Okay, so I know this isn't my best work or the most eventful chapter. This is just a filler chapter, but let me give you some spoilers on Chapter 4: a new couple begins to form, a couple breaks up, the duets competition takes place, and things are less than perfect when the college representatives come to the football game. I have exams coming up so I know this isn't my best, but I am trying. So sorry!

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Chapter 3: Duet Partnerships

A blue slushie flew through the air and hit Kylie in the face.
"Welcome to the glee club, loser!" a two hundred pound football player shouted before running away.
Kylie stood in the hallway in shock. Why had someone thrown a slushie on her? How did they know she was in the glee club now? And why did they think it was uncool? They had placed second at Nationals last year. None of McKinley's sports teams ever even made the conference playoffs.
She licked her lips and shivered, feeling glad the school day was over. After seeing the Nationals performance on YouTube, she, Hannah and Natalie knew they wanted to try out when they got to the high school.
The first week of freshman year had been a whirlwind. Kylie was still finding her way around the school, trying to learn the names of her teachers and classmates and getting used to taking classes with people she didn't know well.
"Hey, you're Kylie, right? You okay?"
Kylie turned to see two girls she recognized from glee standing there. The short girl with the long brown hair and the pretty blond.
"I'm fine, I guess, other than the fact that I just got hit by a slushie."
"Slushies are a common occurrence for us glee kids," the brunette said. "Come on, let's go to the girls room and we'll clean you up. I'm Rachel by the way. This is Quinn."
"Thanks, guys." Kylie followed Rachel and Quinn into the girls bathroom. "I just don't get it. Why do people throw slushies at the glee kids? You won second place at Nationals next year! A small club from a small town."
"The general student population sees us as losers," Rachel said as she helped clean Kylie up. "What they don't know is that we're probably the closest, most family-like group at the school. We all love each other and support each other. We're really glad to have you."
"Thanks." Kylie smiled. She was glad to have joined glee club, too, especially because Jake Cirino - her crush since sixth grade - had joined. She'd known Jake since they were nine, but had been afraid to admit her feelings to him. It's not like he was popular and she was a loser - rather, they were both pretty low on the social spectrum. Jake was on the soccer, swimming and baseball teams and the band, but was also in Science Olympiad, Mock Trial and was the brainiac of the Class of 2015. Kylie wasn't Miss Popularity either. She wasn't exactly a loser, but she was shy and not a lot of people even noticed her. Hannah had been her best friend since preschool and Natalie had become part of their duo in first grade, but other than that, she didn't have many real friends.
"Thanks for helping, guys," Kylie said as the three girls left the school building.
"No problem," Rachel said. "This year, it's about giving back to the school. It's our last year - "
"Wait, you're seniors?" Kylie asked.
"Yeah," Quinn said. "Don't worry, we don't bite."
"It's not that," Kylie said. "I just - didn't expect seniors to be so nice to a freshman. Got to go, my mom's car is here!"
"No problem," Rachel said. "We're teammates, we're your friends. See you at Glee!"
"Bye Rachel. Bye Quinn," Kylie called as she ran to her mother's car.
"How was your day?" Kylie's mom asked.
"It was good," Kylie said. "I joined glee club. So did Hannah and Natalie."
"The one that was runner-up at Nationals last year?"
"Yup. I really like the other people there."
"That's good that you got in... honey, why are you all wet?"
"It's nothing. Someone I bumped into in the hall just spilled their drink on me." Kylie didn't want to tell her mother about the boy throwing the slushie on her. Her mom had already been bent out of shape about her daughter, her only child, starting high school. Plus if her mother found out that she had gotten a slushie thrown on her for joining the group she most wanted to join in high school, there was no way her mom would let her stick with it.
Rachel was checking her admissions status online. She knew colleges weren't making decisions any time soon, but the stress was already building up and she just wanted to know where she'd be at this time next year. She really hoped not to be too far away from Finn...
Finn. Her phone rang and that was who it was. "Rachel! Oh my God! Guess what?" Finn panted.
"What is it?"
"Some coaches from the colleges I applied to are coming to our football game this Friday to check out the seniors!"
"I'm so proud of you!" Even if they weren't going to school together next year, Rachel hoped Finn got in SOMEWHERE.
"I'm proud of you, too. I just realized something. We're up to twenty members now!"
"Hard to believe, isn't it?"
"I know. Hopefully this means the student body will stop seeing us as losers..."
"Kylie got slushied."
"Oh my God. The girl just auditioned and already she's getting slushied?"
"Yeah. Luckily she didn't seem to discouraged by it. Quinn and I cleaned her up."
"I just don't get it Rach. We've gotten the most prestigious title anyone from this school has ever gotten and the rest of the student body still sees us as losers."
Rachel thought a little. "That really doesn't bother me," she told Finn honestly. "Had it not been for Glee, we wouldn't have gotten to know each other so well. I wouldn't finally have friends. You would probably still be with those football players who bullied people. I don't care if the rest of the school sees us as losers. We each have 19 people there for us no matter what."
"Rachel, I love you," Finn said.
