Odd Couple

Doctor Who and Cardcaptor Sakura cross over

Summary: Invading a museum to attack a giant dragon anyone else think this is a bad idea

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Chapter 9:

The Doctor could feel the effects of the miniature black take hold,the sheer force of it was causing time itself to slow down. Kero and Syaron did not notice it only the Doctor did as a timelord, it wasn't too clear to the Doctor how much time was passing it seemed only a few seconds but outside the effects of the black hole time moved faster those seconds could be hours.

In the Tardis Tomoyo spotted on the console a flashing red light go off. Tomoyo rewound the tape to the start of the Doctor's instructions.

The Doctor voice blared into the air. "Is this working?" He tapped against the lens of the camera.

"Yes." Tomoyo's own voice sounded.

"Before we go here's a list of instructions incase we need help. There is a small chance that we will need to make a quick escape. I have the Tardis in hibernation mode, she's sleeping repairing herself. It's a bit early to wake her but it is an emergency she'll just have to deal with being a bit cranky. Now follow my instructions closely. If the red light flashes on the console that will be me calling the Tardis with my screwdriver. It should collect the coordinates. You will have to reactivate the Tardis. Are you ready?"

"Yes." Tomoyo said to the video image.

"Okay I'm just going to assume that you're ready when hearing this. First pull the red lever."

"Red lever?" Tomoyo looked for the lever. "Oh red lever." She pulled it and the light in the Tardis grew brighter.

"Second turn the atom excelerator, that would be the green glass sphere on the left. Turn that to the right."

Tomoyo turned the sphere to the right noting it looked a lot like a paper weight.

"Fourth no wait third, pump the bicycle pump four time."

She pumped it wondering why a space ship was controlled by a bicycle pump.

"Okay fourth, hit the ding-er."

Tomoyo hit the bell it went ding.

"Okay now turn the blue switch up that will turn on the heimlich regulator."

She turned the switch up.

"Okay finally the big silver lever lift the lever up, that's the parking break. Soon as you raise it the Tardis will go right to my location."

She raised the silver lever and the Tardis came to life, the center column went up and down, the whole room began to shake. The shaking caused Tomoyo to fall onto the console.

"Now this will be bumpy so you will want to take a seat."

The Doctor was waiting as the black hole slowed time down, he had enough time to go over the works of Shakespeare in his head. He was going over MacBeth when the Tardis began to materialize around them.

Soon the three found themselves in the Tardis console room.

"What happened?" Kero asked reverting to his smaller form. "The black hole and everything."

"Black Hole, ha." The Doctor scoffed. "My people invented black holes. We're perfectly safe in here."

Then spark shot out of the console, the Doctor ran to it and began to work the controls. The Tardis moved back to the apartment. The others quickly ran out of the Tardis and the Doctor grabbed the fire extinguisher as flames began to fill the room. After a few moments the flames were out and he got out of the Tardis.

"Too much stress so soon after coming out of hibernation." He coughed. "I need to reset it."

"But its over?" Syaron asked.

"The black hole should be collapsing on itself soon and it looks like everything is going back to normal."

The black hole closed leaving only a greatly damaged museum gallery. Across town and in fact around the world lights began to turn on. People started to get up, an angelic ghost was reunited with her husband, Syaron's sister and Sakura began to get up.

Sakura yawned, scratched her head and asked Yelan. "Where's Syaron?"

"Don't worry he well be back soon."

"Good." Sakura let out another yawn and fell back to sleep.

Syaron used his sword to travel back to Hong Kong. Tomoyo stayed the night and slept in the guest room while the Doctor went to repair the damage to the Tardis. Kero decided to play a video game before going to sleep.

The next day the damage done to the museum was blamed on a fire started by faulty wiring. The guards body wasn't recovered, after being used, discard and finally absorbed into the black hole there was nothing to be found. Th newspaper reported him as dying in the fire.

Kero and the Doctor spent most of the week resting, except the Doctor did end up burning the black suit. He decided just to replace it anyway.

On the day that Sakura and Syaron were supposed to return they spent the day cleaning up the apartment. Tomoyo came over and helped out with the cleaning and then baked a cake to welcome home the couple.

"I know what you're doing." Kero said almost as an after thought.

"What?" The Doctor said genuinely confused.

"It took me a while but I figured it out but you've been trying to get me to like the brat."

"Oh well that yeah." The Doctor shrugged. "You two, for the lack of a more accurate term, are room mates. You both care about Sakura and want to see her happy. Syaron makes here happy I was just trying to help you see that. But you know what you already know that. You might not get along but you do see that they do love each other. Maybe you should try and be a little nicer to him, he doesn't care what you think about him but Sakura does care."

Tomoyo then spoke up. "If you want Sakura to be happy then you should not do anything that makes it harder for them to be together. Especially after all the trouble it took to get them together."

Kero was about to say something when the couple walked in.

"Hello Doctor." Sakura greeted him.

"Sakura, Syaron." Doctor smiled at them. "Welcome home."

The couple had brought home some souvenirs and they talked about the trip over the Tomoyo's cake. They brought back some sweets for the Doctor and Kero and a dress for Tomoyo.

Eventually to Doctor decided it was time for him to leave.

As the Doctor was heading back to the Tardis but Syaron stopped him. "Thank you Doctor I know that Kero can be a bit of a handful."

"No, Kero wasn't even the biggest problem."

"Well, anyway we picked something up at a temple and Sakura thought you might find some use from it."

Syaron gave him a protection charm. "Sakura?" The Doctor smirked.

"Yes, it was Sakura's idea."

"Well, I love it anyway. Thank you."

"Take care Doctor." Sakura said walking towards them.

"Take care him." He said looking at Sakura and then he turned to Syaron. "You take care of her."

With that the Doctor stepped inside the Tardis, now repaired, he placed the charm on one of the control and started the Tardis. As everyone looked at the blue box the air in the room swirled around it as it began to fade in and out until it was gone.

Sakura was then scared, she didn't understand why and grabbed Syaron's hand.

"What's wrong?" Syaron asked.

"I don't know, it something feels wrong about the Doctor. Its like a tapping sound." She searched her thought trying to organize her feelings. "His song is ending. Something is returning from out of the darkness and... and he will knock four times. Then his song will end."

None of them knew what that meant and lived out their lives without worry. Later that night Sakura went to bed early tired from the plane ride and Syaron got ready to join her in bed. "Night brat." Kero told Syaron.

"Good night stuffed animal." Syaron shot back.

"Promise me that you will make sure that she's happy."

Syaron was a little surprise by the comment but didn't hesitate to answer it. "Of course I'm only happy if Sakura is happy."


They didn't say anything else that night, they still fought afterwards but Sakura did notice that it was never as intense.

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