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Carrie squinted wildly around her, taking in the crisp, clean air that dramatically contrasted with that of the waste room.

The corridor she stood in was a disgustingly cheerful shade of yellow. Peering out the tall paneled windows, her eyes wondered across the equally yellow, monochromatic scenery. Carrie focused her gaze, and jumped back in shock.

She looked like a corpse, and barely recognized herself in the window's reflection. Her left leg was awkwardly twisted, her clothes were bloodied and torn, clinging onto her bruised and sweaty skin. Her hair looked oily and uneven, Carrie wondered if the robot had torn some of it out during the events of earlier. Her face -she didn't even want to look at it- was disgustingly bruised and swollen. Tearstains lined her discolored cheeks and trailed over her cut lips. A sound echoed down the hall, bringing Carrie back to focus. Readying her shovel, she slunk against the wall. As the noise drew closer, it turned into a more distinct sound; soft footsteps quickly turned the corner. A girly shriek filled the hallway, papers and manila folders scattered across the floor.

Jared had grown desensitized to seeing mangled corpses around the jail, but never on the way to his office. He pressed his tiny frame against the paneled windows, retreating backwards from the mysterious figure. At the other end of the hall, he saw a shadowed, bloody person crouched under the waste disposal. Jared began to whimper as the figure rose and approached him, holding a shovel rather menacingly.

"JAIL-" Jared began to squeal, but was cut off by a sweaty palm pressed over his lips. Jared began to shake wildly in fear, trying to call for help, but only panicked muffles were audible. Sweat beaded down his forehead and neck, when all at once he recognized the girl that stood over him. She was now more beaten and bruised than the last time he saw her, and she looked just as frightened as he did. Before Carrie had a chance to speak, Jared pulled out a small taser, and stabbed it into the girl's thigh. Stumbling back, she lost her balance, dropping the shovel, and with a thud, Carrie fell too.

The Warden stopped pacing his office for a moment. There was a lot of commotion out in the hall. He contemplated stepping out to investigate, but came to the conclusion that it was just Jared being a worrywart.

Carrie's head was spinning from the pain of the electric shock. As her puffy, sore head rested upon the carpeted floor, the corridor faded away to black.


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