows his got an idea, then a panic struck her.

Suddenly, shiki leaned to rima's left ear and said, "I want your blood." Rima's eyes widened,

"Is that all?" damn! Why did I asked that? Stupid me!

"Oh! So you want more than blood?" shiki asked with a teasing tone.

"N-No!" she replied nervously. Suddenly, shiki licked her left side of her neck and pushed his fangs, deeper and deeper. Rima let out a gasp. After a few moments, shiki stopped.

"God! Your blood taste good, like you." Rima looked on the floor covering her [now] red face.

"Are you blushing?" shiki asked. "N-N-Noo!" she replied nervously still looking at the floor.

"Then look at me." Rima obediently raised her head staring at shiki's eyes then suddenly shiki kissed her, his hands on her waist. Rima widened her eyes, and kissed back, she put her hands in his neck, then ruka came, shocked, she gave out a soft squeal. Rima and shiki are now looking at her,

"Oh my gosh! Sorry for disturbing!" ruka gave them a smile and ran as fast as she could. There was a couple of minutes of silence, until rima asked,

"Did that kiss means im officially your girlfriend?" shiki looked at her not moving,

"I guess so." Rima looked at him "oh! Okay!"

"You know what rima?"


"I love you" shiki was blushing (I wanna see his blushing face!)

Rima noticed that he was blushing she giggled and said,

"I didn't know you could blush shiki!" she gave another giggle, she look at him with and gave him a quick kiss and said, "I love you too, silly!"


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