Our Devotion Is Forever

Chapter Two

"Dumbledore has been watching you. Since we returned to school," Lucius murmured from where he leant gracefully against the table on which several was preparing a potion.

"Yes, I've noticed," Severus replied without taking eyes off the gillyweed he was slicing meticulously.

"When do you think he will make another move?"

Severus finally looked away from his work to Lucius, eyes narrowed in thought. "I don't know. Dumbledore is as unpredictable as he is predictable. Maddening, really."

Lucius made a sound of agreement while crossing his arms over his chest, eyes going back to staring at Severus' hands; staring at his long fingers as they were curled around the handle of a blade. "Did you know Bella's already being taught by him?" he laughed a little when Severus made an annoyed sound because his silence was being constantly interrupted. "I can go if you like."

"No," was the immediately reply and then Severus tilted his head down more to hide his face. "You know I don't mind your presence, Lucius," he said softly.

"I'm flattered," Lucius replied just as softly and shifted closer, moving a hand out to touch Severus' wrist. He frowned when Severus moved away. It was supposed to be a subtle move, but since he did it whenever Lucius tried to touch him- which was often- the blond had caught on that it was his touch Severus was trying to get away form.

"Is there a reason why you do that?" he asked flatly, backing up a step. "Do I have some sort of disease you don't want to catch? Am I not good enough to touch you or something?"

"What?" Severus spun to face him, eyes wide. "Are you—it's the other way around, Lucius! How could you even-"

Lucius lifted a hand and Severus swallowed whatever else he was about to say. "Sometimes I still don't understand you. Do you actually think I would seek out your company time and again, bully you to my home during the breaks, and bother you incessantly in your potions labs if you weren't good enough? Don't be ridiculous, Severus!"

"Sometimes I forget how conceited you are," Severus murmured, though he sounded amused.

"It's not even about what you could do for my reputation," Lucius went on; moving closer until they were nearly chest to chest. "Personally, I feel you are far superior than most. You do know that, Severus. Don't you?"

A small smile finally lifted Severus' lips. "Yes. I know you aren't the shallow git everyone thinks you are."

Lucius bristled indignantly until he noticed Severus' smirk. And then he adopted his own smirk, one in which suddenly had Severus nervous. And he had a right to be. Lucius swooped in once again and pressed their lips together, a grin on his mouth as he heard Severus' breath hitch. He pulled back slightly, still grinning at Severus' wide eyes. "Severus?"

Severus could only blink.

"Your potion is boiling."

He laughed as Severus spun around and cursed. "Damn you, Lucius! You did that on purpose!"

"Don't be late for dinner or Narcissa and Bellatrix will surely complain!" Lucius called as he quickly left the room.

In the following weeks Lucius would drive Severus mad with those sporadic chaste kisses. He'd drown Severus with looks that had the other boy's heart beating wildly while his blood turned to boiling in his veins, and on numerous occasions Severus was relieved to always be wearing loose robes. It became so bad that he had to ward his curtains with silencing spells every night because of the dreams he'd started to have about Lucius. Severus didn't know what Lucius was playing at. Was he only teasing him as usual, or was that heat behind his stares actually real? For someone like him, it was impossible to believe it was real. They were from two separate worlds, after all. He could never forget that.

During all this, his own looks of fascination had transformed. And he was completely aware of it. He was still fascinated, yes. Fascinated every time he watched Lucius play with the other students. Watched him with his repertoire of masks and his cunning to get what he wanted; and with their rising favor with the Dark Lord, it was pretty much anything within Slytherin House. Severus, Lucius, and Bella were basically treated like royalty, and for someone like Severus and his background, most of the time it was off putting. But Lucius also always managed to calm him down when the blond noticed he was becoming angry from such sycophantic behavior. Lucius knew how it disgusted him.

Lucius was a marvel to him. But now Severus started to notice his physical attributes more and more. His long legs; the way he travelled on them, the way his hips moved and begged attention... the way he himself would burn with fury every time he saw others eyeing Lucius with obvious lust. Damn bastard walked like that on purpose! He knew how gorgeous he was. And Severus always noticed the way Lucius' lips would curve as he spoke or the way he smiled. He had a repertoire of smiles, but only the ones he bestowed upon Severus and a few others seemed any kind of real. Lucius' genuine smiles were lovely and made Severus so warm that often times he had to escape because he'd catch himself staring at Lucius' neck, his eyes, his jaw, and his lips- oh Merlin, his lips- and he would be startled by the incredible need to brush his fingers over these features and he would get these waking dreams of Lucius when the blond was standing right in front of him.

