Odd Couple

Doctor Who and Cardcaptor Sakura cross over

Summary: The Doctor and Kero are stuck with each other as roommates while Sakura and Syaron are away. Can a TimeLord and a Guardian Beast work it out especially when things get weird.

Authors Note: I do not own any Cardcaptor Sakura characters that's Clamp and I don't own Doctor Who or any of the shows elements that's the BBC. I don't own a lot basically.

Chapter 1

Syaron and Sakura had moved in an apartment together when they were eighteen and went to college together, but this story is not about them not directly anyway. During a week vacation the couple went off to Hong Kong to visit Syaron's family. Now they're was some talk of taking Kero, the guarding of the Clow cards with them but Kero hates being stuck in a bag for hours while flying on a plane and frankly the couple wanted to get some alone time which was going to be hard enough visiting family. So a plan was devised, since they couldn't trust to leave Kero alone in the apartment for a week, they thought about asking someone to check in on him but everyone was either busy or off on their own trip. Then Syaron got an idea, he has a friend who could use some company and maybe they could convince him to stay with Kero, plus he needed to fix something.

So when they invited him over and Sakura served him some tea. As she looked at the man still a little surprised at what he was, he looked human so she was surprised that he was an alien. He looked like young man with dark brown eyes and was wearing a brown pin striped suit, with white converse shoes. Syaron called him the Doctor, they had met when the Doctor was looking for a friend of his that was lost and cross paths with Syaron and Sakura. But Sakura was still not sure she understood the whole thing, something about orthogonal universes instead of parallel, she never could get math.

The Doctor sipped on his tea "So Syaron you sent me a message and asked me to come. Now I'm here what did you want me to talk about?"

"You need a place to stay while you fully repair the Tardis." Syaron stated

"Yes" The Doctor answered somewhat suspicious of Syaron

The Tardis had recently been nearly burned by a Dalek ship and then quickly rebuilt by "another" Doctor and then pulled the Earth halfway across the universe, then jumped into a parallel one before jumping back. The Doctor had to properly repair Tardis, plus he was leaking energy all the time now, if he hadn't refueled when he used a rift to pull the Earth he would have been stranded. Essentially if he didn't get to do some maintenance the Tardis would burnt out the engines and the Tardis would shut down to repair itself which could take anywhere from days to months.

"So while we go off to Hong Kong you can stay here to fix the Tardis as long as you keep an eye on the stuff animal?"

Since Kero lived with Syaron, moving in with him the same time Sakura did, they have gotten closer but they're still not best friends.

A little yellow teddy bear like creature with wings flew over "Hey Kid? I heard that!" Kero wings wrapped around him, a mystic circle formed below him and in a fury of light Kero changed into a large lion creature with wings.

The next thing that the Doctor knows Kero has tackled Syaron and Sakura is trying to to pull her guardian beast off her boyfriend. The Doctor had to suppress a laughing fit when he saw this sight.

Sakura ordered "Kero change back right now!"

The lion beast changed back into the small creature. Kero and Syaron glared each at each other.

Sakura sighed "At least no one bit anyone."

"I'll do it." The Doctor proclaimed

"Hoe?" Sakura asked confused

"No not the bitting, I'll stay here to keep an eye on Kero."

"I don't need anyone to keep an eye on me." Kero complained "I'm centuries old."

"So am I." Doctor told him

"You see right there you have something in common." Sakura told Kero "Besides you go through food so quickly, he can get more food if you run out."

That last point did seem to get Kero's attention "Fine he can stay."

The Doctor smiled at the teddy bear like creature that glared at him.

"So when do you leave? I'll back then and keep Kero company."

"We're leaving in ten minutes" Sakura told the Doctor

"What?" Doctor asked "Isn't this a little short notice."

"I sent you the message a week ago." Syaron informed the Doctor

"So I'm a little late?" The Doctor shrugged

"A little" Sakura giggled

Syaron gave the Doctor some money telling him to use it for food and to keep Kero from eating all the food in the first day. The young couple grabbed their bags and made their way to the airport.

The Doctor went and materialized the Tardis into the living room so he could get to work on it. As soon as he stepped into the living room, Kero stared at him.

Kero had been around for a long time, he had seen a lot of things the box appearing out of nowhere wasn't a a big deal for him but the Doctor was. Seeing the Doctor he saw an immense aura, the energy around him was old and new at the same time it was as if the stars themselves left their light to him.

"I get the distinct feeling that you don't like me."

"I don't need a babysitter." The Guardian beast told the Timelord

"I never said you did" The Doctor told him "but you do need a little help with the food situation and I could use a place to stay while I fix my Tardis, so why don't we help each other out." The Doctor smiled " Let's introduce our selfs I'm the Doctor."

Kero grudgingly told him "Keroberos the Guardian Beast of the Seal."

"Nice to meet you Keroberos Guardian Beast of the Seal. Syaron told me you had a bit of sweet tooth. How about for desert tonight night I make a delicious chocolate cake."

Kero dropped his glare and perked right up "Chocolate cake!"

"Yes, with tick frosting and maybe some of those eatable ball bearings. I'll make some banana milkshakes to go with them." Seeing Kero was now smiling the Doctor added "So I'm going to go look in the kitchen and see what we have."

Kero started to warm up to this Doctor guy.

As the Doctor started to cook he whistled to himself, he had a week to fix the Tardis, he had the companionship of a magical talking lion thing and he had a plan and it was going well so far.

Authors Notes: So Basically The Doctor and Kero as roommates I smell sitcom. Anyway I will try to add a chapter every wednesday until done but let' see I still have a month to go through until the end of school. So anyway review tell me what you think.