Welcome, SJ fans! I'm no writer – I'm more of an illustrator actually- so pardon my lack of writing skills. :) I desperately wanted to contribute to FF's small SJ listing! It's an awesome show that needs more love, and season 2 just started!

I'm unsure how far I'll keep up on this fanfic, it really depends on reader response. Feel free to leave reviews, it'll help me out a lot and let me know that you are enjoying these! I think I need a beta reader, so feel free to message me about that if you're interested!

The idea for this fanfic was to look into common problem found in EVERY fandom- bad OCs and/or self-insertions. Especially among the budding SJ fandom. "Aurora Sparkles is an 18 year-old girl that Jailbot dragged into SuperJail by mistake!11! Oh mah gosh then The Warden (lolz hottiepants) hires her as his super speshul assistant secretary sidekick love slave! Oh, and Aurora is a cat too. =^-^="

That's a common first chapter among every OCxWarden fanfic. It seems to be fanon now to have a sweet, to-the-point WardenxOC fanfic. I'm not saying it's a bad way to start a fanfic- OC fanfics are my guilty pleasure, actually. It's just becoming too dull and out of character.

The Warden wouldn't just hire some random girl that Jailbot "accidentally" dragged in. He would treat her like trash, and dispose/kill her. It's clear he has no sense of sympathy or kindness, because he wanted 'Sanser' to be burned alive when she arrived at the Jail, so it's likely he'd do the same with any unwelcomed stranger. The sight of a mysterious woman wouldn't enamor the Warden; he's a dog, and has shown sexual interest in every major female character that's been through SuperJail. I'm going to try and be as faithful to the SJ characters as possible.

Let's begin!

Carrie felt her body being tossed into a warm, dark room.

Her eyes and cheeks were swollen; through the slits of her puffy, bruised eyes, she could make out a tall, flickering flame; the only source of light in the room. Carrie struggled against the weight of her body, lifting her face away from the rancid garbage pile she found herself sprawled upon. Her left leg was throbbing with a sharp pain, and from the looks of it, was now bent at an odd angle. She whimpered at the sight of it, and began wiping the tears that flowed down her bloody face.

Carrie's head was now trying to piece together what just happened. She squinted around the mysterious room, now obviously a furnace room for waste. She was tossed here to die. She was nothing more than a piece of trash to The Warden.

"Fucking asshole," Carrie thought, her tongue subconsciously feeling along the front of her teeth.

The Warden was in his office.

Normally the surroundings that he had so fastidiously put together around him brought him comfort. The deep, cushy chair and intricately-detailed ceiling above him let him lock himself away from the reality he normally had to live in. The world of lies upon lies and more death than anyone could possibly hope to deal with alone. And he sadly was, quite, alone.

Carrie froze; she heard a rummaging sound up ahead by the furnace. Carrie bit her lip to keep herself silent. She peered over the piles of garbage, lit only by the light of the flickering fire, and saw a group of inmates tediously shoveling trash into the furnace. Something must have given her away, because one of inmates began trudging in her direction, his shovel dragging behind him.

Squeezing her eyes shut, Carrie desperately wishing to blend into the garbage heap she laid on. "If The Warden had done this to her," she thought, "imagine what one of the convicts were capable of."

She must have stuck out like a sore thumb amongst the trash, because the inmate immediately spotted her. Her eyes still closed, she could hear the inmate's boots crushing into the trash right next to her. She held her breath, afraid of what would come next, only to hear a loud thud, and the sound of stumbling feet retreating back to the furnace. The inmate was clearly in awe by his discovery, that he hurried back to the others to call dibs on his newly found treasure. He left his shovel behind, pushed into the trash pile Carrie was disposed upon, like a flag so he could easily find his way back to her amongst all the waste.

Carrie feebly pulled the shovel out of the garbage mound, and began steadying herself up with it like a crutch. The inmate's silhouette began treading back to her at the sight of this. Carrie immediately sensed hostility as the beast of a man approached her. Standing upright on her good leg, she swung the shovel at him, narrowly missing his chest. The burly inmate grabbed ahold of the shovel, and they both started fighting over the weapon.

Still battered from her last human confrontation, she was easily knocked over like a rag doll, and the man threateningly pointed the shovel at her throat. As soon as she felt the cold metal being pressed against her neck, she began kicking wildly at him, a foot managing to nail him in the groin. While he doubled over in pain, Carrie snatched the shovel back. She began tramping through the trash that caked the floor, heading towards the dispenser that she was dropped into.

Pushing open the large dispenser, she crawled into it with her left leg dragging behind her. All at once, light flooded her eyes, and Carrie was dropped into a blindingly bright hallway.


Slow first chapter. I promise things'll pick up soon. Honestly, I came up with the ending before fleshing out the plot, so right now I'm trying to figure out the journey to get to the end. The ending will be awesome, if I pull this off right. :)

Thank to The Liberal Admitted for the idea, from a review they left on another SJ fanfic. I'll try to update at least once a week on Sundays (new SJ episode day). Please review and tell me what you think!

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