Severus would then disappear from the Slytherin refuge and as far away from Lucius as possible and forcibly shake this need away because he was perfectly aware he wasn't worthy enough to do such a thing. He wasn't worthy enough to touch any part of his friend, despite was Lucius insinuated at the beginning of the school year. And surely Lucius felt the same way. It was all very well and good being friends, but no pure blood like Lucius would want someone like him. There were many others out there with better blood and better looks. He knew what he was feeling was wrong. He knew he should somehow put a stop to it. But how could he when Lucius was the only one he could stand to talk to for lengthy periods of time. He was never bored when conversing with the blond. He always enjoyed their time together… Severus felt like he was doomed and during the first half of the year, it became a time of constant frustration and fleeing for him.

After the Yule break, the Slytherins had a grand time watching the two friends interact. It was especially amusing for Narcissa and Bellatrix, her elder sister who was now a sixth year. It seemed Lucius was tired of pretending only friendship lay between himself and Severus, and now wanted more. But he knew he couldn't push Severus since the boy was a stubborn wall when pushed. So he knew Severus needed to be coaxed, as he had been doing with those kisses and frequent touching. But every time he tried to hint at anything beyond friendship, Severus would go back to being extremely grumpy, skittish, and disappear for hours at a time when not in class. Lucius couldn't help but feel rejected time and again, especially when often times, Severus would be seen with Evans, and there was only so much of that Lucius could take.

Narcissa believed Severus truly had no idea Lucius wanted him, or he believed it was just a new game of Lucius'. She thought it was because boys were silly and ignored the obvious. And these were Slytherin boys so Lucius hadn't once thought about taking the blunt approach. She shook her head in dismay and exasperation each time Lucius was inadvertently rejected and he would then try and make himself feel better by amusing himself with other males. And then Severus would become nastier to everyone and he would make his hate for the world abundantly clear. These bouts of frustration and separation became more frequent as the year went on. More frequent and lengthier until the two hadn't once spoken to each other in three months. It was a vicious cycle in which they spent most of the year apart without saying one word to each other, despite living in the same dorm.

"It's so painful to watch," she said quietly to her sister one evening when Lucius came into the common room with swollen lips and glazed eyes. Severus was sitting in the shadows in the back, but Narcissa and Bella clearly saw when he noticed Lucius, and those black eyes narrowed dangerously and his scowl was more of a rage filled snarl. Bellatrix threw back her head and cackled gleefully when students who were sitting near Severus hastily vacated the area.

As for Severus, he could understand the frustration, but he couldn't understand the rage he felt every time he saw Lucius with another boy and knowing exactly what the two had been doing once behind closed doors or out of sight of other students. The rage. And it was the rage which had him closing himself off, keeping away from everyone, especially Lucius. It wasn't a surprise that Lucius could pull others attention so easily. The blond boy was beautiful after all. Severus had admitted it a long time ago. At a time where he could appreciate that beauty without it really affecting him physically. There was a beauty about Lucius that only grew as time went by. Severus was certain when Lucius was an adult, that beauty would be astonishing to look at. And Lucius, of course, would use that to his full advantage.

Summer break finally arrived, Severus was back at Malfoy Manor, and Lucius finally had enough of their silence and uncomfortable positions. It had gone on most of the year, and Lucius wanted it to stop. So he stormed into Severus' quarters, intending to blow off some steam by yelling at his obtuse friend, when suddenly he came to a complete stop and stared.

Severus had come from the bathroom and had just discarded his towel as Lucius barged in, leaving him wonderfully nude.

"Oh," Lucius breathed for lack of anything better to say, eyes fixated on Severus' equipment. Severus was hung like a horse. How had he never noticed before?

The black haired boy flushed and grabbed for the towel he'd just dropped to the bed. "Is there something you need?"

Lucius shook himself out of his funk and managed to pull his eyes away to somewhere more appropriate. Severus' flushed face for example. "Now I know where the confidence comes from."

Severus' lips turned up slightly, though he still looked incredibly embarrassed. "Really, Lucius. What is it you need?"

"I am not pleased, Severus. I do not like this distance that has come between us."

The slight amusement on Severus' face disappeared. "I don't know why I came back here," he muttered. "I'm returning to Spinner's End tonight, Lucius. I can easily fulfill my duties to your father and the Dark Lord there."

Lucius eyes widened and he stepped forward, alarmed. "No, Severus. There's no need for that," he said. If Severus left the rift between them would only grow. He couldn't allow that to happen. Not to mention the fact Severus would be alone at Spinner's End and he didn't like the thought of Severus being alone.

Severus sneered. "I'm surprised you noticed anything at all this past year, Lucius. You seemed too busy turning yourself into a whore to be worried about anything else."

The moment the words were out of his mouth he regretted them. Usually he never regretted his words or actions, but he regretted it now. Lucius was a master of masks, but this time he couldn't mask the devastating hurt that took hold of him.


