A/N: This little ficlet is a side-story of my LV/HP story The Black Bunny. This story takes place in that universe. I have completely disregarded the canon universe for the most part in regards to the Marauder Era as well as after Harry's sixth year. Also in this story, Narcissa and Lucius are in the same year as Severus even though in the books, Lucius is five or six years older than Severus. In this story, Severus' loyalty is to one side, and one side only, so yeah. There is also light mentions of mpreg down the line.

Our Devotion Is Forever

It may have been love at first sight, but even then he'd come to the school a bitter and hard boy, so he didn't really believe in such fanciful thoughts at the time. Those types of thoughts made him sneer. But he had been instantly fascinated, he couldn't deny that; more so by this boy than he had been fascinated by Lily Evans the first time he met her near his house. But now he was again fascinated by someone who was the complete opposite of him, in all ways and even though he'd known what House he would be going to before being Sorted, he had still been shocked once Sorted. Shocked to know he would be spending seven years with this same fascinating person. How could he belong to a group that housed such a complete opposite of him? It amazed him.

And this was why Severus Snape approached the table of Slytherins with a blank expression. And even though he would have approached with the same expression regardless, now it was for a different reason. It wasn't because he knew he was approaching a group who would no doubt ostracize him- at least until he proved himself- but because the blond was there, watching him approach with a disdainful curl to his lips. Severus didn't mind that, he half agreed. At eleven he was already very intelligent, could understand the whys and reasons of people's actions, even if he didn't agree, and he already knew he would have a hard time here in this house just because of his half blood status. But despite all that, he still felt a sense of satisfaction being Sorted into Slytherin's House.

When he sat down, Severus made sure to look his classmates in the eye at least once to make them understand he wasn't afraid. He was wary, yes, about what they might try to do to him, but he wasn't afraid and he wasn't unprepared. He tried to express this when he looked down the table from where he sat nearly alone, three spaces over from the last first year.

That first dinner was a painful affair. Not in the literal sense, because none of the students would dare try something right under the Headmaster's nose, but mentally, it was painful. Having to pretend he couldn't feel their scorn and the disgust. Pretending he didn't care about the staring and the whispered slurs to his name and blood. Pretending he didn't feel the stare of cold grey eyes of a fellow eleven year old. That boy was only eleven and yet Severus could still feel the strength of his magic from where he sat nearly ten seats down. But of course he was. The Malfoys were known to be powerful witches and wizards, no matter their affinity- mostly always Dark. Again he was completely fascinated. Though he knew better than to let that show.

After dinner, Severus was shocked when it was this blond hair boy that confronted him before anyone else when they were tucking in to their dorm room.

"You don't belong here," Malfoy drawled.

Severus turned away from his bed and met Malfoy's eyes dead on. He sneered. "If that were true, then I wouldn't be here would I?"


"Half blood," Severus corrected.

"You won't last a month here, half blood."

Severus turned his gaze away from Malfoy to look at the boy behind the blond. Again with no fear. "It would be dangerous to anger me."

His warning wasn't heeded and by the end of the first week, it was discovered Severus Snape knew more curses than half the kids in seventh year. By the end of the first month, Slytherins knew not to mess with him. He wasn't afraid of retaliation. They discovered he took great pleasure in blocking their measly curses and dishing out harsher revenge. And by the end of the year, he'd earned grudging respect from his house mates and when the students returned that following September, Severus was no longer subjected to never ending disgusted looks from the Malfoy. Instead Lucius stared blankly at him at times, as if he didn't know what to think about Severus.

Second and third years went by just as first year had, and his fascination with Malfoy never diminished. In fact his curiosity only grew, but again, he kept that to himself and settled for studying Malfoy from far off. Just because he'd earned respect in his house, that didn't mean he was suddenly going to start socializing with them. No. Severus was known as a loner in Slytherin house. In the entire school really and he was fine with that. He preferred it. And things went on in this vein until nearly the end of the first term of fourth year. That's when things began to change.

Lucius was brilliant in almost everything he did, but in Potions he was useless and it was a constant source of embarrassment for the blond boy, therefore it was a constant source of amusement for Severus. As it was, Severus lived and breathed potions and it was already known he was better at it than all of the Slytherin seventh years. Severus wouldn't have minded helping Malfoy but he wasn't about to go out of his way to offer help, and he never thought Malfoy would actually seek out his help. Severus had never even contemplated such an occurrence.

One day he was in the library working on a DADA assignment and looked up from his essay when the doors opened and a group of Slytherins walked in. Five students; three fourth years and two third years. One of the fourth years was a witch. Narcissa Black. Severus dropped his head a bit in order to allow his hair to fall around his face, hiding his dark eyes as they trailed Lucius. After a moment he noticed Narcissa watching him. She had an amused smirk on her face, as if she knew he was staring after Malfoy. As if she knew he always watched the blond. He was surprised when she didn't say anything to the others. And Malfoy, he sauntered in front of the group and didn't seem to look at him once. Probably didn't even notice he was there. For some reason, this annoyed Severus. It was an irrational feeling and he did his best to push it away. Wouldn't do him any good.

Severus scowled as he stood to go and retrieve another book from the DADA section. After four years, he still wasn't certain exactly what it was about Malfoy that kept him so fascinated. They were complete opposites in almost every way. The only things they had in common was the fact they were both Dark and they were both Slytherin. And that was all. Severus pulled away from his inner musings when he noticed he was being trailed through the book aisles. He paused and turned around just as Malfoy came into view. His cold gray eyes boring into his black ones. Malfoy walked lazily forward, and despite being surprised at being approached by Malfoy, Severus was internally amused when he saw it annoyed Lucius that he wasn't intimidated by his stare in the least.

