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Chapter 3

Party of Surprises

Thousands of miles high above the Earth on what is known to the Z-Fighters as simply "Kami's Lookout," the teenaged, Namekian guardian of Earth called Dende is seated outside cross-legged with his eyes closed in deep concentration and his hands outstretched towards the 7 Dragon Balls placed in front of him. They were glowing with a radiant orange energy as they would have normally when Shenron would be summoned from his yearly (or half yearly) slumber to grant the summoner's wishes. While they were already used 3 months back and would under normal circumstances not work until half a year had gone by, because they along with the entire Earth were destroyed, they were restored to new as if they had never been used before. Out from the Lookout's main housing complex came the black genie Mr. Popo who looked toward his young green friend with worry evident on his face. He sighs deeply with a look of concern.

"Still at it."

He quietly walks toward Dende whom still is greatly focused in his work with the Dragon Balls, but is still able to sense his friend from right behind him.

"Dende, you've been at this for days. Shouldn't you at least rest yourself for a little while?"

"I can't, Mr. Popo." He says with his eyes still closed. "I know I have the power to do this, I have to keep trying."

"But what about the party at Mrs. Briefs' tonight you promised to attend? Have you forgotten?"

Dende's eyes then shoot wide open with a gasp of shock leaving his mouth. "Oh, man! You're right! I've been so focused with the Dragon Balls these past few days, it completely slipped my mind!"

Shortly after saying this, a look of doubt finds its way to his face. "Maybe... I should just give up on it..."

"No, Dende."

Both the young guardian and Mr. Popo turn to the source of the voice behind them, which was non other than Piccolo making his way outside.

"You were able to bring back the Earth Dragon Balls from scratch before the Cell Games, that alone saved everyone that Cell mercilessly slaughtered. I believe that this is no different. The power to do it is inside of you, Grand Elder Guru himself said so when I met with him in Other World."

"The Grand Elder said that?"

"Hmm." Piccolo says with a nod. "If he believes in your abilities, why shouldn't you?"

With these encouraging words from his fellow Namekian, a look of resolve and determination appears on Dende's face.


Sitting back down with his legs crossed and hands raised towards the Dragon Balls, Dende focuses on channeling every amount of magical energy inside of him, the Dragon Balls meanwhile glowing much brighter than before. Finally, Dende cries out loudly just as a brilliant white beam of light rockets its way from the Dragon Balls and into the sky, literally lighting it up like a planet-wide firework. The Dragon Balls soon then rise up from the ground, with each flying off in 7 separate directions.

Once the great light dies down, Dende breaks out into small laughter of joy.

"I've done it! I've really done it!"

"I knew you could." Piccolo says to him proudly. "Now go fresh up inside. You've got a party to be at in 3 hours."

Dende quickly gets up and runs toward the housing complex to get ready for the event later on. Piccolo stands beside his old genie friend, both sharing the same feeling of joy and pride for their young friend's great accomplishment.

"That boy... he's really amazing." Mr. Popo says to Piccolo.

"He truly is. Maybe it's the fusion with Nail talking, but I care for that boy like my own younger brother."

"That reminds me, Piccolo. Are you planning on bringing... well, you know."

"Of course. Her first social gathering with my closest friends... I'll be savoring every bit of it."

It was around late afternoon outside of the Capsule Corp. building. Just then, a flash of light appears above the street across from the dome shaped building, soon vanishing and dropping Jewel onto his feet and onto the concrete ground.

"Wh... Where did you take me?" He asks to seemingly no one.

"This is the main corporate building to the Capsule Corp." The mysterious voice from before says to him. "The home of that ditzy woman who found a way to create the only known means of tracking and finding the Dragon Balls: a radar in the shape of a stopwatch. You must find that device in order to start looking for the Dragon Balls, only after you find all 7 can I help you gain the power you need for your vengeance."

"Yes." Jewel says with his fist clenched tight. "I can see it now. What must I do?"

"For starters, check the inside perimeter of the building for activity and then wait for the opportune moment to sneak in."

"Right, of course."

The blonde haired man quickly runs across the street before rolling across the grassy lawn out front below a nearby window. Carefully, he slowly raises himself up to check the view inside.