The blond slashed through the air with his hand, cutting off whatever Severus might have said. "Yes," the blond said coldly. "You should return to that shack." He then spun on his heel and left the room.

Surprising himself, Severus went after Lucius almost immediately- he had to put clothes on first. He sought Lucius out in order to beg forgiveness. Or at least beg the only way he knew how. By being honest. He soon found Lucius settled down in a chair within the massive Malfoy library.

Severus silently approached the chair from behind. "My words… those words were spawned by jealousy. I did not mean it. I… I never want to hurt you, Lucius. You are the only one in this world whom I care about. I would do anything for you."

Lucius set aside his book and stood from the chair to turn and face him. He looked shocked. Severus could understand. It had taken a lot out of him to admit that aloud. He didn't like speaking of his feelings. To anyone. Even to Lucius. But he had spoken the truth.

And then Lucius' eyes narrowed. "And what of that Evans' girl?"

"Lily is a friend, Lucius. That is all. I knew her before I came to Hogwarts. What I feel for her… it's nothing compared to how I feel about you. It's not even the same…"

Lucius took a few steps forward. "What do you feel for me?"

Severus cringed and stepped back. This had Lucius smirking. "You are my friend."

"How… quaint."

Severus snarled and spun around, his robes flowing flawlessly around him in such a way that Lucius stood there marveling at the sight until he realized Severus was leaving. In a flash he was behind Severus, wrapping arms around the snarky boy's waist and pressed his cheek between Severus' shoulder blades. "Don't go, Severus."

"I think it's best if I leave."

Lucius frowned. "I've never known you to be scared of anything. It's cowardly to run away from me."

"Don't call me a coward," Severus hissed. "And stop being so self-centered. Not everything is about you."

"This is. You and I both know it." Severus didn't answer and Lucius really hadn't expected him to. He went on more quietly. "Did you know I'm in love with my best friend?"

Severus grimaced. He did not like this at all. And he knew for a fact Lucius was enjoying his discomfort. Lucius was an utter prat. "Why would you say something like that?" he asked without turning around.

"It's the truth."

"We're barely sixteen."

Lucius smiled against the black fabric of Severus' cloak. "True. But it doesn't mean what I say is false. And I know, I know, Severus, that you feel the same. You can't hide anything from me. Especially not when you look at me."

Fingers lightly brushed against Lucius' wrist before jerking away as if Lucius' skin had burned him.

Severus next spoke in a gravelly voice. "I don't understand why you're doing this."

Lucius rolled his eyes. "For someone so intelligent, you really are very stupid."

He released Severus to move around until they were standing toe to toe, until he was looking into two black eyes narrowed as if waiting for the deception to make itself known. Lucius could also see hope and yearning in Severus' gaze and it made him more confident. He lifted his hand, running two fingers down Severus' cheeks and then back over his nose. Severus flinched then, but Lucius did not allow him to pull back. "I think you're beautiful, Severus. I always have."

"This wouldn't have anything to do with the size of my cock, would it?"

"Oh yes, that's definitely part of it," Lucius laughed, even though both he and Severus knew this had been going on long before Lucius had learned of his size.

A smile began to form on Severus' face as he lifted a hand, placing it lightly against the side of Lucius' neck. Lucius leaned into the touch even as he moved forward, allowing his lips to replace his fingers against Severus' cheek. "You don't smile often. I demand you smile for no one else but me. Also, you should touch me whenever you get the urge."

"Demanding idiot," Severus muttered, though his hand did slide up Lucius' back to rest lightly against the nape of his neck.

Lucius hummed in agreement before pulling back slightly to stare Severus in the eye. "You should kiss me now before I decide not to forgive you for saying such a cruel thing."

"I didn't mean it," Severus replied. He didn't want to be reminded about what he'd said. Because then he would have to remember the hurt look on Lucius' face. And that look had pained him more than a crucio ever would. He gritted his teeth and allowed his hand to drift over to run fingers through Lucius' hair.

"Your hands are clean of potions, yes, Severus? I will not have my hair-oomph!"

Severus hummed in satisfaction against Lucius' mouth. He could get used to shutting Lucius up this way.

He didn't really think this was happening. Not really. Not until the kiss moved on from chaste to something deeper. Not until Lucius' lips parted and a tongue flicked against his closed mouth, demanding more action- Lucius was sometimes an impatient prat as well. He didn't believe any of this, at least not until he parted his own lips and their tongues collided. He didn't believe this was all happening until Lucius moaned and shifted closer, melting against Severus like butter. And then he really didn't care if it were real or not. All he knew was that he wasn't going to lose this. He wasn't going to lose Lucius no matter what had to happen in the future. He was prepared to deal with any obstacle.