At fourteen years of age, Lucius Malfoy was a few inches taller than himself and many others, and he used that to his advantage most times when it came to the others of their year. He also had a full head of white blond hair. It hung to his lower back. The blond usually always kept it in a braid during class hours, other times it was a ponytail, and on the rare occasions, he left it down. Severus could admit seeing Lucius with his hair let down did funny things to his stomach, though he wasn't exactly sure what that feeling was. It wasn't disgust. He knew that much.

"What makes you so confident, Snape?"

"There are many things," Severus muttered as he turned away to study the book titles, though he was sure to keep one eye on his fellow student. It was never wise to turn your back on a Slytherin. "What do you want, Lucius?"

Lucius narrowed his eyes at his tone and use of his given name, but he remained silent as his eyes raked across Severus' features while the boy wasn't looking at him. Finally Severus chose a book and looked back to the blond, raising an eyebrow in silent question. Lucius balled his hands into fists when he felt the heat of embarrassment rise above his collar. In reaction, Severus gripped the book tighter to his chest before he realized what it was Lucius really wanted. Then he smirked. Amazing. Lucius Malfoy had come to ask for help after all. It must hurt terribly.

A delighted gleam entered Severus' eyes as he spun on his heel and walked back to the table. It wasn't too long after when Lucius approached the table, scowling at him.

"You have no respect for those above you."

Severus cracked open the book and didn't even lift his eyes though he very much wanted to. "I feel no one is above me."

Lucius made a sort of hissing noise between his teeth. The corner of Severus' mouth lifted.

"The Dark Lord-"

"Do not speak of such things here," Severus whispered harshly, suddenly looking up, the making of that smile disappearing. "Where have your senses gone, Malfoy?" Lucius narrowed his eyes, though the look in them was clearly calculating. "Is there a reason you've graced my presence with your… luminescence?"

"Don't laugh at me," Lucius muttered as he pulled out the seat across from Severus and gracefully sat down.

There was a moment when all they did was glare at each other. And then Lucius straightened. "I am in need of assistance with Potions. You will help me."

Even though he would have loved to do so, because it would give him the perfect chance to study Malfoy up close even more, Severus mentally shook his head and started packing up his things. He remained quiet until his bag was on his shoulder and he was standing. Lucius also stood, looking expectant.

"No," he said to the surprise of the blond. "Do not mistake me for one of those sycophants who follow you around and jump to do your orders. I will not be ordered around, Malfoy. Not especially by you."

Severus left Malfoy standing there, the fires of hell burning in his gray eyes. If Severus were any less of a wizard, he would have actually been afraid. But surprisingly Malfoy's rage amused him. It also made his stomach squirm just like it did when he saw the blond with his hair down and loose. Strange.

Severus expected that would have been that. He'd made his stance in everything clear. He was not a push over; he was not a follower… of mere students. They didn't deserve his adoration. If they couldn't accept this then he was more than happy to remain being a loner and Malfoy was the type to understand and forever leave him alone with strong dislike. He'd said no to a Malfoy. Not many got away with doing such a thing without retaliation. But again, he wasn't afraid of retaliation. He gave as good as he got and the students knew that. No one really wanted to bother him anymore, with the exception of a few blasted Gryffindors whom he loathed with every fiber of his being.

So after all that, Severus was quite surprised to be approached by Malfoy a second time.

"I ask for your assistance. Will you help me?"

Severus spun away from his cauldron, eyes widening on the figure standing just inside the door to a mostly unused Potions classroom. The room he was given to use for extracurricular potions making. He was one of Slughorn's favorites after all. He blinked owlishly. Usually he would know when someone was coming up behind him. He'd honed that skill. It was dangerous otherwise. The fact that Lucius had come back also surprised him. Came back and asked him properly instead of demanding.

"What's wrong with you?" Severus asked warily.

"I don't know what you mean."

"I'm a half blood," the dour boy said slowly.

Lucius waved that away as he approached. "You're a Slytherin and you have the highest scores of our year." The blond stopped beside him, peering into the bubbling cauldron.

Severus could only stand there blinking at him, truly at a loss. Everything he knew about Malfoy told him this shouldn't be happening. "Why are you really here?"

Lucius cocked his head at him. "Why do you always stare at me?" he countered.

Severus almost blurted out the reason, but he managed to maintain his silence because he wasn't actually sure himself. He was fairly certain their reasons were not the same. He was absolutely certain he fascinated no one. He wasn't the greatest to look at, he knew that. He didn't have an engaging personality, and he certainly didn't have any money to speak of as told by his faded second hand school robes… Looking over from the corner of his eye, he found the Malfoy staring intently at his face; gray eyes flickering here and there over his pale features.

Severus scowled tremendously. "I will help you. Now leave me alone."

Instead of his attitude angering the blond, Lucius smirked and turned away. At the door he paused and looked over his shoulder. "You are a strange wizard, Severus Snape."

"And you're a bloody ponce," he muttered, annoyed.

Lucius laughed. "Yes. I believe I am."

Severus was left standing there with his stomach doing that weird flip-flop thing again.