Normally, staring at a woman's butt would earn a well deserved smack in the face. Luckily, Goku was given an exception towards this as he was staring intently at the long brown appendage protruding from just above Bulma's butt.

Eyes wide with shock, he raises his head back up as he stands straight with a look of concern on his face.

"No doubt about it." He says for Bulma, Vegeta, Trunks, Gohan, Goten, their Grandpa Ox-King and Chi-Chi to hear. "That's just like the tail I used to have until Kami ripped it out for good."

"Yes, Kakarot. We've well established that my wife is now part Saiyan. What we were wondering is if you'd be willing to take part in training her in the ways of battle. Though if you ask me, I still think this is a bad idea."

"Personally, I'm all for it! I've always wanted to see what a Female Super Saiyan looks like. Come to think of it, I've never actually seen a Female Saiyan at all until now.

" "Let's not get carried away here." Vegeta interjects. "We still don't know how much of my strength she inherited from my infused DNA. For all we know, she could be as strong as my younger brother Tarble."

"You have a brother?" Goku says with surprise.

"Yes, but that's not the point here. I think the best way for us to determine how strong she could be is to test her in battle. If she inherited even a scrap of my Saiyan instinct, fighting will come as a sixth sense for her."

"Well, judging what I just did this morning with that car, I'm not doubting that." Bulma says to the others.

"Hang on." Gohan says breaking his silence. "There's just still one thing that bothers me about all this."

"And what is that?" Vegeta says with his head towards the young Demi-Saiyan and his eyebrows cocked.

"A part of your DNA got infused into Bulma's genetic makeup, right?"


"So, wouldn't that now technically make you two... related?"

No less than a second after saying this, looks of shock and disgust fall on everyone's faces.

"Agh... of COURSE NOT! She only received a replication of my Saiyan physical strength, not my entire frigging genetic makeup! So to answer your disturbing question, NO, she HASN'T been transformed into my own sister!"

"Ok, calm down! I was only asking!"

"I sure am glad I'm not old enough to understand that." Goten says.

"I'm old enough and I don't want to understand it." Chi-Chi replies dryly.

Just then, the automatic doors up at the front of the building open as Krillin, 18 holding their daughter Marron safely in her arms, Master Roshi and even Turtle walk inside.

"Hey, we're here!" Krillin says happily to the others.

"Hey, Krillin!" Goku shouts with joy to his lifelong best friend. "Glad you could make it."

"Hehe, wouldn't miss this party for the wo..wo wo wo wo WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!"

Everyone finds themselves looking toward Bulma's clearly visible tail where Krillin was pointing.

"Is... is that..."

"Yeah." Bulma answers. "It's a tail like Goku had. Yesterday, we had a lab accident and, middle, middle middle, I wound up becoming part Saiyan."

Krillin is left completely and utterly speechless by this stunning revelation. "But... how?"

"It's a long story, but I will say it involves a Gene Splicer and Vegeta's DNA being infused in me."

"So, can this Gene Splicer turn any Human into a part Saiyan? Like say, per-say... me?"

"What? You're not stronger already?" Goku jokes.

"You're kidding, right?"

Everyone erupts into loud laughter at Krillin's joke, right before 18 smacks him loudly on top of his head resulting in a loud "HEY! What was that for?"

"For using the H-Word in front of Marron. We raised her better than that."

"Well excuse me for finding out one of my best friends just become part Saiyan only yesterday! Uh... speaking of which Bulma, what exactly are you going to do about this?"

"Well, Goku and Vegeta have agreed to start training me first thing after tonight."

"Wha... we said no such thing!" Vegeta shouts.

Bulma then shoots a very angry glare at him which quickly changes his composure.

"I mean... Kakarot said no such thing." He says his voice actually cracking in fear of his pissed off wife. "I, on the other hand, happily agree to this, and I'm sure Kakarot would too... DON'T YOU, Kakarot?" He says with his teeth gritted and his elbow nudging Goku's stomach with enough force to puncture that of a Rhinoceros'.

