This is what happens when you watch too many episodes of DBZ Kai and too many vids online. This is a story that, to my knowledge, no one has even attempted. It also stems from my desire to have Female Saiyan characters. Hope you guys like it.

DNA Madness

Chapter 1: The Change Begins

Things had been peaceful for the most part after the death of Majin Buu. The world was restored along with all of it's people, no one remembered even a shred of the horror that befell the planet just 4 months ago, and everyone went off to do their own business.

For Bulma, this was working on a new invention back at her father's lab at Capsule Corp. She did this often to occupy the time of peace after a large battle. Though sometimes she wondered what it would be like to be in her husband's, son's, or friend Goku's place, fighting against the many evil and heartless villains in the universe. Sadly, she wasn't that lucky. Most of the warriors, scratch that, all of the warriors that ended up saving the Earth from total destruction were of Saiyan descent. Battle and strength were in their blood. Even if Bulma could learn different Ki techniques from her friends to make her stronger, it still wouldn't even begin to compare to the utter power Saiyans have. She then puts the thought out of her head and continues her work.

Just then, the automatic slide door opens to reveal Vegeta, her husband and the Prince of the Saiyans, walk through the lab.

"You've been in here long." Vegeta says making his way towards her. "What are you making this time?"

"Just something I thought could be useful to others in the world." She answers. She then gestures toward a odd cube like contraption on her workbench with a couple different switches and buttons.

"How long have you been working on that?" Vegeta asks her.

"3 months. It's a gene splicing and replicating machine." She answers. "I built it for the purpose to help people with terminal diseases such as Cancer, AIDS and many other issues."

"How exactly does it work?"

"Well, the machine uses Infrared scanners to analyze the genes in question, then uses a series of genetic reprogramming and modifications to alter any abnormalities in the DNA sequence."

"You did all this in under 6 months?" Vegeta says in both amazement and shock.

"I would have been done sooner if I didn't stop to help Trunks out with his homework. Do you know he's getting a C- in Algebra? How in God's name is it possible for a boy, who lives with a literal family of geniuses, to get a C- in Math?"

"That's probably Kakarot's and my fault." Vegeta answers. "Ever since the defeat of Majin Buu, he's been that much eager to train to become as tough as us. I'm actually getting sick of it myself. Me. The Prince of all Saiyans. You know it's enough when I'm tired of it."

"He'll get bored of it eventually, like those cartoons he used to watch every Saturday when he was 6." Bulma says to him.

"Maybe. So, is that machine fully functional yet?" Vegeta asks.

"Just about. I just need to find a suitable test subject to try it out on."

"Try that fat jerk Yajir-whatever his name is. Maybe you could actually give him a healthy body for a change so that he might live to be over 40."

Bulma laughs greatly towards this remark and rises from her seat near her workbench.

"Hey Mom! Dad!"

They then quickly turn towards the entrance to see their young son, Trunks, running into the room holding a small exercise ball of some sort.

"My ball began to leak air and I was wondering if you could..."

His sentence is cut short as he then trips over his feet from running too fast, causing the ball to fly from his hands and crash straight into the Gene Splicer. The machine then begins to whir loudly as numerous lights and buttons flash all around. Then, without warning, it shoots out an array of red laser beams all around the room, leaving burns and sear marks anywhere they touched.

Vegeta and Bulma are constantly kept on their toes to avoid the many dangerous lasers swirling in all directions. Suddenly, Vegeta spots a laser coming dangerous close to his wife and fears the worst "Bulma, watch out!" He jumps across the rooms towards where she stood just in time to cover her from the red beam. Just as it hits his back, the two begin to experience feelings of dizziness and exhaustion. The device then begins to quiet down as the lasers cease their firing and eventually disappear. Dozens of burn treads and markings litter the lab from all angles.

"Are you alright?" Vegeta says to his wife breaking the silence.

"Yeah, just a little weak is all."

"What... just happened?"

"I'm not sure, but I felt as if.. something just happened to me, like something entered me or something."

"It's probably just the exhaustion talking." Vegeta says to her.

"Yeah, maybe."

"Mom, I am soooooo sorry for what happened!" Trunks says apologetically to his mother.

"It's alright Trunks. It was just an accident. The important thing is that no one was hurt."

"I do feel bad for whoever will have to clean up this mess." Vegeta says out loud.

"That's what we have servant robots for!" Bulma answers him.

"You sure you feel alright Bulma? That wasn't exactly something, no offense, a person like you could walk away from."

"I feel just fine, Vegeta. Now it's getting around time for dinner. I'll go whip something up real quick."

"All right!" Trunks yells joyfully as he and his mother head out of the lab leaving Vegeta alone and slightly unsettled. He then glances back at the machine that nearly destroyed the entire lab still lying on the workbench his wife left it on. Deciding to let it go, he walks out of the room to catch up with his hungry family.

A dark and mysterious cloud like haze appears all around.

Bulma opens her eyes to find herself in this unfamiliar place.

"Wh.. Where the heck am I?"

