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In this chapter, I would like to thank everyone who has read my story so far, I am glad you all are happy to see such a fic come into existence. Rio: forgotten memories was inspired by real life actions I had towards birds myself. I was a child and I hated birds, I used to throw rocks at them all the time until my wake up call was when my father found a baby ring-necked dove while we were driving home one day, I was only nine and harassed the bird, day and night. Much to its dismay, eventually it could not walk at all; its legs became disfigured to the point my parents had to put the poor thing to rest. That really hit me inside, it was the first time I saw an animal die in front of my eyes. Years later, I still carry the heavy burden with me; I wished I had not done such a thing. Then Rio came out and I was inspired to combine my life story with Rio itself. This was the result and I am proud my inspiration was enough to entertain you all. Like my Original character, Andrew/Clyde, I have changed.


The Finale part 2

(Day 20) (4:37 Pm) (The sugar mill) (6 hours remaining) (Thursday April 7th)

The rain continued as it plummeted to the ground from the clouds above, the squad arrived at the sugar mill, the entire place smelled horrendous, trash was everywhere and paintball remnants were seen among the walls of the old, abandoned sugar mill. This was a perfect place to play air soft and paintball, but it was closed down after the area proved to be too dangerous for players. Now, it was nothing but a decaying factory with rain slowly eating away at its metal and concrete. Castillo was tense, he knew somehow something bad was awaiting all of them.

"Disperse and find the suspects" Castillo ordered.

The entire squad moved in different directions, Linda and Tulio followed Lieutenant Castillo, they were cold from the rain, but Castillo was not, he showed no sighs of weakness or limitations, he was used to these kinds of scenarios. Linda was still waiting for the answer to her question about the veterinarian's fate after this whole scenario.

"Listen Castillo, you still have not answered my question, will we still be in trouble after this?" Linda asked

"Linda, that decision is not mine to choose, I like both of you to be honest, at first I thought both of you were nothing but liars, I see now that I was wrong, you have done a lot trying to save your birds and I understand that, but I cannot say you are innocent; Please understand" Castillo explained

"I…understand" Linda finished, Tulio felt the same emotions that Linda was feeling, he held her close; Making sure that whatever happens, he would always be there for her. All she could do was to return the action and hope for the best.

Castillo stopped by a half broken door and ordered both vets to take cover; Castillo took out a set of binoculars and examined the inside of the sugar mill factory. He found the smugglers, both were hiding on the third floor, Nigel was with them and the two Blue Macaw's as well. Miller seemed to be getting into an argument with Marcel.

"whats going on?" Tulio said

"We need a way to get them down here, perhaps an ambush…" Castillo explained.

"How?" Tulio asked

Castillo examined the interior and the exterior of the sugar mill, the third floor was connected to a sky bridge, it lead to a refinery. But parts of the bridge were gone, broken apart by an unknown force, presumably the effect of corrosion; so only half of the bridge was still standing, but with enough weight, the rest of the bridge could in fact collapse to the ground below. The lieutenant examined the interior and found the stairs to be the only access back down.

"Looks like the only way down are those stairs to the right…so if air support comes, they will make a run for it, no doubt about it, and we will be ready, they cant possibly jump that bridge, that would be suicide" Castillo said

"Great idea…" Linda agreed

"Hopefully this will work" Tulio finished

Castillo took out a Motorola T5022 and had the channel to 17, where he addressed the main helicopter that was sitting by the train. The pilot was talking to Armando until he heard his walkie talkie scream for help. He rushed to its aid and answered the call.

"Hotel Bravo, this is Echo one, we require air support, I am sending you the coordinates right now, we are about 5 klicks from your position, southwest from the train tracks, are you receiving me Hotel Bravo, confirm" Castillo said in Portuguese.

The pilot received the message and went to tell the crew to move Armando and Fernando to another helicopter for safety reasons. Fernando at first hesitated but agreed to leave afterwards. Fernando checked on Armando, all the smuggler could do was smile softly.

"Heh…kid…im sorry for how I treated you, a few weeks ago and how we fooled you from the start. I just through that I did not have a choice you know, but Marcel…he's suddenly different, but he always mistreated me and Tipa so it does not matter." Armando said, his sentences were paused from time to time, he was losing energy, was he dying? Nobody knew but the bullet had penetrated deep within his arm and was now leaving toxic chemicals that were quickly spreading in his body.

"Hey…officers, I think we need to take him to the hospital, now" Fernando said

"We can't leave without orders from Castillo" One officer said

"Listen! He's going to die if we stand here and do nothing! Would you like it if you were dying and there were people standing around you, not doing anything to help?" Fernando proved his point.