"Ye.. yeah, yeah! Totally! First thing tomorrow morning!" He says with a nervous laugh.

"Oh no! No, no NO!" Chi-Chi interjects obviously very upset by this statement. "We have a meeting tomorrow about starting Goten's first day of Elementary School! I don't care if Bulma is part Saiyan now, I AM NOT about to have you miss this first major milestone in Goten's education! DO YOU HEAR ME, GOKU!"

"Yes, Chi-Chi! Of course! Anything for Goten's education."

Shortly after appeasing to his wife's angry demands, he leans over towards Vegeta's ear. "How fast do you think you can learn the Kamehameha and Kaio-ken before the end of the day?"

"What? I don't.."

"HOW FAST! You think YOU have martial problems? I'm more afraid of HER than I am of Frieza, Cell AND Majin Buu combined!"

"Ugh." The Saiyan Prince groans with his face firmly planted in his palm. "This past few days can't get anymore strange."

Almost as if on cue, the two double doors open again, this time welcoming quite the large group of friends: Videl, her father and "official" World Champion Hercule, Buu (The good and fat one) holding his beloved puppy Bee in his arms, Yamcha, Puar, Oolong Tien, Chiaotzu, Piccolo, Dende and Mr. Popo.

Gohan turns around to see his new girlfriend right in front of him. "Hey! Videl."


The two quickly dash toward each other before giving each other a tight hug of affection.

"Glad you could make it, all of you." Gohan says happily.

"Well, even me and my very busy schedule as Champion of the World could afford one day off with some of my biggest fans!" Hercule says jokingly to which everybody breaks out in hysterical laughter.

"All right now, it wasn't that funny."

"Buu thought it was funny."

"You think everything is funny, silly!" Videl says to her large pink friend.

"That not true! Me no think Two and a Half Men is funny."

Videl: Yeah, you got a point there.

Hercule: Terrible show.

Gohan: I agree.

Vegeta: Please never say that show's name in my house again.

"Oh yeah!' Videl says turning to Piccolo. "Piccolo, wasn't there something very important you had to show the rest of us?"

"There certainly is, Videl." The tall Namekian says now looking downward and behind his legs. "Come on now, don't be shy."

Everyone was a bit confused by what their friend was saying and, that is until they saw who he was talking to. Coming out from behind his person was a small Namekian child, but what made this little one completely different from most young Nameks that Goku and the others were used to seeing was it's feminine like expression, the small purple colored dress it wore and bright ruby red hair reaching down to its shoulders.

"Everyone, this is Claira, my daughter."

Practically everyone else in the room who had heard him dropped their jaws in absolute shock. The fact that Piccolo was now someones "daddy" was hard enough to swallow, but that his child was a girl... it made no sense.

"Go on, don't be afraid." Piccolo says sweetly to the young female leaning down and placing two caring hands on her shoulders. "These are my friends that I was talking about, like right over there." He says pointing towards his former Demi-Saiyan pupil. "That's Gohan."


Her father nods quietly as she slowly steps toward her father's friend whom squats down to meet her at eye level.

"Hi there." Gohan says happily to her. "It's really nice to meet you, Claira."

"My daddy says you saved da whole Earth once from a really mean monster called Cell."

"Yeah, but I wouldn't have been able to do it without your dad's great training. Is he training you too?"

"Yeah, but not till I'm older like you. Will you help train me too when I'm ready?"

"Claira, it would be my honor."

The young Namekian's face lights up with a happy smile while Gohan lifts her up gently in the air with a look just as happy as hers.

"I can't believe it..." Goku says dumbfounded along side an equally astounded Chi-Chi. "Piccolo's a father now."

"And to a girl no less." She also comments.

Everyone soon follows Bulma downstairs for food and drink in the Atrium.

Just after all of the guests have left the main lobby, the two double doors open again as Jewel looks around to check if the coast was clear.

"Alright, I'm inside. Now where can I find the Radar you were talking about?" He asks again to seemingly nobody.

"Ugh... you Humans are so helpless. It should be downstairs in the woman's laboratory. I can disable its automated security system long enough for you to locate it, but if not, I will leave you and try with someone more capable."