Severus was unaware of the passing time as he and Lucius stood there kissing; mapping out mouths with tongues and exploring bodies with eager hands. Lucius' hand had just traveled under his shirt when they felt the addictive aura. Severus ripped his mouth away and stepped back just as the library doors were thrown open. Both Lucius and Severus immediately dropped to their knees and threw wary glances at each other. This was an unexpected visit and from what they had heard of the Dark Lord, unexpected visits were bad.

He tried to control his breathing when the Dark Lord immediately instructed Lucius to stand, and then he watched behind half lidded eyes as their Lord rifled though Lucius' mind. When he was done, the Dark Lord seemed just as pleased with Lucius as he had with Severus, and just like Severus, Lucius was then put under the crucio several times. Briefly Severus thought the Dark Lord did it just because he liked to see people in pain. This was only a brief thought since the rest of his attention was solely on his… on Lucius, who had just fallen to the ground.

Severus' eyes wavered as he stared at Lucius' writhing form a few feet away from him and his hand began to inch out towards Lucius. When he realized what he was doing, he stopped and dug his fingers into the soft carpet. A moment after the Dark Lord released Lucius from the curse, Severus gasped out a cry when a boot came down hard on his outstretched hand and remained there. And then a tip of a wand was under his chin forcing his face up until he was peering into the Dark Lord's pale thin face.

"You must learn to hide your weaknesses, Severus, lest you give our enemies an advantage. Even weaknesses that may make you stronger. Do you understand me?"

Severus couldn't help but stare in surprise. "Y-yes," he breathed in awe. Also a bit wary because it seems the Dark Lord did understand and he hadn't said anything against them. He must have seen. The events that had transpired just before the Dark Lord's arrival would have been at the front of Lucius' mind and Lucius would not have Occluded against their Lord even if he wanted to keep that private. And the Dark Lord didn't really sound disgusted. He was warning Severus and it wasn't a warning that he should beware the Dark Lord, it was a warning against Dumbledore. Severus immediately knew what he meant. "I understand, my Lord."

The Dark Lord removed his foot from Severus' hand and spun around to face Abraxas. "I will train these two myself when they return from their sixth year," he announced to the wizard. Abraxas' eyes widened and he bowed lowly before looking back up with pride in his eyes. "Yes, my Lord. Thank you."

The Dark Lord turned back to the two young wizards. "Protect your minds at all times while at that school."

"We will, my Lord," Severus answer for both himself and Lucius; the blond was shaking quite badly still and all Severus wanted to do was curl around Lucius and make the pain go away.

"Abraxas," the Dark Lord said as he spun on his heel and began to leave the library. "I will be leaving the country for an undisclosed amount of time and will need…."

The moment they were gone, with Abraxas looking back at his son once, Severus crawled over to the blond and scooped Lucius up before hurrying over to a lounge and gently laying him there. "I will return shortly." Lucius grabbed his hand and Severus lowered to his knees beside the lounge, leaning forward to deliver his own chaste kiss, which had the blond's lips lifting slightly. "I promise."

Lucius nodded and released his hand. Severus then left the library and quickly made his way down to his potions cupboard where he had a plethora of potions stored. Severus cared in no way about decorum and raced back upstairs with the needed vial of muscle relaxer.

"Did I hear correctly, Severus? We are to be trained by the Dark Lord?" Lucius said after a few minutes and was able to sit up

"Yes," Severus answered, slightly breathless as he took a seat beside Lucius. It was a great honor. Not many were given such an honor. To be trained under the Dark Lord… the things they could learn from him!

Lucius slowly reached out and entwined their hands. Instead of shaking him off, Severus' tightened his grip and the blond smiled in relief. "But of course I don't need to ask why," he said cockily which resulted in Severus rolling his eyes.

Several evenings later Severus was called into Abraxas' office. Since he was an intelligent wizard, Severus was fairly certain as to why, so he stood before Abraxas' desk and waited patiently for the man to speak. He didn't have to wait long, and as Abraxas usually did, the wizard came right to the point.

"I will never allow my son to marry a wizard who is not of pure blood, Severus."

The word marriage had Severus' hands balling into fists. Not because he was afraid of the word, but because Abraxas mentioning it meant the wizard already had a list of prospects for his only child.

"I am perfectly aware of how devoted you are to my son," Abraxas went on more softly, "even if you are not yet aware. Though after speaking with our Lord, I am convinced you are."

Severus refused to blush in front of this man.

"I am also aware of my son's devotion to you, which in a way is a good thing. If you two go on as you are- in regards to your loyalty to our Lord- you will end up being our Lord's most closest. He intends to make you two his lieutenants."

Severus' eyes widened. "He would trust so much already?"