All the officers stood there, their mouths gaped, and this boy had just showed them how smart he really is. The officer standing next to Fernando signaled the pilot of the second helicopter to take off to the nearest hospital.

"I never met a kid like you, not with such determination; you clearly beat anything I did when I was your age"

"But all I said was…" Fernando was interrupted

"Listen kid, you could indeed have saved this mans life for giving that speech, be glad" The officer finished.

The second helicopter took off to the nearest city which was Guaratingueta, the town was ten miles from the train, and the city itself was situated within the state of Sao Paulo, although the capital was Sao Paulo. The nearest hospital was Hospital e Maternidade Frei Galvão. It was the closest salvation for Armando to have; Fernando held the smugglers hand and said.

"I forgive you" Fernando finished.


There was a short silence but then the walkie talkie screamed with the pilot's voice.

"Affirmative Echo one, we are heading to your position, estimated time, five minutes" The pilot said over the walkie talkie.

"Roger that Hotel Bravo" Casitllo concluded, he put away his device and watched as the smugglers kept fighting with each other, he passed the binoculars to Linda, who wanted to see what was going on. Castillo called for his men on the radio and the squad members stood by the door with him.

"So…you really think we could just sit here, and wait for them to leave, they have three helicopters! A squad of highly trained officers; not to mention a search party looking for us in this very place!" Miller shouted

"Do we have a choice in the matter? We are sitting ducks thanks to those stupid veterinarians, now we are on our own, no Armando, no Romero, just us!" Marcel retorted.

"I can't believe this…Why did I think this was such a great idea…going 200 miles to Sao Paulo like this. First having to deal with those veterinarians, then having your friend turn on us and after that a cop that followed us every step of the way." Miller shouted in Marcel's face.

"We did not have a choice! This was our only way of getting the birds to the trade!" Marcel retorted

"What abut Diego? Marcel" Miller asked, remembering the person he used to trade the animals for cash.

"He doesn't work with the system anymore and his son, Tipa, left us after those vets got us out of prison" Marcel said

"Wait…what" Miller shouted

"Damn it…" Marcel said quietly

"What do you mean those vets got you out of prison?" Miller asked

"Well…they made an agreement with Diego…if they took him out they would get something in return, I don't know what reward they got but we got out ourselves and Tipa told us Fernando was having a game. Tipa thought we wouldn't do this again, but I found it as an opportunity to get the birds at the sanctuary. The train was the fastest way to Sao Paulo.

"And what about the plane we all used to use, Marcel!" Miller shouted

"Well...it sort of got blown up." Marcel said

"What? How!" Miller asked

"cause….we….sigh, this was not the first time we attempted to capture these birds and bring them to Sao Paulo, we almost had these two Blue Macaws until one of them opened the hatch of the plane and freed the birds from their cages" Marcel confessed

"So you are telling me…birds, stupid animals; who can't possibly get out of secured cages, got out and blew up the plane?" Miller asked

One of the Blue Macaws somehow got out of its silly little cage and managed to ruin our chance of fortune, it blocked the doors to the hatch and when I noticed the fire extinguisher on the floor and the broken cage, I attempted to break open the door but...I don't know how they did it but they all escaped. And now, some stupid Veterinarians ruined our second chance at fortune, you understand, Miller" Marcel finished

"I can't believe this, I thought you people knew what you were doing, and I was only needed to help you get the birds, not get my ass into this situation!" Miller retorted

"Listen! We did not expect to be followed, our entire plan worked until the cop got into this" Marcel retorted

Then, a voice could be heard from below, it was Castillo with a loudspeaker and the veterinarians were with him. Clyde, Pedro, Nico and Rafael were close by; they found Blu and Jewel, sitting a few feet away from the smugglers. Nigel smelled them, but could not find them right away. The birds landed next to the cages and greeted the captured Macaws.

"Attention Smugglers, its over, come down from there and surrender; we can think of a negotiation, no charges will be held against you" Castillo said

"Do you think we are stupid enough to believe you and your lies?" Marcel shouted

Castillo looked at Linda and she did the same, he then turned his head towards the smugglers and shouted through the loudspeaker

"We are giving you a chance to come down here peacefully, you have two minutes to comply" Castillo finished.

Then Linda could see Censario with the birds on the third floor, they got to the cages and Clyde was right next to Blu's cage. The expression on the two Blue Macaws immediately went from dismay to joy.

