A/N: I re-edited this since The Innocent Reviewer pointed out my errors. Thanks for the constructive criticism because I really needed that. This isn't a poem. I repeat this is NOT a poem. This is a drabble actually.

After the clue hunt, Ian, who was inside his room in the Kabra mansion decided to writea poem for Amy Cahill. Yes, That Amy Cahill. You see he was a bit scared to admit that he liked Amy. He paced around his large room thinking of ways to get the heavy feeling off his chest. Then, an idea struck him. Why won't I write down the everything Amy did for me. That's right. I'll just keep the paper in my wallet so that Natalie or dad won't be able to read it he thought. That is a brilliant idea. He hurriedly sat down at his oak desk and velveted chair. He brought out a piece of paper and his black ink fountain pen. He wrote with steady and cursive hand writing.

You help me reach my dreams and ambitions

You made me a conqueror with passion.

I learned to laugh on my mistakes,

It's because you taught me how to change them.

My defeats and frustrations were challenges

'Cause you made me strong and determined to win.

In other's eyes you may not be perfect

But for me, you are the best.

In earthly things you are not rich.

But in values you are not less.

You taught me how to care,

You taught me how to love,

You taught me how to smile and not smirk all the time.

Thank you, Amelia, for changing me.

He muttered under his breath the words that he wrote. He smiled at his words, feeling contented, he folded the paper and slipped it in his black, Armani wallet. He sat there with the heavy feeling on his chest slowly fading away. He smirked to himself and slowly dozed off in his chair.

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