"It isn't so much as trust as it is factual information. What he saw within your minds. Your plans for his domination and your ambitions in regards to the war and to him. He says you and Lucius talk about his victory so selflessly. I must admit… you do complement each other, and if circumstances were different, I would invite you publicly and officially to my family."

Behind his back, Severus' hands balled into fists and inwardly he fumed. Outwardly he nodded his understanding.

"I wanted to have this discussion so that you may think about what you are doing before you move on. Before this thing you have with my son goes on any further. Should he marry a man, you would most certainly be cast away from him."

"Your honesty is appreciated."

Severus retired to his room after that, sneering all the while. Abraxas' honesty had not been appreciated or even warranted. What business was it of his? Lucius was only sixteen, for Merlin's sake! And besides all that, if Abraxas thought he could scare Severus away than he was sadly mistaken. He obviously didn't know Lucius or him well at all. He had Lucius now and there was no way in Hades he was about to let him go. Severus had known Lucius would have to marry a pureblood. Knew it even as he gave in to the blond temptation and he was prepared to do and accept whatever he must in order to keep Lucius with him. He most certainly would not be bullied away.

"Severus. Where have you been?"

Severus looked up to find Lucius lounging on a chair near the window. "You do know this is my room, correct? Must you always impose yourself and invade my privacy?" Lucius smirked. That was a yes then. Severus sighed. "Your father wanted to speak with me… about us. About the fact you can only marry a pure blood and clearly I am not one."

Lucius hissed under his breath as he climbed to his feet, anger emanating from every pore.

Severus smirked. "It is the truth. You will eventually have to marry, Lucius."

"I do not want anyone but you," Lucius ground out. "And I've only now just gotten through to your stubborn self!"

"Oh stop whining," Severus said before laughing that low quiet laugh Lucius so adored. "There are several ways around this, Lucius. One, you marry a woman. Once she realizes you are completely gay, she won't care that you have a male lover, and if she does, oh well. Second choice. You are forced to marry a man. A man who will not tolerate you having a lover. My intention. I will kill him after you conceive an heir."

"Excuse me?" Lucius said raising a brow, though his eyes were full of humor. "Who says I will be the carrier?"

Severus smirked, wrapping an arm around the beautiful boy. His boy. Lucius, who from the very beginning, was clearly a bottom. Severus didn't say that aloud since he knew Lucius would frown at him. He much preferred the humor in those grey eyes at the moment.

"Your father also talked about the Dark Lord's plans for us; for the war."

"And? Come, Severus. Spit it out," Lucius drawled, though his eyes were alight with excitement because Severus hadn't been able to conceal his own excitement.

"It seems the Dark Lord is preparing us to become his lieutenants."

Lucius nearly fainted.

The next day Lucius was called to his father's office an hour after the elder wizard had caught the two snogging in the dueling room. It was only snogging, and mildly at that, so Lucius was confused as to why his father was making something out of it.

"You are not being wise, Lucius."

Lucius leaned his head back, eyes lifted towards the vaulted ceiling as he crossed his legs, and pretended like he didn't know what his father was speaking about. He was still angry his father had spoken to Severus about their relationship. "What do you speak of, Father?"


Lucius lifted his head, cold gaze landing on his father's face. "How so?"

"He is-"

"To be the Dark Lord's second in the future, along with myself. He is intelligent, charismatic- when he wants to be-, and has an exceptionally dark sense of humor. He sees me as a person, Father. He doesn't see my name, not any more. And he has such ambition and strength and is insanely loyal. Severus Snape would make a wondrous ally for anyone. And we understand each other unlike any others."

Abraxas' expression hardened. "Lucius."

The sixteen year old stood and pierced his father with cold eyes. "Do not try to persuade him away from me again or you might find me rebelling from the Malfoy family ways."

"You should never forget you are a Malfoy."

"And I will not. As long as you leave us alone. I know my duties to our name, Father. I will be the perfect Malfoy as long as you leave us be. We are fully aware of what must go on in my future."

Abraxas watched his son stalk out after that and sighed deeply. He was only trying to protect them. Yes, both of them. He'd become fond of Severus and he could see what was between them. He could see the strength of it. But despite wanting his son to be happy, Abraxas refused to go against Malfoy traditions. Lucius must marry a pureblood and provide a pureblood heir.

The morning after returning for their sixth year, Severus awoke way before it was time thanks to an elbow in his ribs. He grunted as he rolled over and got a face full of blond hair. Severus scowled. "Lucius," he hissed. The blond mumbled something unintelligible in his sleep. Severus' scowl remained where it was, though it was only a cover for his rising apprehension. He didn't want Lucius in his bed right now. There was only so much he could take before he… took Lucius. Since their blatant confessions, they hadn't really moved on from kissing. And they hadn't once slept in each others beds.