The next morning at breakfast, the Slytherin table went absolutely quiet in shock when Lucius Malfoy made it a point to sit next to the loner. Even Severus looked surprised. Others of Malfoy's squad started to get up to move closer, but one flick of Lucius' finger and they remained where they were. Narcissa, however, paid her friend no mind and moved to them, sitting across. Severus noticed she had that same amused smirk on her face. She leaned forward, looking entirely too excited. Severus sneered at her.

"Must you two invade my space of tranquility?" Severus asked acerbically.

A slow lazy smile curled Lucius' lips. "I thought we could settle on a time for what we discussed yesterday."

"The potions tutoring? Yes. Tonight after dinner, if that works for you."

"No need to say it so loudly," Lucius hissed.

Severus smirked. "What? The fact you need help with potions?" he said a little louder.

Lucius hissed again, eyes doing that cold fire thing and again, Severus' stomach did a weird flip, though it was all good seeing the look on the blond's aristocratic face. "It's settled then. You two may leave me alone now."

The gleam in Narcissa's eyes upped a notch. "Oh no, Severus. I thought we might get to know one another."

Severus looked at the witch with a blank expression. "Why?"

"I don't know if anyone else has noticed," Narcissa went on quietly, "but I've noticed you two seem to have a thing for staring at each other. For the past four years."

Narcissa smiled innocently and was in no way terrified of the look Lucius was giving her at the moment. And in years to come, still she would never be cowed by his looks. In fact it was always the other way around.

"He's a fascinating puzzle," Lucius finally answered, throwing his blond braid over his shoulder. He didn't look uncomfortable in the least.

In order to hide his surprise, Severus grabbed his book bag and escaped the Great Hall. Lucius didn't really move, at least not noticeably, but his eyes, as always, followed the quiet boy out. His eyes then narrowed and frosted over when he saw that mudblood girl Evans from Gryffindor get up and hurry after Severus.

He couldn't understand why Severus continued to speak with her. Partnering with her in charms, sometimes walking the halls with her. It was really distasteful behavior for a Slytherin. If it were any other Slytherin, he would order an end to that association, but then if he did that, Severus would only sneer and say something acerbic before going on his way. Probably to a dark damp dungeon room. And did Severus not notice his association with Evans was why he had problems with Potter and Black? If he'd just stop speaking to Evans, those blasted Gryffindors wouldn't target him so much… but Lucius had already learned, Severus was very stubborn and he didn't care about others opinions.

So if he wanted to continue to associate with the sour Slytherin in order to learn more about the aloof boy, he knew he couldn't ostracize Severus by saying anything about his association with that mudblood. And while he was at it, he'd have to watch Severus' back because Potter and Black didn't look too pleased either to see Evans racing after the Slytherin.

"I like him. He's amusing. His sullenness especially. We should have befriended him first year."

Lucius turned to the girl sitting across from him. "No one asked for your opinion, Narci dear."

"Obviously you like him too or you wouldn't give him the time of day."

"He has gripped my attention, Narcissa."

Narcissa leaned over the table towards him. "You are completely smitten, Lucius Malfoy," she whispered.

"Where do you come up with these ridiculous notions? He's a half blood. I'm only interested in knowing how such a person could be the way he is."

Narcissa sat back with a demure smile. Smitten. Lucius Malfoy was smitten.

After that, after the first tutoring session, it wasn't unusual to see the two together in school. And, much to Severus' annoyance, he was often dragged along to socialize with many of his fellow Slytherins by Lucius. Slytherins who were without a doubt aligned with the Dark Lord. Severus wasn't put off by that, but he was put off by Lucius dragging him places he didn't want to be before he made the decision himself.

"Stop whining," Lucius said one evening as they were lounging in the common room. "It's always best to make contacts."

"I loathe everyone around me, Malfoy. I don't want contacts."

Lucius looked horrified. "What kind of Slytherin are you?" he asked in horror, a disdainful sneer on his lips.

Severus' laughter surprised the blond. It was low and quiet but also genuine and he looked at Lucius with an expression that bordered on fondness. Lucius was hard pressed not to squirm in place, though his stomach had no such restraint.

"What are your plans for the winter holidays, Severus?" he asked to clear the uncomfortable silence.

Severus' face blanked. "I will be returning home. Excuse me, Lucius." He then stood and left the common room, leaving Lucius strangely bereft and definitely confused.

The morning after the students returned from the winter holiday, Lucius sat up in his bed and then scowled seeing as he had woken earlier than normal. No one else was awake… his eyes inevitably went to Severus' curtains, even though they were always closed. He was surprised then to find the curtains open with no sight of Sour Snape.

Lucius climbed from bed, ears picking up the sound of running water, and assumed Severus was getting ready for the day. He stood still a moment, ignoring the cold of the room, and ran a hand through his loose hair while staring at Severus' bed in contemplation. He hadn't spoken to Severus last night during the feast. Severus had distanced himself again, sitting at the very end of the table with his head lowered over his plate, hair blocking his facial features. Lucius hadn't even been able to see him on the train back to Hogwarts. So this would be the first time he could speak to the boy about the present he'd sent him. An expensive collection of rare potion ingredients, as well as several gift vouchers to Madam Malkin's.

Lucius was… nervous. He wasn't sure why he'd done it. He hadn't sent it with expectations of getting anything in return, and usually if that were the case then he wouldn't bother at all. But Severus was different. And now Lucius wondered how his gift had been received. It had been presumptuous of him, but he knew Severus must know him at least a little by now to know he hadn't done it to be mean. He could admit now that he truly did like Severus. He considered them friends and enjoyed the odd boy's company. And… Narcissa might have the right idea. He may be a tad infatuated with his friend.

