What began the feud?

Summary: Why are the Montages and Capulets such bitter enemies? Why have they been at each other's throats for so long? Shakespeare never tells us and no one really knows. So what happened?

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Many years ago, long before Romeo and Juliet were born, two young men were the best of friends. They did everything together, from exploring the town to attending noble balls that their mothers insisted. They never kept secrets from one another, they never had an argument and they certainly never fought with each other - with the one exception, Annabelle.

The two young men met Annabelle at one of the balls their mothers kept pestering them to go to. They didn't enjoy themselves, especially when it was time to dance with other women. That was until they met Annabelle.

Annabelle was one of the most beautiful women in Verona and was full of grace. She charmed everyone that she met, including the two young men - Capulet and Montague.

Capulet and Montague each set their goal to woo the young woman and become her suitor. They didn't tell each other of their choice and they certainly didn't plan to. Capulet and Montague spent less time with each other, each finding an excuse to leave early or to not come, instead spending more time with the fair Annabelle that had captured their hearts.

One day, both Capulet and Montague went to Annabelle's manor in hopes of being her suitor after many attempts. To say that it was a shock was an understatement when they saw each other at her house, dressing so formally with a bouquet of roses in their hands. They argued about becoming best of friends and about how they betrayed each other. They were supposed to accept the fact that one of them was courting Annabelle and to not fight for her. However, they disagreed with each other.

To settle the argument, Capulet and Montague decided to let Annabelle choose between them. They met Annabelle at the top of the stairs and were finally graced with her presence. Capulet started to explain the situation, but was cut off by Montague who was telling his version of the story. Soon, another argument started and a fight was beginning to show.

Annabelle didn't want for this madness to start and so tried to step in and stop them. She stepped in between the two men and pushed them apart. This not only was unsuccessful, it also made the males even angrier.

One of them, thinking that the other had pushed him, pushed back. As a result, Annabelle was targeted. She lost her footing and fell down the stairs. When Capulet and Montague realised what had happened, it was too late. Annabelle was already drifting into a world that was not for her to go to.

They blamed each other - Capulet and Montague. It was easier blaming each other than blaming themselves. They continued to do it. They didn't want to face the truth that Annabelle was killed because of themselves.

And so, they have been pushing the responsibility around for years, never believing and never really loving each other again.

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