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New Player Year 2: Secrets and Speakers


Return to Privet Drive

"Oh by the way, let me handle the Dursleys, there are going to be some pretty big changes this summer." Faykan told Harry as they reached the door of number four Privet drive, and rang the doorbell. The door opened a crack, revealing the long face of Harry's Aunt Petunia. She tried to slam the door in the boys' faces, but Faykan had slid his foot into the gap and with a shove, sent the door crashing open.

With a maniacal grin splitting his face, Faykan led Harry into the Dursleys' home, looking down at Petunia who had fallen to the ground in her attempt to keep the door closed. "Hello, Dursley. Were back for the summer." He said snidely. Aunt Petunia couldn't respond, she was too stunned that a mere twelve year old boy had managed to force the door open.

Unfortunately for her, neither Faykan nor Harry were mere boys, they were wizards. Wizards who had just returned from their first year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

As Faykan, whom the Dursleys only knew at Piter De Vries, a name he had created for himself, walked into the living room of number four, Dudley Dursley, who had been watching the telly, gaped at him while Vernon Dursley rose from him chair in a towering rage. "How dare you come back here with your freakishness!" he said in an icy voice, trying to be as intimidating as possible.

"Silence!" Faykan thundered in response; and the entire room seemed to darken as the boy spoke. "Harry Potter shall continue to reside here during the summers Dursley, and no one shall stop him. He shall be treated as a human being, given an actual room, sufficient food three times a day, and so help me, if I hear otherwise I shall bring this house down around your ears. Do I make myself clear Dursley?" Uncle Vernon could only stare in utter horror as the boy in front of him seemed to glow with unbridled power, and sending small items flying around the room.

Finally, sending Vernon a final glare, Faykan stormed up the stairs to Dudley's second bedroom, Harry right behind him carrying his trunk. As they entered, Harry noted the massive amount of broken and unused toys that filled the room. Faykan simple shook his head in sadness, and pulled from his right sleeve his wand, a pale Elm wand blacked in some places from the fire that had burnt most of the boy's body earlier that month.

"Faykan," Harry said suddenly as he saw the wand, "We're not allowed to use magic outside of school…"

Faykan turned and smiled at Harry, "The ministry had far better things to do than try and monitor my magic Harry…" he said dismissivly.

Faykan then proceeded to vanish or repair everything in the room, leaving it looking nearly pristine for Harry's use. Meanwhile Harry unpacked his trunk, stowing his cloths in the wardrobe so they wouldn't wrinkle and piling his spell books, quills, ink and wand onto the desk Faykan repaired from being lopsided. Hedwig's cage went next to the window, with its door open so she could come and go as she pleased.

When he was finally finished, Faykan turned to watch as Harry placed his Nimbus Two Thousand broomstick on a shelf above the writing desk.

"Well, Harry that should take care of your relatives for the summer holidays. I'll write you often, but I'm going to be away for a bit while I take care of some family business. I should be back to pick you up around your birthday to take you to the Weasleys for the rest of the summer." Faykan said turning to the door.

"Fay," Harry said and his best friend turned back, "Thanks, for everything I mean,"

"You're very much welcome Harry."

And with that, Faykan strode down the stairs, shot a death glare at the Dursleys, and was out the door. Harry settled down on his new bed, in his new room and he couldn't be happier. Sure he was stuck with the Dursley for the rest of the month, but he would survive, especially with their fear of Faykan demolishing their house if they mistreated Harry.

'Yes' Harry thought 'things were defiantly going to be different here from now on.'