Severus was absolutely certain as to what Lucius was doing. It was also blatantly obvious because Lucius left the curtains open after climbing- uninvited- into his bed. He'd done this so that their dorm mates would see them when everyone began to wake up, in order to announce the advancement of their relationship and knowing this change between them would not be known beyond the confines of Slytherin House unless he and Lucius publicly displayed it for the rest of Hogwarts to see. And they wouldn't. However, he and Lucius would need to be careful of Slughorn because he would no doubt report it to Dumbledore. Luckily he was easily avoided and he hardly came to the Slytherin common room without prior announcement.

"You could have at least asked me first," he griped as he moved the hair out of his face, though in all honesty it felt kind of nice having Lucius lying beside him and knowing the blond wasn't ashamed of their relationship. He hadn't felt this kind of nice, ever. That pleasant feeling disbursed when Lucius jabbed him again with that same bony elbow.

Severus growled and turned over to his side, throwing an arm over Lucius' side and dragging the blond back against his chest, making sure his arm was pressing down against that bloody elbow. "Jab me one more time, Malfoy and I swear you'll end up on the floor," he hissed to the sleeping boy before settling down to go back to sleep. Unbeknownst to him, Lucius was awake and went back to sleep with a smug grin on his face.

Severus was called to Dumbledore's office a month later. He sat in the chair, declined a lemon drop, and thought about the last two times he'd been in the office. The first time had been in third year after an altercation with Black and Potter. They, of course, had only been given a slap on the hand and sent on their way even when they had been the ones to attack him first. And the second time had been last year, when he and Lucius weren't really on speaking terms and he'd found himself obsessed about finding out Lupin's secret. And stupidly listened to Black and had nearly gotten himself killed by Lupin, who was in fact a werewolf. Potter had prevented him from getting any closer to Lupin, and Severus seethed to know he owed the bastard for that. Dumbledore had made it plain. He basically owed Potter a life debt.

Severus couldn't even appease himself by telling Lucius about Lupin because Dumbledore had forced him to secrecy, which prevented him from speaking to anyone about what Lupin was. Severus scowled. He was certain Dumbledore wouldn't have let Lupin remain at school if the boy had turned out to be a Slytherin instead of a Gryffindor. Severus gritted his teeth and tried to clear his mind, making sure his Occlumency shields were up. He had no doubt this was a probing visit. The Dark Lord was becoming strong and the Light was becoming desperate and Dumbledore needed more information.

"How are you holding up, Severus?"

As if you really care. "Very well, Headmaster."

"Lily mentioned she went to visit you this summer. She says you weren't there. She tried visiting you several times and-"

"Headmaster, you know perfectly well I was staying with Lucius Malfoy this summer since my mother is no longer there to neglect me and my father no longer there to beat me. Let's not pretend you didn't know. What did you really want to talk to me about?"

"I know you must be having a hard time, with your mother passing away-"

"I'm surprised it didn't happen before, and it happened last summer so I don't know why you're bringing it up now," Severus interrupted and he couldn't help but add, "and it isn't as if you care."

Dumbledore sighed and folded his hands on top of his desk. "My dear boy-" Severus' lips peeled back in a silent snarl at being called such a thing. "To be perfectly honest, there are a few of us who worry about you. Lily Evans for one."

"What does she have to do with anything?"
Dumbledore looked at him with a small smile, his eyes twinkling as if he knew a secret. "It is my understanding you two have known each other for years now. Is that correct? You are very fond of each other?"

Severus narrowed his eyes slightly, wondering where this was going. "I suppose…" he admitted.

"She's expressed how worried she is for you and considering how you feel about her, wouldn't you like to relieve her worries?" he asked in a coaxing voice.

Severus barely kept the amusement and malicious glee from shining through his eyes. He thinks I harbor more than platonic feelings for Lily. How conceited of him to think he knows me at all. He settled for glaring.

"Perhaps you should try making friends with those of other houses. I know this would please Miss Evans."

"Don't make me gag, Headmaster. I don't like people. If this is all you brought me here to talk about, then this conversation is finished. I know of several Ravenclaws who are of the same mind as me. Why don't you bother them about their aloofness and leave me alone."

"I see… well, should you need to talk to me, about anything, know that my door is always open to you."

Yes, because you want something. Otherwise you would foist me off onto Professor Slughorn. Severus stood and inclined his head. "Good evening, Headmaster."

He spun around and exited the room without another word. He shouldn't have been, but he found he was surprised to find Lily waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs, which meant she really had set up this little meeting with Dumbledore. Or at least gave Dumbledore another reason to harass him. Severus glared as he approached her. Nosy witch. He didn't like people sticking their noses into his business, even friends. Only Lucius could do that and get away with it. What right did she have to talk to Dumbledore about him? As if he were a lost puppy needing tending. At the moment he didn't feel any sort of fondness for her.

