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Remember that this chapter is EPOV, the past.

Ten Years Ago


I groaned loudly and reached over, slamming my hand down on the alarm clock that wouldn't shut the fuck up. I opened my eyes, squinting at the bright light shining through the window. Of course the one day I had to be up early, the sun decided to shine in this hell hole.

We'd just moved here five days ago. Carlisle took an architectural job in Seattle, but Esme didn't want to live in another city. She said she could do interior design from anywhere, so they chose to move us to this fucking little ass town called Forks. Honestly, who the fuck names a town Forks? Was Spoons the next town over? Does the high school play football against the Butter Knife Titans on Friday nights?

I shook my head and laughed at myself as I got out of bed and stretched. I had my bed in my room, but the rest was empty. I missed my music and books. I usually liked to read before bed and hadn't thought to bring any type of book with me. Once I laid down last night it took forever to fall asleep. This place was too fucking quiet for me. Thankfully, all my other shit was supposed to be delivered today and would be here by the time I got out of school.

I still couldn't believe Carlisle and Esme were making us go to school today. At seventeen years old, I figured they'd let me decide whether or not I had to go to school this morning. They let me decide alright. I either went to school this morning or they took away my car. Easy decision for me.

Emmett was lucky as hell being away at college. I was in my senior year, forced only to suffer through one more agonizing year of high school. Poor Alice was only a junior, so she had two more years to go. I was thankful that at least we weren't starting in the middle of the year. Esme and Carlisle made sure that when we moved out here that we would start the same time as everyone else to make it a little less awkward for us.

I might talk a lot of shit about Carlisle and Esme, but I knew how good I had it here. When they adopted me five years ago, it was probably the best thing that had ever happened to me. I was brought into a home that had two caring parents, and I even had two siblings.

Alice and Emmett had both been adopted by the Cullens too. Alice was just a newborn baby when she was abandoned at the hospital. Emmett's mom had been some crack whore that couldn't take care of him, so he had been taken away by Social Services. They were both better off here too. We were all lucky and we knew it.

Walking into the bathroom that was connected to my room, I looked around again at how huge it actually was. The entire house was probably too big for just the four of us, but of course Emmett had his own room for when he was home. I had the entire third floor of the house to myself while the other bedrooms were on the second floor. I wasn't going to complain though. Like I said before, we're lucky and we knew it.

I took a quick shower and dressed in a comfortable pair of jeans and a button up shirt. I slipped on my shoes and decided to go downstairs and find something for breakfast. Back in Chicago, I would usually eat something at school, but I had a feeling that in a town this small, a lot of attention probably wasn't put on the nutritional value of food at the local high school.

I walked in the kitchen and saw that Alice was already sitting down at the table eating. I noticed there was a plate that had already been fixed for me sitting on the counter. How did I know it was for me? Because lined up nicely on the napkin beside the plate were my pills.

I rolled my eyes and popped the pills in my mouth, washing them down with the glass of orange juice. You'd think that at the age of seventeen my "parents" would trust me enough to take my medication every morning. Evidently that was not the case though.

"You ready to head out, Alice?" I asked her as I shoved the last bit of pancake in my mouth. She'd been finished eating for a while, but chose to sit here at the table with me while she read a book.

"Yep, I'm ready," she said as she stood up and started gathering her things. How Alice managed to already have a full backpack on the first day of school I had no idea. Evidently she had already taken to kissing teachers asses like she had back in Chicago. She'd probably already done half the semester's work if it was possible.

"Let's roll," I told her as I pulled my keys from my pocket and walked out the door. The drive to the high school was a short one. The whole town couldn't be more than fifteen miles wide, so everything was within a five minute drive it seemed.

I pulled into the small parking lot and parked in the spot at the farthest end away from the school. My car might not be the nicest or most expensive one ever made, but it was mine. I knew that it was the only one I would be getting for a while, so I needed to take care of it which led to me trying to keep it away from all the other teenage drivers around here. There was no telling how these small town people drove. Did they even have Driver's Ed somewhere like this?

And from the looks of it, my car did seem to be the nicest one at this school. Even the teachers lot was filled with old eighties modeled Honda's and Toyota's.

I was jerked out of my thoughts by a loud roaring engine and a sudden backfire. An old, piece of shit truck was pulling into the lot of the school. Every time the driver would go a few feet, the truck would knock off and he would have to crank it back up. The poor fucker probably had to leave school at six o'clock this morning just to make it to school on time.

"Okay Alice, please don't spend so much time fucking around this afternoon. I've got a doctor's appointment and I have a feeling I'm going to want to get the hell away from here. I don't need to spend the entire afternoon waiting on your bullshit," I told her as we walked up the sidewalk and into the main office. It was inevitable that Alice would make friends here today. She always did, no matter where we were. Carlisle and Esme always said that Alice knows no stranger and it was true.

"Fine. Please don't be such an asshole today. Try to make at least one friend, for me? It would make things less sucky for you. Maybe you wouldn't be cooped up in the house all the time. I'm just sayin'," she said as she walked up to the receptionist desk and asked for our schedules. What Alice didn't understand was that one of the main reasons we moved here was because of the company I had kept back in Chicago. I was sure Carlisle and Esme didn't want me making friends like that here. I was pretty sure no one like that lived here though.

Alice handed me my schedule and I glanced at it quickly. It looked like it was filled with electives. What probably should have been the harder classes assigned to me were actually classes I had taken last year in Chicago. It seemed that my senior year here in Forks would be a breeze. I just needed to stick to myself and not make any friends or piss anyone off. Why did I have a feeling that was going to be easier said than done?