After a few minutes standing there and thinking, Lucius realized the water had gone off. He shook off his nervousness and entered the bathroom, and then promptly stopped and gasped at what he saw. Severus' back had been towards him. Severus already had trousers on but not a shirt and this allowed Lucius to see the plethora of bruises littering Severus' back. The boy spun around upon hearing Lucius' gasp, and both their eyes widened, but for different reasons. Severus for having been caught, again not noticing Lucius coming up behind, and Lucius, for noticing the worst bruising littered Severus' front.

"What happened to you?" Lucius demanded immediately, eyes wide on Severus' pale chest. Severus lowered his face, his chin length hair swinging to obscure his face. Lucius moved forward slowly as if approaching a skittish animal and reached out towards the darkest bruise just over Severus' rib cage. "Who did this to-"

"Don't touch me," Severus hissed and took another step back. He quickly donned his shirt, ignoring the fact his body was still damp, causing the shirt to cling to his wet skin. After his shirt was on, he moved passed Lucius, intent on escaping into the dorm room.

Lucius was quick to move, flashing a hand out to wrap around Severus' wrist. Though he let go as if burnt when Severus hissed in pain.

"Was it Black and Potter?" Lucius demanded quietly, following him out into the dorm room. "Is that why I didn't see you on the train?"

Severus hurried and donned his school robes, casting eyes around at their sleeping dorm mates, making sure none of them had heard. "No. Forget what you've seen, Malfoy. It's none of your concern," he replied coldly before grabbing his bag and escaping out into the cold corridor.

Lucius watched him go, making no move to follow after. Now he knew why Severus either got up before everyone else to shower, or waited until everyone was done and out of the dorm room. .. though his friend only really did that at the beginning of terms.

Lucius narrowed his eyes. He got it at home then. That explained why any mention of his home had Severus either escaping or clamming up. Lucius fumed as he spun to go and sit at his desk, quickly writing out a letter to his father. He was a Malfoy and Severus was his- in a strictly platonic sense- and no one damaged his property.

Things changed even more after that. Severus kept strict distance away from Lucius and the blond could not understand why. Severus was vicious with his verbal attacks as well when Lucius tried speaking with him. And then Severus started spending more time away from the Slytherin common room and more time with that mudblood and Lucius seethed. By the time the end of fourth year came around, the blond walked around in a cloud of fury.

One evening found Lucius sitting with Narcissa in the common room. She stared at his face as he watched the flames in the fire place with cold eyes and finally tisked. "Don't you understand yet, Lucius?"

"What do you speak of?"

"Severus and his distance."

"Don't speak to me about that bore."

"Lucius, he is ashamed," she whispered, moving until she was leaning against his side. Instinctively his arm went around her shoulders. "He's angry, bitter, and most certainly ashamed. It may have something to do with you a little. You two are so very different. Your presence reminds him of this."

"How do you know?"

"Evans isn't the only girl he allows to speak to him… he still watches you."

This admittance had Lucius flushing under her unwavering stare. He hadn't noticed that. He'd only noticed that he couldn't stop watching the prat.

"I think you should go on with your plans, Lucius. We're Slytherins and we stick together against the outside world. Have some understanding, spoiled one."

"Don't call me spoiled," he muttered, dropping his chin against his hand.

"You are spoiled."

Lucius stood then, clearing his throat and wiping nonexistent lint from his trousers. "I must write a letter."

Narcissa nodded and watched with a small smile as Lucius walked with a purpose towards the boys dorms.

A bit after curfew Severus finally returned to his dorm and to his bed, only to find a letter waiting for him on his pillow. He picked it up, immediately noting the fine quality of parchment, and his eyes traveled across the room to Lucius' bed as he waved his wand, lighting the single candle on his bedside table. Lucius' curtains were shut of course. Severus turned back to the letter and opened it. He didn't know what to expect. He knew Lucius was angry with him for being nasty and keeping his distance. If a Malfoy sought your attention, one did not shirk that attention. It was social suicide. And yet Severus refused to follow the crowds, and Lucius must know this by now. Lucius must have also figured it out by now, why he kept his distance.

It wasn't until his hands began shaking in anger and resentment against the ways the world worked did he realize he'd been sitting on his bed for minutes just staring at the parchment thinking about everything that made he and Lucius different.

"Are you going to read it or do you intend to curse the world some more?"

Severus gaze shot up and across the room to find Lucius' curtains were now open. The blond was lounging on his side in bed with an amused quirk of his brow. "How do you know I haven't read it yet?"

"I've become accustomed to your looks, Severus Snape. You were thinking about how the world is full of imbeciles and imbecilic ways."

Severus couldn't help it. His lips quirked in amusement. "You're not mad anymore." It was both a statement and a question really.

"Read the bloody parchment, Severus."

Severus allowed his eyes to linger on Lucius for a minute more, appreciating the pale sight of his friend lying out like that with his hair down around his shoulders and his usually cold eyes now bright with warmth as he looked back at him. Severus' stomach did that thing again, except it was much stronger this time and was accompanied by so much heat that Severus felt it travelling to all corners of his body.

He cleared his throat and turned back to the parchment, hoping in the darkened room Lucius couldn't see the blush on his face. He read the letter quickly and by the time he was done, he stared across at Lucius with a blank expression, wondering how he had managed to capture a friend like the blond.

"Thank you," he finally said, trying desperately to keep emotion from his voice, "and thank your father for me, but I must decline."