"I AM capable!"

"Then stop shouting into space like an ignoramus before someone sees you and get that Radar!"

"Man, sometimes, you're a real royal pain."

"You have no idea how right you are."

Downstairs in the Atrium, the celebration turned out to be every bit a success as Bulma had planned and more. Gohan and Videl were having a great time talking and occasionally cuddling, Hercule was continuously trying to talk Goku into teaching him how to fly and use Ki Techniques like he used, and Goten and Trunks were happily running around playing a game of tag with Claira. Piccolo watches his two former students and daughter with a joy struck look nobody had even dreamed he would make.

"She sure is a blessing, isn't she?"

The tall Namekian looks down to see his once bald friend looking at the three kids play with him.

"She certainly is. Kind of a handle at times, though."

"Yeah, I hear you on that. Hey, that reminds me, How exactly...?"

"Was a Namekian able to produce a female offspring when all others produced males?" Piccolo finishes his friend's question.

"Yeah, I thought it was virtually impossible for any Namekian to be female."

"I thought so too, until I visited a certain former Grand Elder in Other World about the time Majin Buu destroyed the Earth."

"Wait... you mean Grand Elder Guru? You saw him?"

"Mhh Hmm. He shared with me a piece of Nameks ancient history. A while back before the Namekian that would split to form Kami and me left his home, Namekian females indeed existed alongside males, giving birth to live offspring. But then, the great tragedy that nearly destroyed Namek resulted in the total extinction of all living women on the planet. Luckily for the surviving males, there existed a fail-safe locked within the DNA of all male Namekians in order to continue their race. They were able to spit out eggs from their mouths that would later hatch into children, but only as males. It's been like that for centuries... until Guru shared with me the key to bringing the females back into existence."

"What was that?"

"He said in order for a male to spit out and egg with would hatch into a female offspring, the parent must have known both great good and evil in his lifetime. For a while, no Namekian had ever known a life beyond the peaceful and quiet ones lead on their homeworld... until me. All I needed to do was to focus on not only the great tragedies and mistakes I made in my life, but also the good deeds I've done and how far I've come since then. After that, I was able to produce and egg, and the rest... is history."

"Wow... that's incredible." Krillin says turning back to see Claira manages to tag Goten's back before falling ontop of him as both laugh happily. "This could help put your people back on the right track, it could change everything."

"I know, it definitely changed me."

Then, Piccolo does something no other person had seen him do since they had first known him. He lets a single tear escape one of his eyes.

"Wait.. Piccolo, are you..."

"If you ever tell ANYONE about this, I swear I'll shave the hair of your head in your sleep and put it in your food when you're not looking!"

"And there's the Piccolo we know and love!"

Meanwhile, Goku was talking with Bulma, still trying to make sure she wanted to go along with the whole training idea.

"Goku, for the hundredth million time, YES, I am sure I want to go through with this. I'm so sick of not being able to contribute anything to our group other than just sit on the sidelines like I usually do."

"Bulma, you HAVE contributed something. You invented the only way of tracking the Dragon Balls in the world! I can even begin to think where we'd all be if you hadn't done that. More than likely, I would have never left home and found out who I really was, nor would I have made such great friends here on Earth and WAY beyond. You contributed probably the most important thing to this entire UNIVERSE."

"I know, but... I want to give this a try.. to be able to fight for my home and friends and family who love me so much. I want to know what it's like to be.., well, you."

"Well... ok, but this is going to be unlike ANYTHING you're used to. Be ready to train early tomorrow morning."

"Wait, don't you have a meeting with Chi-Chi to go to?"

"I'll find a way around it. If not... well, it's been nice knowing you. Oh, and thanks a lot for letting me invite some extra guests."

"No problem. You're all our friends."

"Uh.. I wasn't talking about just all of the gang." Goku says gesturing behind him.

A few feet away were a mother and father pterosaur seated at a white circular table while carefully watching over a nest with four round and white eggs nestled inside. A servant robot hovers towards them holding a restaurant menu of some sort.

(Just bare with me, it gets better.)

"How can I start you two off this evening?" The robot says in a robot-ish tone.