"Trust me, not as much as I love you," Rachel said. She sighed. She was going to miss Finn so much next year and hated the thought of being away from him. Meanwhile, she was at the same time trying to enjoy every second of their last year at school together.
The next day, Mr. Schue had an announcement for the club: the annual duet competition was back.
"Our first assignment for the year is to do a duet. Now, I know who you'd want to be with if I let you pick, so I paired you up. To make it more challenging, you're paired with someone of your same gender. Your partners are as follows: Finn & Jake, Sam & Johnny, Puck & Will, Mike & Blaine, Kurt & Artie, Brittany & Tina, Lauren & Santana, Mercedes & Natalie, Quinn & Hannah and Rachel & Kylie. You will have to pick out a song outside of class so arrange a time to meet and pick out a song. We'll be performing next week."
Everyone began moving toward their respective partners. "At least you partnered all your favorites with the new kids," Santana shouted. "There's no way the new kids will win."
"Shut up, Santana," Finn said, shaking his head in disgust. "The new kids are all really good." He moved toward Jake.
"Santana, enough," Mr. Schue said. "We're going to vote on a winner of the boys duet competition and a winner of the girls duet competition. Each set of winners will get a free dinner at Breadsticks."
"How about you come to my house after football practice and we can pick a song?" Finn asked Jake.
"Sounds good," Jake said. The boys exchanged addresses and phone numbers.
Rachel was driving Kylie to her house after school to pick out a duet when Kylie suddenly said "I'm so jealous of what you have with Finn."
"What do you mean?" Rachel asked.
"What I said. I mean, you two love each other so much. Your voices go perfect together, you look so cute together, you always seem so happy. I wish there was a guy like that in my life."
"Trust me, Kylie, it hasn't been all perfect with Finn. In fact, last year, we had some real problems." Rachel cringed at the memory.
"What happened?"
Rachel sighed and told Kylie about everything that happened with Finn and Santana, her and Puck, and Finn and Quinn.
"Wow," Kylie said when Rachel was finished. "You guys have quite a story. Wait - Quinn tried to steal Finn from you? She's your best friend!"
"She is now. Last year she certainly wasn't. Anyways, is there a song you have in mind for our duet? I would preferably like to sing something directed at Finn, but since you don't have a boyfriend..." Rachel felt bad. Of course Kylie wouldn't want to sing a song about love when she didn't have a boyfriend!
"Well, there is someone I'd like to sing to. Can you keep a secret?" Kylie asked.
"Of course," Rachel said, feeling good that the new girl trusted her.
"I'm in love with Jake. I have been since sixth grade." Kylie got one of those dreamy looks Rachel was all too familiar with.
"He's very cute, Kylie. You have good taste. Let's find a perfect duet to direct at Finn and Jake."
"Rachel, don't you think - "
"Actually, nothing turns Finn on like hearing me sing. If Jake's anything like that, hearing you sing will turn him on. You're very talented."
"You think?"
"That means a lot coming from you, Rachel."
Rachel smiled as she and Kylie began looking through her music library to pick a duet. It felt so good to be mentoring this freshman girl. If Rachel had a senior helping her out when she was a freshman, she could have avoided some serious mistakes. She also could have gotten Finn a lot sooner.
"So, Jake, tell me about yourself," Finn said as they were driving to Finn's house. Finn picked Jake up at his house after football practice and they were now on their way to Finn's.
"Well, there isn't much to say," Jake said. "My name is Jake Cirino, I'm a freshman, I've always kind of been a loser. I'm on the soccer team and I'll do swimming in the winter and baseball in the spring. I play French horn in the band and I'm in Science Olympiad and Mock Trial."
"What made you want to join glee?" Finn asked.
"I saw it on the news when you guys got second at Nationals and it looked so cool," Jake said. "I don't know, I could just tell that this was a group that had a lot of fun together and you all seemed to be close and since I've always kind of been an outsider, I thought it was worth a shot."
"Well, if you're looking for a group that's close, you've come to the right place," Finn said. "I'm seriously going to miss this so much next year." He tried to keep it out of his mind how much he dreaded life without Rachel and the glee club next year. They may have underclassmen ready to take the wings now - but they only had six so far, half as many as they needed to compete. Would the group fall apart next year? Would there even be a New Directions next year?
"Well, since I'm new at this, you should probably pick the song we do," Jake said, interrupting Finn's thoughts. "Any you're considering?"
"I do have a duet in mind for us," Finn said. "Of course, it's a song I've always wanted to sing to Rachel."
"You and Rachel really seem to be in love."
"We are. Do you have a girlfriend?"
"No, but actually, there is someone I'm interested in. I doubt she'd want to go out with me though..."
"Well, who is she?"
"She's actually in Glee club with us..."
Finn could tell where this was going and he thought he knew who Jake was talking about. He saw a lot of himself in Jake - the jock who also loved music and was afraid of not fitting in. He thought he knew who the girl was. "Okay, Jake, who is she? Singing to her would be a good way to win her - I know that from experience with Rachel."
"It's - "