Lucius sat up, looking entirely too shocked. "But why, Severus? I really want you to stay with me this summer. I'm looking forward to it. Imagine the things we could do. We can work on our dueling and you can use our dungeons to brew potions to your heart's content! And show my father the spells you've created."

And he did, Severus realized. Lucius really had been looking forward to it, and not just to get him away from his abusive home, but because he enjoyed Severus' company. Severus stood and went over to settle down on the edge of Lucius' bed.

"Surprisingly that does sound… enjoyable. But I cannot, Lucius," he quickly went on when Lucius looked to be getting his hopes up again. "I have my reasons. Perhaps next summer?"

Lucius looked to his lap and glowered so petulantly that Severus laughed quietly. And then the blond looked at him, eyes a little wide with worry. "You'll owl me?"

"Yes. I can promise that, as long you return the favor."

"And… if you need assistance in any way, will you let me know?"

Severus hesitated only a moment before nodding.


Leaky Cauldron.


When Lucius received the owl, he immediately searched out his father and Abraxas escorted his son to Diagon Alley. Abraxas was not unaware of his son's friendship with a half blood. And he didn't very much mind it. Not especially since the boy was apparently intelligent, powerful- magically, a Slytherin, and above all searching Dark affiliations. This boy would be a good ally, he'd been told by his son and by some of his contacts within the school. The Dark Lord was already seeking to recruit the boy.

Upon reaching the Leaky Cauldron, Abraxas asked the man behind the bar about Severus and they were told the room and then were told the young man needed to see a healer even though he'd declined. Lucius and his father then ascended the steps to the rooms and came to be standing outside of number 3. Abraxas reached out with his wand and found the door was not warded and unlocked. This made him frown. Everything his son had told him about Severus Snape indicated this was an unusual lack of precaution.

When the door was opened, the two immediately spotted the boy sprawled unconscious on the floor and from where he stood, Abraxas could see blood dribbling from his mouth. Before Lucius could fly in, Abraxas quickly held out an arm, blocking Lucius' entrance, while his eyes took in every inch of the room, looking for danger. When he could see or sense none, he dropped his arm and led Lucius in before gracefully kneeling beside the unconscious boy.

Abraxas' eyes narrowed when he saw the first of many bruises. The first because it was plain as day. Bruising on the boy's face and around his neck as if someone had tried to strangle him. Abraxas was a cold and hard man, but he never struck his child. One would be hard pressed to find any Wizarding parents who would strike their children. Abuse of this kind was not tolerated in their world and it disgusted him. And beyond the disgust it also made him sad. And Lucius… his son was looking at his friend with eyes that looked prepared to drop tears.

"I can hardly recognize him," Lucius murmured, his eyes wavering as well as his voice. "I- I don't understand, Father. He's so strong. Why does he allow this? Why doesn't he kill the filth?"

"Many factors may be involved, son. Here now, help me get him up and we'll Apparate home," Abraxas said, intending to side- along the unconscious boy while Lucius Apparated himself since he had been able to Apparate for well over a year, thanks to private tutoring most purebloods afforded their children before Hogwarts and during the holidays.

When they returned to the manor, Severus was placed in the room Lucius had already picked out for him when he thought Severus might accept his invitation to spend the holidays there, and Abraxas immediately called for a healer. He was surprised, after the healing, to see Lucius had no intention of leaving Snape's bedside until the boy woke up. This was a bit troubling to Abraxas. He hadn't realized just how fond of Snape his son was. Abraxas frowned as he left the two, prepared to think about that particular situation at a later time.

Severus awoke hours later, blinking from the harsh sunlight invading his space and turned his head a fraction away from the light. His gaze settled on the figure sitting beside the bed in a cushioned chair with a book open in his elegant hands. But upon Severus' movements, the blond closed the book and placed it on his lap. "You're never going back there again," Lucius announced in a hard voice. "Never."

"Why do you care?" Severus spat. "What does it matter to you? A pureblood with everything handed to him on a silver platter. WHAT DO YOU CARE, LUCIUS?"

Lucius stared blankly back at him before finally sighing. "My father would like to offer you a job for the holidays. This job pays well and also includes," here Lucius smirked, "lodgings. He'll need you to return here every break. I do hope you will accept, Severus."

"I don't like to be strong armed."

Lucius smiled and stood. "I know this well… Severus, why don't you wait to make the decision until after you've heard what my father has to say? After, if you still decline to stay, I will respect your wishes."

Severus scowled and in return Lucius smirked before he bent over the bed and placed a hand on the other boy's shoulder. He enjoyed the surprise widening those black eyes. "You'll like it here, I'm sure," he murmured just before leaning down to place a chaste kiss on Severus' lips. Then he pulled back and smiled as if nothing strange had just gone on. "I have left you clothes at the end of the bed and the washroom is through there. Dinner is in an hour, Severus and you had better be ready. I'll return for you then."

Severus watched him leave. After a moment he decided he would pretend Lucius hadn't just kissed him. He was hallucinating. Yes. Besides it wasn't… it was only a chaste kiss. Yeah. Severus' scowl hit monumental proportions as he flipped back the covers and left the bed. Lucius had done that on purpose just to mess with him. Lucius was forever teasing him.

Severus moved slowly to the end of the bed. His body was still sore, but he knew without looking that his injuries had been taken care of and the bruising was mostly gone. Immediately he noticed a note lying upon a folded bundle of clothes. He picked up the note, recognizing Lucius' handwriting. The note read: I know how much you like black. Don't sneer at it, imbecile. Put it on. Severus looked back to the clothes and reached out a hand to touch the black fabric. Silk. Immediately a sneer formed on his face. Bloody Malfoy.