"Is this something all Gryffindors do? Run to the nearest adult when something in their charming fanciful world doesn't fit in? Whatever are you going to do once you leave these walls, Lily?" he asked as he passed her.

Lily ran after him. "Let me explain!" she cried, grabbing onto his arm. He stopped only because her nails dug into his arm. "You only socialize with Malfoy and the Black sisters now. You can't do that!"

"And why not? They're my House mates."

Lily looked at him sadly and pity entered her eyes. Severus had the sudden urge to curse her. Instead he settled for jerking his arm free. "They're the worst sort of people, Sev! Malfoy especially! Can't you see that? You're too good a person for them!"

"It's truly astounding how close-minded you are. You and the rest of the school. You're so wrapped up in your delusions and discrimination. You've never looked at Slytherins as a whole except to cast us down as the lowest of low. Do you not see that is why we fight back the only way we know how? We're provoked time and again, Lily!

"As for Lucius, he isn't as shallow as most believe. At least he has never once told me I should stop associating with you. At least he never played a malicious prank that nearly led a frustrated and therefore dim-witted student to their death! That's what's wrong with you lot," Severus spat. "Everyone always casts judgment before knowing all the facts. It's disgusting."

"Lucius Malfoy is only using you, Severus! The things I've heard about him!"

"Stop now," Severus warned lowly, but again he was ignored.

"He's a disgusting manipulative parasite, Severus! He cares about no one but himself!" Lily shouted in frustration. "Can't you see that? There's no way he's really your friend! What would he want-"

Severus' nostrils flared in fury. "With me? What would he want with a nobody like me? That's what you were going to say, wasn't it?" When she grabbed his arm again, shaking her head rapidly because she knew her words had been a mistake, Severus ripped away with a snarl. "Don't touch me again, mudblood. Go back to the imbecilic creatures you call friends. I am not one of them."

Lily got over her shock quickly and glared at him. "No, you're not," she replied lowly before turning and walking away. Severus felt like spitting at her retreating back. He didn't care what was said about him, but he wouldn't allow anyone to bad mouth Lucius in front of him, not even Lily Evans.

Severus stormed into the Slytherin common room ten minutes later and the black cloud around him was immediately noticed. The other students quickly backed away from him and his swirling robes as he stalked inside. He caught sight of Lucius sitting with Bella and Narcissa in the center of the room, exactly where Lucius always liked to be; holding court over the entire House. Narrowed grey eyes hungrily followed his every movement, a smirk of appreciation lifting his lips. It was clear Lucius could tell Severus wanted to kill something at the moment.

He had planned to go to the dorms and close himself off there, prepared to ignore everyone for the rest of the night, but at the last moment he changed his mind and course and strode across the room, pulled by Lucius' eyes and again marveled at how one look at the blond had him calming down a bit. When he reached them, he settled down beside Lucius. The blond shifted so that he was pressed against his side and dropped a possessive hand on Severus' thigh. No one so much as bat an eyelash at this. The two hadn't been hiding their relationship at all within their House. Severus felt it was liberating, though he didn't enjoy it so much that he felt comfortable at all with PDA. Holding hands and mild touching was the only thing he let Lucius get away with in front of their Slytherin peers.

Bellatrix smirked. "However did you manage to ensnare our dear Lucius, Severus?"

Severus scowled and opened his mouth to no doubt say something acerbic, but Lucius spoke before he could.

The blond smirked. "He has a massive co-" he cut off and winced, going very still as a hand was pulling frightfully hard on his braid.

"You will not," Severus bit out.

"What has you in such a tiff?" Bella asked.

Severus hesitated only a moment before telling them about Dumbledore and then Lily. Bella's face contorted in fury. "Nasty mudblood," she hissed.

"Leave it," Severus ordered. "Leave her."

Although he was angry at Lily, he didn't really want her harmed. Let her stay where she was. As long as she stayed out of his business.

"So Dumbledore really is seeking to recruit you," Lucius said thoughtfully, staring off while rubbing the thumb of his fee hand against his lips.

"Seems that way to me," he answered.

"But why you?" Narcissa questioned.

"I've been through an ordeal and he's trying to collect on the supposed debt he thinks I owe him for helping me with the Ministry last summer," Severus murmured and Lucius squeezed his thigh gently.

"And someone who isn't as strong as my Severus could easily be manipulated by that old man," Lucius responded as he began to slide his hand over until the tips of his fingers were teasing the inside of Severus' thigh and rising up towards the boy's crotch. Severus quickly dropped his hand to Lucius', entangling their fingers together and stopped the movement. He shifted in place, once again thankful for his robes. He didn't need to look in order to know Lucius was smirking.

"He's making a mistake," Severus murmured as he turned to stare at Lucius, looking into those mercurial eyes and seeing nothing but heat.