"They can't open those cages by themselves…" Linda said

"Do you have some sort of key with you from the train?" Castillo asked

Linda searched her pockets and found the keys to unlock the cages, given to her by Armando before his confrontation with Miller and injury.

"Right here" Linda said

"Good, now we will wait for them to come down to us, if they don't come down, we will make them come down." Castillo finished


"Guys…im so glad you're here, I thought we were done for sure" Blu said

"Thank God you guys came, quick get us out before Nigel finds out what you guys are doing" Jewel said

"Don't worry guys, we will get you out of there as quickly as we can" Rafael said

"Guys, I think we are being watched…" Nico said, noticing a shadow in the dark, rainy horizon.

"What do you mean?" Pedro asked

The birds stopped what they were doing and saw for themselves the shadow that soon became Nigel as he dove down to attack all of them. Clyde saw Nigel; the cockatoo was flying towards him so fast that he could not fly away in time. The Cockatoo grabbed him by the throat and started to make him suffocate.

(Song: Minority report soundtrack – Everybody runs))

"You birds again! You are beginning to get on my nerves, especially you…" Nigel said

"Clyde!" Everyone but Nigel and Clyde himself, shouted as the thunder above them escalated to its climax.

"Let go of him!" Jewel said

"Nigel! Leave him alone! Nigel!" Blu said as Clyde's color turned blue then to purple.

Pedro and Nico immediately remembered the huge Talons on the Cockatoo; they immediately hid behind Blu's cage for cover.

Rafael could not see his friend be strangled like that, being the peaceful Toucan he was, he felt as though he could not fight with anyone, especially his own kind. That was true until Clyde started to gasp for air and began to move all over the place, struggling to get free from the cockatoo's mighty talons. Nigel was going to kill him if no one helped, Pedro and Nico couldn't help, and they were very small compared to Nigel. Rafael the toucan could not watch anymore, something inside him snapped, his eyebrows changed into a furious expression, Rafael walked towards Nigel and called for him.

"Hey! Bird brain!" Rafael shouted

It became silent with the exception of the sound of rain hitting against the corroded metal of the sugar mill.

Nigel became furious at that comment and looked behind him to find Rafael standing next to him. Rafael used his beak to hit Nigel and the Cockatoo let go of the cardinal. The force of the toucan's beak was strong enough to get him off Clyde. Nigel flinched, surprised about what just happened. This was the first time any bird has done that to him but he quickly gained his composure, pretending what just happened did not happen.

"Oh…silly, do you think you have a chance" Nigel coldly questioned the toucan

"Leave…him…alone" Rafael said

Nigel was about to go for Clyde again until he saw Rafael's face, he remembered the toucan from somewhere.

"You look familiar…tell me your name" Nigel asked

"The name is Rafael, father of eighteen sons'" The toucan said

"Oh…I remember now, the king of carnival, I can see you have gray feathers now, save that temper when you really need it, for the kids." Nigel finished as he walked towards Clyde again.

"Don't get me angry, Nigel…" Rafael said

Pedro and Nico never saw Rafael get so angry before, not even when he was mad at Clyde; the toucan was about to snap, he was going to hit Nigel with everything he had.

Nigel placed his talons on Clyde throat again, and the cardinal gasped for air once more

"I am sorry, are you mad, I did not mean to make such a peaceful father become so aggressive." Nigel taunted

(Song time – 1:21 – 2:25)

"I…said…LEAVE HIM ALONE!" Rafael shouted as he charged towards the Cockatoo, they both fell from the sugar mill but both recovered by flying. Rafael and Nigel began to have a furious aerial battle. Linda could not believe what she was seeing, while the two birds were having their fight, the helicopter arrived to the scene with a searchlight that illuminated the smugglers. Marcel began to panic but Miller kept headstrong, not wanting to hear Marcel's demands of running for it. Marcel felt tense, he didn't want to go to jail again; the very thought of him having his freedom taken away from him, the very thought made him cringe. He began sweating, even though it was raining hard and it seemed improbable but he could not sit around anymore.

"It's over Miller! They got us on the hold! I am out of here with the Macaws!" Marcel shouted, taking Jewel and Blu. The macaws squawked for help.

Pedro noticed this and shouted for the Macaws; Clyde, who recovered from the attack, also noticed the Macaws being taken away. Nigel began to scratch the toucan with his sharp talons. Rafael kept using his beak to hit Nigel, both birds were becoming exhausted; both were delivering the same amount of damage to each other. Then, Nigel grabbed the toucan's feet and carried him, rendering him defenseless, Rafael tried everything to escape but he could not. Clyde saw this happen and rushed to the toucan's assistance. The Cockatoo was taking the toucan to a conveyor belt; Nigel used his left talon to activate the belt by pushing a lever while he had the toucan's feet with his right talon. The conveyor belt began to move towards a grinder that was once used to crush sugar cane but was now going to be used to kill Rafael. Clyde's eyes widened as the sound of thunder and the sight of lightning enhanced the intensity and gravity of the situation.