The 'job' Lucius' father wanted him to do was to make potions for the Dark Lord. Making potions for the war. Severus appreciated the fact Abraxas Malfoy had been completely honest with him about it. And so Severus himself was honest and said he would like nothing more than to help the Dark Lord. That is what he'd been working for. He wanted to serve the Dark Lord to the best of his abilities.

After that meeting, when he conceded he might actually like Abraxas Malfoy to a small degree, he'd left the office with an advance in pay and was told Lucius would be showing him where he would be working.

"He says I should expect to meet the Dark Lord soon. He says the Dark Lord has heard of me, even before this," Severus murmured as they descended to the dungeon. Lucius looked at him, worry in his eyes. Severus paused and looked at him. "Have you ever met the Dark Lord?"

"Not yet. Father says I am too young."

He said this petulantly and now there was a jealous glare in his eyes as he looked back at his friend. Severus smirked. "Get better at potions, Lucius."

Lucius raised his chin. "Potions are not my forte."

Severus snorted as they continued on. "Certainly not. Scheming and bribing is your forte."

"I'll take that as a compliment."

"I suppose it might be. I've seen you scheme and manipulate. You are very good at it. I can't imagine any horrid situation in which you won't be able to slip your way out of it."

Lucius seemed to glow under that hard won praise and Severus spent a moment just staring at him. So much in fact that he almost missed a step. If it weren't for Lucius, who grabbed his arm, he would have taken a head dive down the rest of the stairs. Lucius had a smug smirk on his face for quite some time after that. Severus pretended to ignore it while he investigated the rooms he was given to work with. He found he had all the materials he would need at the moment and should he need more ingredients, cauldrons, vials, or other things, he had a spending budget to work with.

"Will this do?"

"You know perfectly well this is above and beyond what I expected."

"A simple 'yes, thank you, Lucius' would have sufficed, Severus."

"Why should I thank you? I've been strong armed."

Lucius rose a brow and started to walk a tight circle around his friend. So tight that Lucius' shoulder continuously brushed against Severus' body. Severus gritted his teeth as he was struck with that same heat again. "Thank you, Lucius," he gritted out.

Lucius stepped back only a little, though he was still too close. "You are most welcome," he purred.

"I need to return to Spinner's End," Severus said quickly, in need of a distraction.

Lucius' playful mood evaporated immediately. "No."

"I need to check on my mother."

"Oh." A world of worry entered Lucius' eyes and he lunged forward, grabbing Severus' hand, squeezing desperately. "Let me come with you, Severus. I do not want you to go alone."

"A-alright," Severus stuttered. They were silent in the dungeon, staring at each other's hands. And then they both leaped away with heat rising from beneath their collars and looked everywhere but at each other.

Lucius was the first to recover and he cleared his throat and straightened. "Come on then. Haven't all day."

"You're the one who imposed yourself onto my outing!"

Lucius smiled. "Stop being so grumpy, Sour Snape."

Severus glowered. And now he wished he hadn't agreed because now Lucius would see where he lived. Lucius would be subjected to the disgust that was his muggle heritage. Oh how he wished he could obliterate that part of himself. He wished he could disintegrate Spinner's End and his father with it. The only thing stopping him was his pitiful mother who wouldn't even raise her wand against her muggle husband in order to protect herself or her son. A pureblooded witch allowed her muggle husband to rule them with terror and pain. It was nauseating. And Severus was disgusted with himself for feeling anything for his neglectful mother. She was the only reason why he'd stayed around and why he continued to return home ever summer and holidays. To protect her. To take the brunt of the muggle's anger onto himself.

"I want you to stay here," he told Lucius immediately after they arrived. They stood off the road in the shadows at the moment and Severus' gaze swept up and down the road, seeing no one. It was eerily quiet for that time of day as well. As if something horrible had happened recently and everyone was still getting over it.


Severus cut him off with a sharp look. "Do you want to go in there?" he hissed, gesturing to the dilapidated house. Lucius nose wrinkled. Severus would never admit he thought the look was cute. "I thought as much."

"It's… bigger than I imagined. Though it is still a shack. You poor boy."

Severus shoved his friend roughly and Lucius snorted out a laugh. "Be serious," Severus snapped.

"I am being quite serious."

"You are impossible."

"No. Just high bred."

Severus sighed and rolled his eyes. "Stay here," he ordered before departing from the shadows and crossing the street to a two story brick house.

Lucius remained where he was just as he had been ordered and watched Severus disappear inside. He lifted his hand and ran his thumb over his lips in contemplation. How much more would it take before Severus snapped and killed his father? Lucius didn't want Severus to ever have to return to this place. He was a brilliant wizard and deserved much more than what life had given him. And he wondered about Severus' mother. How ws it possible for a pureblood to allow herself to be dominated by a muggle, and to allow said muggle to hurt her blood, her legacy? Had she learned nothing from her teachings? He knew she must have been taught. The Prince family was known to him. They were all but extinct now, with the exception of these two. But they had been a Dark family and blood meant everything. How had that changed so drastically?

It was only five minutes later when he heard the shouts. When he heard a man's voice, deeper than Severus' and then Severus himself demanding to know where his mother was. Lucius jumped a little when the front window exploded out as something sailed through it. Lucius ran forward and crouched and found it was a spell book. Advanced Potion-Making. Lucius stood, clutching the book tightly to his chest just as he heard the man scream that he would make Severus pay for raising his voice to him. And after that there was a loud crash and Severus cried out in pain.