Suddenly, the area around quickly changes to that of somewhere in outer space. A large and somewhat familiar green planet appears before her.

"That planet... it sure doesn't look like Earth, but what..."

Just then, the entire world before begins to glow an eery orange.

"What's going on!" Bulma shouts with fear. Without warning, the once beautiful planet explodes sending waves of fire and energy towards her.


Bulma wakes up panting with sweat running down her face.

She looks to see herself lying in bed, safe in her home on Earth.

"It's was only a dream, thank goodness, but what was that world I saw?" She thinks to herself. She then hops out of bed and proceeds to the bathroom to take a hot shower to ease her mind. Opening the curtain to the moderately sized shower, she starts up the hot water, removes her clothes and lets the warm water soak all around her body.

"Wonder if that dream has any to do with what happened to me yesterday." She thinks recalling the life threatening events that took place the day before.

She grabs a bar of soap and begins to lather it around her self starting with her breasts, then continues down her long and beautiful legs. Finally, she rubs the soap left in her hands across her backside and then into her thick blue hair thoroughly and softly. She then lets the warm streams of water rinse the soap from her body and down into the drain below her. After switching the water off, she grabs a towel to dry herself off and goes through her closet to look for what to wear.

"Hmm. Haven't worn this in a while." She says looking at the outfit she had worn to Namek a good 10 or 11 years ago.

She then sets out the outfit onto her bed, opens her drawers and pulls out a pair of white panties. She heads over to the mirror hanging on her wall and then drops her towel to expose her fully nude body.

Suddenly, she notices something different about herself as she gazes at her reflection. She sees that she bares the physical appearance of not a 40 year old, but of one in her late 20's. She even notices her hair looking more youthful then it did yesterday. After a few moments of examining herself, she slips the lingerie over herself, puts on the complete outfit and heads out to the kitchen for breakfast.

She spots Vegeta sitting alone at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee in his hands.

"Hey Vegeta," She begins to say as she takes a seat next to him. "I had a really strange dream last night."


"Well, I was floating in some sort of purplish hazy void and next thing I knew, I was in space above this giant green planet."

Vegeta's heart nearly skips a beat upon hearing these words.

"Giant green planet?"

"Yeah, you know something about that?" Bulma asks him.

"Yes, but the planet your describing to me sounds exactly like my homeworld, Planet Vegeta."

Bulma's eyes widen upon hearing what her husband had just said.

"Wait, you mean I was dreaming about a planet that I had never seen before until now?"

"I suppose so. What happened next?"

"Well after looking at it for about 10 seconds, the planet began to glow and then it just..."

"Exploded?" Vegeta says finishing her sentence.

"Okay, this is getting way too unusual." Bulma says with confusion. "First my machine malfunctions yesterday and nearly kills us, then I start having weird dreams about the day your homeworld was destroyed."

"It could just be psychological." Vegeta says to her. "Did you have any thoughts earlier yesterday that might have triggered it?"

"Well, I was thinking about what it would be like to be of Saiyan descent like you and Goku and how it would be to fight evil people like Frieza and Buu."

"That must be it then. You were simply thinking about these thoughts for too long and they took the form of what occurred in your dream. It's the only logical explanation."

"You don't think it might have had anything to do with how we felt after my machine went crazy, do you?" Bulma asks.

"Who knows? Why don't we go outside and get some fresh air to clear our heads?" Vegeta suggests.

"Yeah, that sounds good right now." Bulma says in agreement as the two rise from their seats.

The glass slide door opens as the two married couple take in the beautiful and peaceful sight around them. The morning sun shined brightly with a small breeze blowing through the grass and leaves in the trees around them as dozens of car ans vehicles raced in many directions about their business.

"Hey, by the way," Vegeta says to her. "You look different somehow, younger even."

"Yeah, I was going to tell you that but I..."

Her sentence is cut off by a couple of happy and loud children running across the sidewalk beside the busy street. She then notices the kids running carelessly across the concrete path just as a car a few feet away heads straight towards them.

"WATCH OUT!" Bulma shouts in fear.

Then, without thinking, she sprints across the yard with amazingly fast speed and stamina and, to her husbands surprise, forces her palm right in front of the speeding metal hazard, stopping it dead on in tracks and sending scraps of the hood all around. Once she manages to catch her breath, Bulma then stops a fully realizes just what she was able to do.

She had just stop a car that was going at least 30 MPH with just her bare hand!

Vegeta and Trunks, who now stood beside his father, looked on in shock and amazement at what their wife and mother just did.

"Whoa! Mom, that was so cool! You just stopped that car from hitting those kids!"

"Ye.. yeah," Bulma says with paralyzing shock. "But... how?"

Vegeta then gasps at something with a look of pure shock.

"What?" Bulma asks him.

Vegeta, unable to speak at that time, simply points at where he looked at.

Bulma turns around and receives the ultimate shock of her life. Right above her bottom, was a long wiggling mass of brown fur that resembled all too well what her friend Goku once had as a kid.

"I... have a tail?"

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