After examining the menu, the father dinosaur picks his choice of beverage.

"An excellent choice sir. And for you, Ma'am?"

The mother growls something in their native dialect.

"Ah, Dos Equis, love those commercials. He certainly IS "The Most Interesting Man in the World."

Bulma is left a little speechless at the very "human-like" display she saw of the two giant winged man-eating reptiles.

"Yeah, I know, they're pretty sophisticated." Goku replies.

"Uh, Mistress Bulma?" Another servant droid says rolling up to her. "It seems our primate guests are taking part at flinging various... er... "items" at Mr. Hercule."

Goku had to literally force himself not to burst out at laughter at what he just heard. "You know... (snickers) you should... you should probably go help him."

"Yeah, alright." She says leaving to do so.

"WAIT! WAIT WAIT!" Goku says at the last second handing her a camera. "Take this... (More snickering) get some pictures and make sure to post them to Faaaaaaceboook... EH HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Bulma simply leaves to help the *cough cough * World Champion as Goku continues to roll around in hysterical laughter while the servant robot joins him.


"No, not yet."


"I said NO."

"...Ok, NOW?"

"NO! NO, goddamn it. NO! When I tell you "Now," THEN NOW! God, it's like working with Recoome after giving him a lobotomy."

"Who in the hell is Recoome?"

"None of your concern, he's just an imbecile whom you are slightly more intelligent than."

"Uh... thanks.. I think."

The pad locked door to Bulma's laboratory then beeps as the sensor light above it turns from red to green.

"Ok, NOW"

Jewel wastes no time and runs straight inside.

"Ok, now where can I find the Radar?"

"Check inside some of the cabinets and drawers, and hurry. You have about 5 minutes before the security system turns back on."


He then spots a tall four drawer white filing cabinets near the operating table in the middle of the room. Heading over towards it, he opens the nest to last drawer to see what lay inside.

"Let's see... disintegration gun, invisibility helmet, automatic aura detector that can destroy all corrupt politicians and members of Al-qaeda... wait, WHY hasn't anyone used this one yet?"

"Uhknow... maybe they're all too busy "Cleaning their Statue of Liberty."

"AHHHHH! That was SO good!"

"Thank you, thank you. I don't know WHY Cooler keeps saying I'm not funny."

"Who's Cooler?"

"Oh, he's a prick... just a big giant prick from the biggest prick bush from the planet Prick-Ass 010."

"Ok, so I'm getting the sense that you don't like him very much."

"Just find the stupid Radar and get out already."

Soon enough, the blonde male found what he desired: a small palm-sized stopwatch-like device.

"Ok I found it."

"Excellent. Now get out of there quickly before the alarms come back online. Soon, my friend, you will become strong enough to exact you so greatly desired revenge."

"And how sweet it will taste."

Jewel quickly darts back out the door of the lab just as the security systems switch back on as if he was never there to begin with.

End of Ch 3. I'm sure you guys must have a lot of questions to ask me about this Ch, so allow me to give you some answers

1. Claira is my desire for there to be female Namekians, because just all boys is boring a s**t. Her name, like all other Namekians excluding Lord Slug, is a play on musical instruments. Hers is based on Clarinet. Originally, I was choosing between that and Piccola, but my friend Will said Claira sounded more creative. Concept of how Female Nameks no longer exist and how they are brough back is by me.

2. The animals from "He's Always Late" are brought to Bulma's as Goku didn't have the time to watch their eggs all day because of Bulma's condition.

3. The mysterious voice will remain anonymous until a certain select ch. Try and guess him if you can, I'll reply to your reviews and say whether or not if you're right.

4. I hate 2 and a Half Men... that's it.

Anywho, next Ch, Bulma starts her training with Goku and Vegeta, but it proves more of a challenge than she bargained for. Meanwhile, Jewel begins his quest to find the Dragon Balls with the help from his mysterious guide. Just WHO is he and why is he helping Jewel find the Dragon Balls? Be sure to review and to those of you watching my other fics, the next Ch of Air and Water WILL be up by the end of the month. As for Out of the Blue... well, I'm working on it. Until then, peace my bitches!

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