Lucius rushed up the walk and into the house. "Severus!"

He came to a stop inside the first room. A small sitting room. Severus was at the far side, clutching onto his arm and standing beside what looked like a toppled book shelf. The man whom he assumed was Tobias Snape was standing rather close to Lucius next to the broken window. He was a tall thin man with black thinning hair, bloodshot eyes, and tattered clothes. In his hands he held up a rickety wooden chair. Lucius only needed to look at him to understand he was drunk out of his mind.

"Lucius, leave!"

"WHO ARE YOU?" Tobias screamed, lifting the chair higher and fully prepared to smash the blond boy's head in.

Severus eyes widened, imagining that nail infested chair hitting Lucius' head. They were right next to each other and Lucius didn't have enough time to use his wand to block. "CRUCIO!" he screamed, pointing his wand at his father. He kept his wand pointed as he ran over. He grabbed Lucius' arm and dragged him away from the man writhing on the floor. "You will never raise your hand to him again. CRUCIO!"

"Severus! Severus, stop!" Lucius cried, tugging on his arm. "We're not warded here! We can't use magic! The Ministry will be alerted!"

Severus stared down at his twitching father, his chest heaving with exertion. "Where's my mother?" his hissed.

"She's gone," the muggle groaned. And then he laughed hysterically. "She's gone! Floating along somewhere…"

Rage, pain, and absolute Darkness entered Severus' eyes as he lifted his wand again, pointing it at the man's face. The incantation for death was on the tip of his tongue.

"Severus!" the blond shook him forcibly. "We must go! We'll bring him, but we must go now!"

Severus' mind cleared and he stepped back, dropping his wand back to his side. "Yes. You're right."

Lucius nodded and grabbed Tobias Snape's arm and Apparated away. Severus hesitated, eyes swinging around the room. His eyes lit on the book Lucius had dropped upon first running in. Severus rushed to grab it before lifting his wand and Apparating away.

Two hours later, Severus stepped out a dungeon room, his gaze solely on the floor. He didn't look at Lucius as he crossed the space to lean against the stone wall. Lucius became concerned when Severus' hands lifted to bury in his hair. His hands were shaking.


"He killed her," Severus said in a quiet detached voice. "Threw her body away after realizing what he'd done."

Lucius moved slowly, cautiously until he was standing directly in front of his friend. Severus slowly raised his head and their eyes met. "Why was she so weak?" Severus whispered hoarsely. "She had the means to protect herself. I never understood how she could be so weak."

Black eyes swam with unshed tears and Lucius felt his heart ache. Before he could think about what he was doing, he'd stepped forward, wrapping his arms around his friend. Severus went stiff for a moment before allowing his own arms to move around Lucius' back, his hands coming up to dig into the blond's shoulders. His head dropped down to Lucius' shoulder and the blond said nothing when he felt the tears and simply held Severus tighter.

Severus felt the Dark addictive power ten minutes before the revered wizard paid him a visit in the rooms designated for his potions brewing within Malfoy manor. It had been two days since he'd been attacked and had attacked his father. Since he and Lucius abducted Tobias Snape and left him in the dungeons. Tobias Snape had been tortured by his own son. Tortured until he was mindless and then dropped off in front of a muggle insane asylum. And it had been one day since he'd been taken to the Ministry for questioning after his house had been investigated by Aurors and his mother found dead, floating in the river.

Severus suppressed a shiver as the door opened behind him and he immediately turned and dropped to his knees, respectfully keeping his eyes on the ground. Nothing was said for the longest time and Severus was relieved he'd thought to cast a stasis spell upon the potion he'd been working on. The Dark Lord, of course, noticed this after gliding past Severus' kneeling form to inspect the potion.

"Only powerful wizards can sense my approach."

Severus sucked in a breath upon hearing those words; hearing that voice. It was seductive even as it was cruel.

"And you did, young Snape. You sensed my approach, didn't you?" the Dark Lord asked, his tone deceptively light.

Severus trembled in fear. Did he answer? Was it a rhetorical question? Would he be punished for remaining qui-

"You may answer."

"Yes, I felt your presence when you arrived, my Lord."


Severus immediately obeyed, though he kept his eyes to the floor. But he could see it as the Dark Lord moved around him in a circle, studying him. He could see the Dark wizard's black robe and black boots, and then suddenly those boots stopped right in front of him.

"I have been made aware by Abraxas just why he allows a half blood to reside in his home. He is very hard to impress, Mr. Snape. You've done well there. But of course, your home life isn't what impressed him, but rather your character and strength in regards to the way you act and what you believe. Look at me."

Severus' eyes snapped up to meet a sickening red. He dared not let his eyes linger away to see the rest of the Dark Lord, though he was curious.

"Tell me about your father," the Dark Lord ordered.

Severus hands balled into fists. "He's a filthy abusive muggle who cares about nothing. He… he beat her to death and threw her away like garbage in the river."

"Yes… the Ministry sent Aurors to speak with you. Tell me about that."

"The Ministry dared to question me about her death!" he spat. "Made it seem as if I were responsible for what happened to her. Only because of my House. Only because of whom I choose to associate with! And then… Dumbledore," he gritted out, "came and spoke for me, as if I were one of his prized pupils. He looked at me as if I owed him for it. As if I couldn't see what he was trying to do. He cared nothing for Slytherins before. It's clearly obvious at Hogwarts. Discrimination there is just as bad as it is in the outside world."