"Yes. A mistake he will live to regret," Lucius replied softly.

The Black sisters sat back and watched the two. It seemed like entire conversations were being spoken silently between the two boys. Severus stood suddenly, eyes darkening, keeping his fingers tightly entwined with the blond's and tugged until Lucius was up and following him through the common room. Bellatrix watched them go with a leering smile and Narcissa laughed softly behind her hand.

Within the dorm room, as soon as Severus had shut the door behind him, he grabbed Lucius and dragged the blond against him, their lips joining instantly.

"Are you going to stop being a prude now?" Lucius whispered when his lips had been released, eyes darkening in reaction to the look in Severus' eyes.

"Yes," he answered lowly before going back kissing Lucius while his hands were quickly unbuttoning the blond's school shirt.

Severus was so intense in everything he did. Every stroke, kiss, lick; every look. He touched and kissed every part of Lucius that was exposed to him, and Lucius allowed the domination and was enthralled by it. Severus was the only person allowed such dominance over his person.

And when they fell in bed together, no clothes to speak of, he moaned at the feeling of Severus finally sliding over him; he breath caught in anticipation as his leg was lifted and held over the other boy's shoulder and lips caressed the inside of his thigh while whispering a spell that had him slick and stretching, and a protective spell to hinder conception.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. Do not ask me again," Lucius hissed, eyes flashing with impatience.

Severus then coated two fingers with lubricant of his own making, which would numb some of the pain his cock was no doubt about to create. He stared at Lucius' flushed face as he pressed in with one finger, and then immediately paused when Lucius jumped and gasped in surprise. Surprise, as if he's never had that happen before. Those black eyes narrowed in confusion. "I thought you…" Severus' eyes widened. "Lucius, you're a virgin."

"Don't you dare stop," the blond hissed when that long finger began to pull out of him.

"I'm not prepared for you to be a virgin."

Laughter bubbled out of Lucius. "This once, please do something without thinking about it forever first, Severus! There's no need to keep studying those books I know you keep underneath your mattress. No more written review. It's time for the practical now."

Severus' face flamed. "I didn't want to hurt you. Only to please you."

"I know perfectly well it's going to hurt the first few times, but I'm fine with that. And you will please me no matter what you do because I've only ever wanted you, Sev. I've only ever seen you."

"What about those bumbling idiots you were getting on with?" Severus muttered as he ran a hand over Lucius' flushed chest, skimming a finger over one of the delicious pink nubs and grinning when Lucius gasped and arched against his touch.

"J-just practice. And a way to ease my frustrations without being mean to you. Severus, you were being completely obtuse!"

Severus' grin faded to be replaced with annoyance. "You didn't need to go around parading other boys in my face!"

"I didn't even know you cared enough to notice!"

"Then why do you think I stopped spending time with you?"

"I don't know! I thought you were having a mood swing that lasted all year!"

"You are sometimes ridiculous," Severus muttered, but he was bolstered by Lucius' words and by his eyes which were darkened with want and shone with love, and he continued to prepare Lucius without another word. By the time Severus was slowly pushing into Lucius, he thought he could cry.

More than once he'd paused, prepared to stop because Lucius' eyes were tightly closed against the pain of being breeched by Severus' large member, and each time Lucius would reach out and keep him close, begging him not to stop. So he didn't. They joined together for the first time that night and when it was over, when Severus was laying on his back breathing hard and staring up at the canopy of his bed with Lucius tucked beside him, he couldn't help but glare. It hadn't been what he expected. Not to say he hadn't enjoyed it, because he had, immensely. But he didn't think Lucius had. Not as much as he did anyway. He felt he failed in that. And he never wanted to fail Lucius in anything.

"Stop," Lucius laughed, rolling over suddenly and throwing an arm across Severus' chest. Severus looked at him in surprise, having thought Lucius had been asleep. "How can I sleep with you thinking so loudly?"

Severus went back to glaring at the ceiling. Lucius huffed and moved over until he was practically on top of him and started laying feather light kisses over Severus' face before pulling back to stare into black eyes. "Idiot."

"Don't call me an idiot."

"It wasn't terrible, Severus. It wasn't even bad. Already I knew it would be unpleasant the first time. And we were both virgins. It was bound to be awkward."

"You pressured me to get on with it and you didn't even…"

Severus sat up then, nearly knocking their heads together and quickly rolled the blond onto his back, a smirk on his face as his hand came to rest around Lucius' cock. He was immensely pleased when Lucius immediately reacted to his touch.


The other boy didn't answer. He only moved back a bit so that he could bend and replace his hand with his mouth. Lucius gasped and then melted against the mattress. His eyes fluttered closed as a strangled groan escaped passed his swollen lips.

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