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"Quit moving!"

"I am not staying on this couch all week, Lennon!"

"You'll hurt yerself!"

"Well then that'll be my fault now, won't it?"

"Stop squirmin'!"

"Stop telling me what to do!"



"Wot's all this?" George pokes his head in the doorway.

"John won't let me get off this fricken couch!" I complain.

"But she could-"

George holds up his hand for silence and John finally shuts up for the first time this hour. "John, I'm sure Ashley can handle walkin' 'round the flat fer a li'l while. It can't hurt her, 'specially since ye've kept her bed-ridden fer the past two days. If anything, you'll probably be the only thing that hurts her with the way yer holdin' her down and whatnot." After a short pause, an embarrassed John quickly rips his hands off my shoulders, setting me free, and I almost literally leap off the damned sofa with a triumphant, "HA!" George shakes his head at us with a lighthearted smile. "You two are such children."

Taking the opportunity before John has the chance to restrain me and lock me up on the couch again, like he'll undoubtedly try, I run to make my escape toward the hall. I look behind me and shout in victory again, but my moment is short-lived. Instead of making it into George's bedroom to hide, I only manage to crash and tumble over something. And what does that something happen to be? Of course...

"U-u-um...hi, Ringo?" I stare into the confused bright blue eyes in front of me. "F-fancy meeting you here..."

To my surprise and relief, he grins. "You could say ya kinda...dropped in."

And here come the terrible, corny puns. "Or crashed in," I laugh.

"Yeah, really!" he chuckles along with me. His eyes twinkle when he laughs...

"Oi, wot's all this?" Both of us turn slowly to face the unexpected voice of Paul, as if we've been caught doing something bad like naughty little kids. "Wot's goin' on here?"

"Well, y'see..." I chuckle nervously. "I kinda..."

"We sorta bumped into each other, so t'speak," Ringo intervenes. I look at him gratefully.

Paul cocks a perfectly arched eyebrow and after a moment, shrugs. "Whatever." He eyes us one last time as he walks down the hall.

"Thanks for that," I absentmindedly tuck a piece of hair away once McCartney's gone. "I thought we were screwed."

"Paul's gullible most o' the time, ya just got t'know how t'deal with him," Ringo states nonchalantly. "Plus, he usually just doesn't care 'bout this kinda stuff. He tends t'leave me alone."

"He sure loves givin' John a hard time, though. Then again, the both pick on each other."

"John just picks on every one in general," he grins teasingly.

"That, too." I smile back. An awkward silence begins to settle between us, and in a mental panic I blurt out, "You have the most gorgeous eyes."

Somewhat taken aback by my random outburst, he pauses before replying. "O-oh, thanks!"

"Um, no problem..." Stupid, stupid, stupid!

"I, uh, I like yer's, too."

I look up innocently and completely stunned at his compliment. Back in reality, because I'm convinced this is just a very, very realistic dream, no one ever took any notice of me or bothered to say anything pleasant. The attention's nice, to say the least. "Why, thank you...Rings." How did I never notice how adorable he is? I internally chide myself. How could I have ever thought he was my least favourite? HE'S FRIGGIN ADORABLE! Dude, I just got complimented by Ringo Freaking Starr! I have to be dreaming!

"Ashley. Ashleyyy? Asssshhhhhleyyyyyy... ASH!"

"Huh? What?" My head snaps up once I finally realise my name being called.

"Ya kinda...zoned out," he says, staring at me curiously. "Are ya okay?"

"Oh! Yeah, just peachy!" Crap, was I staring at him?

"Oh, well..."

"We should probably get up..."

"Yea, that! That's exactly wot I was gonna say..."

I hurriedly scramble to my feet and push past him. "Sorry for falling over you, again."

"It's, uh, no problem."

And so I leave a very confused-looking Ringo Starr standing in the hall, while I once again try to escape yet another potentially awkward moment. Sadly, I have no such luck. In my attempt to reach the kitchen, both Paul and John block the doorway. "Guys," I sigh. "Lemme through!"

"Not until ya tell us wot the hell happened back there," John says.

"Why were you and Ringo on the floor in front of me bedroom?" Paul asks with wide eyes.

"Nothing and I fell over him! Now, outta my way!" I try pushing through them, but they both hold me back. I glare up at them, because compared to me, they're giants, and try my best to look serious and intimidating despite my petite stature. "Boys, let me go!"

"Explain," John states firmly.

"Now," mimics Paul in the same tone.

I huff again and roll my eyes. "While trying to get away from John's death-grip, I didn't pay attention and crashed into Ringo, and we fell. Happy?" I sure as hell hope they are, this is embarrassing.

They look at each other and raise their eyebrows. "Fine," John says and they set me free.

"I'll be watchin' you," Paul threatens with a wink.

"Whatever." I walk into the kitchen and am immediately greeted by George, who's sitting at the counter with a newspaper and a cup of tea in hand. So George Harrison. "Thanks for saving me back there," I say sarcastically.

"Ya seemed t'have it handled pretty well from wot I could see."

"Well, you still coulda helped," I mutter while grabbing a glass.

"Oh, they wouldn't have hurt ya. John's just over-protective of ya, that's all."

I pause in the middle of sipping my water. "And why's that?"

He stares at me dumbly over the top of his paper. "It was only three days ago, love." He says each word slowly. "When he saved you?"

"O-oh...yeah...that..." I resume drinking to occupy myself.

"He cares about you."

"I know..."

He carefully studies me, then looks back at his paper. "Just makin' sure ya know. He's quite possessive, John is."

"Yeah, I've noticed..."

"Is somethin' botherin' ya, love?" He sets both the news and his tea down to give his full attention to me.

I nervously pick at my nails and hold my breath, thinking. "No, not really... I just... I just want to know if this is all a dream or not. Is this real? Or is this all just my mind playing tricks on me again? Am I insane?" My eyes plead for answers, and he sighs.

"Ta tell ya the truth, I really have no idea, darlin'."

"I mean, it's all so real! But things like this just can't happen! People can't just travel through time and-"

"Wait, wot?"

"U-uh..." I stutter.

"Wot was that last thing you said, Ashley?" his face and voice are completely serious.

"P-people just can't time-travel..."

The normally calm George now stares at me intensely. "Yer saying... yer not from our time?" I'm too nervous to speak, so I nod instead. "Ash," he starts. "W-wot year are you from?"


His eyebrows furrow and he looks at me in disbelief. "2-2011?"


"You've got to be kidding me!" His eyes search my face for some clue to tell him I'm joking, but he soon realises that I'm dead serious. "Bloody hell... No wonder ye think it's all a dream..."

"Exactly." I bite my lip, a nervous habit of mine.

"So... we're still big in the future?" he smirks.

"Right at the top." I smile.

He nods. "Just wanted t'know."

"George." He looks up at me again. "Please don't tell them yet. Please."

"I won't, doll. I promise."

"You're the best, Georgie." I walk over and hug the Beatle. "I mean it."

"W-well...I have my moments."

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