The Dark Lord was silent for a few minutes, just staring at him. "He's seeking to gain a spy perhaps," the Dark wizard murmured to himself. Severus gave a jerky nod, having come to that conclusion almost immediately after Dumbledore had arrived. But he wasn't stupid and he wouldn't fall under any one's manipulations… anyone who wasn't Lucius that was.

"I would allow it," the Dark Lord went on. "Allow him to think he had a spy, therefore gaining one myself, and yet you are too young and haven't the proper amount of training yet… what did you do about the muggle?"

A malicious smile crossed Severus' face. "Lucius and I tortured him until he knew nothing but pain. He'll know nothing but pain for the rest of his days."

A cold hand suddenly gripped his chin and he had a wand pointed in his face. "Legilimens," the Dark Lord breathed, and Severus gasped upon a pain exploding in his head.

The following moments were spent with the Dark Lord shifting through his memories and thoughts, watching him and Lucius torturing Tobias Snape. And then the Dark Lord went deeper, watching Severus at Hogwarts, doing his schoolwork while at the same time working on potions and creating his own spells and hexes. The Dark Lord was in his mind for a long time, rifling through his memories, and though Severus might have tried to block some things, he didn't want to. This was the Dark Lord. He wanted his future master to see he would be completely loyal. He wanted the Dark Lord to see he had nothing to hide, with the exception of his strange association with Lucius, though it seemed the Dark Lord didn't really pay attention to that. Or at least that's what he thought at the time. But he would soon learn nothing escaped the Dark Lord's notice.

When the Dark Lord was finished, he backed up a step and watched the young wizard draw in deep breaths. Again the Dark wizard was quiet for a long time, simply staring at Severus and the young wizard would never know the Dark Lord had at that moment decided Severus Snape would become one of his most trusted. He wouldn't know for some time that the Dark Lord felt a sort of kinship with the young wizard. There were many things about them that were similar.

The Dark Lord lifted his wand again, pointing it at Severus' chest and said in an almost lazy fashion, "crucio."

Severus lasted nearly half a minute before he couldn't take it and crumbled to the floor, though he managed to keep from crying out. When he was released from the curse, the Dark Lord gave him a minute to calm down. And then he aimed the curse at him again. A pained gasp left Severus that time around, but still he refused to cry out. He refused to scream. He didn't know if this angered the Dark Lord or not. Either way, the Dark wizard didn't say. Just cursed him one more time, watching as the young wizard bit through his lip to keep from screaming.

"You take pain well, Severus. I am impressed. Just remember, unwavering loyalty and dedication will mean less of that."

"Y-yes, my Lord," Severus replied from the ground, eyes tightly shut from the remaining pain lingering in his body.

"Very well. You will be Marked the day you leave Hogwarts and in the meantime, continue to please me with your potions."

"Yes, my Lord."

Severus felt him go though he remained on the floor and managed to curl in on himself to wait out the tremors spasming through his body. It lasted longer than he imagined it would, as a few minutes must have gone by and then Lucius was kneeling beside him, brushing Severus' hair back away from his face, wiping the blood away from his mouth where he'd bitten his lip to keep from screaming out.


"Over there," Severus rasped, managing a weak nod to the table at the far end of the room where there were a few shelves with already made potions. "O-one of the blue vials."

Lucius released him- and it was then Severus realized Lucius had pulled him into his lap- and hurried over to the potions to grab the one Severus needed. He dropped down to his knees and helped him sit up before placing the vial against Severus' lips.

"No need to baby me," Severus snapped after he'd taken the potion and still Lucius hadn't released him.

Lucius eyes were bright with both worry and awe and ignored Severus' grumpiness. "You survived your first meeting with the Dark Lord," he whispered. "What was he like?"

"Terribly powerful," Severus murmured as he looked down at his hands. Clenching and unclenching his fingers, pleased to see his potion was working and that the tremors were abating. "His aura… it is addictive."

"Why did he punish you?"

"It wasn't punishment. The action was to instate his power over me. To remind me who my Master is now. But… he seemed pleased with me, Lucius."

They were kneeling on the cold floor, facing each other. Severus' gaze swept across Lucius' face and he felt fear. He wasn't much for fearing things, but now he feared for Lucius. He placed a hand on the blond's shoulder and squeezed. "You will make sure you please him at every turn too, Lucius. You will never give him a reason to distrust you. You will never give him a reason to punish you. Do you hear me?" he asked roughly, shaking the blond a little.

Lucius' eyes had gone wide and all he could do was nod as his cheeks flushed at Severus' obvious concern and the forceful way in which he ordered Lucius around. "Alright, Severus," he whispered. "We'll rise to the top together, and we'll help our Lord win this war."

Severus nodded firmly before taking the blond's arm and helping him to his feet. "Now leave me alone. I have potions to finish."

"Are you sure you're alright?"

Severus rolled his eyes. "Yes, perfectly fine now."

"You should hurry up then with your potions," Lucius said as he sidled closer to his friend with a mischievous look in his eyes. "Bella and Narci will be visiting soon along with a few others…" he laughed when Severus scowled. "Don't hide in here all day," Lucius ordered just before he leaned closer and chastely kissed Severus' mouth again.

"Stop doing that!" Severus snapped after he'd pulled himself together and by that time Lucius was halfway out of the door. The blond snickered as he left.

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