(Song end)

The helicopter had its search lights pointed at Miller, but then a sudden flash of lightning made him disappear, he ran back inside the building just as the lightning flashed. The wind from the storm began to build until it was 20 miles per hour. It was raining so much that visibility was reduced to low levels. Castillo could not see the third floor anymore; the squad was waiting orders from the lieutenant. The helicopter was forced to land; it rested outside the sugar mill and the officers awaited further orders.


Miller saw Marcel going downstairs; he grabbed the man and stopped him from going down to the second floor with the Macaws.

"Are you mad? They are waiting for us out there" Miller said

"I don't care, I have to try" Marcel retorted

"You can't be serious" Miller said back

"I am deadly serious" Marcel finished

But when Marcel was about to go down the stairs again, he heard a cocking mechanism go off. He stopped dead in his tracks and looked back to see Miller holding his rifle towards him. The birds knew about wars and murderers but after seeing Armando getting shot by Miller, they knew exactly how far this man was willing to go to get what he wanted. Miller had his finger on the trigger with the bullet waiting to be released from the chamber.

"You're not going anywhere my friend" Miller said coldly

"What, now you are going to shoot me, like you did Armando!" Marcel retorted

"You know I will" Miller said

"I doubt it" Marcel retorted

"Marcel, I don't have time to play games, come back up here" Miller ordered

"You are crazy…Miller, you are willing to shoot your own friend for…" Marcel was interrupted

"Give me the birds, Marcel; then you can go Scot free, if you really think that is going to happen" Miller said

"No…these are MY birds! I worked very hard to get them under my grasp" Marcel shouted

"You don't know what you are getting yourself into, Marcel" Miller warned.

Marcel thought of something, he turned back and set the cages down

"Okay…fine, you win" Marcel said

"Good…hand me the cages" Miller commanded

Marcel walked very slowly with the cages to Miller, the six foot tall man picked them up but before he could react, Marcel drew his M9 from his holster and had it aimed for Miller's head. Blu and Jewel gasped at this action by Marcel, they did not even know he had a gun from the start.

"How cute…threatening me with that toy weapon" Miller simply said

"How cute…pointing a gun at your best friend, and threatening to kill him" Marcel retorted

"Best friend? When did I ever call you best friend?" Miller asked

"I thought you needed a best friend since you don't have any friends" Marcel insulted

"I swear to God…Marcel" Miller commented

"Put your rifle down…." Marcel ordered

"And what if I don't?" Miller asked

"You will see for yourself" Marcel said

"Do you really think I am scared of dying?" Miller asked

"I don't care if you die, I just want you to give me the rifle" Marcel said

"Then kill me, Marcel" Miller commanded

"Give me the rifle first" Marcel asked

"Do it…finish me off" Miller ordered

"I find your desire to die, rather disturbing" Marcel commented

"Just kill me on the spot, because I am not giving you my rifle, I have had this rifle for years and I refuse to give it to an ignorant person like you, Marcel" Miller shouted

Then, Marcel hit Miller in the face with his M9 and the man dropped his rifle, Marcel put his pistol back in his holster and took the rifle. Miller immediately recovered and ran towards Marcel to reclaim his rifle until Marcel pointed his rifle at Miller.

"Never point a gun at anybody, mister; now you know how I felt, it feels scary now that you have your own gun pointed at your face" Marcel finished

Marcel kept pointing the rifle at Miller until he backed away and grabbed Jewel's cage and went down the stairs.

"Blu!" Jewel shouted

"Jewel!" Blu returned the shout from Jewel.

"This isn't over, Marcel" Miller coldly said

"It is for you, but you can keep the male, the female is worth a lot more" Marcel retorted

Miller watched helplessly as his whole world collapsed, he lost everything he had and now he would soon lose his freedom, he punched the nearby corroded wall and in doing so it caused a dent in the wall itself. Miller began to bleed on his hand; it dripped till the rain washed it down to the floors below. Blu watched as Miller came towards him; the Blue macaw had his back against the wall. Miller came closer and closer until he formed a smile on his face.

"I guess it's just you and me, now" Miller smiled


Clyde watched in horror as Rafael was hopelessly caught in the talons of Nigel, the conveyor belt was slowly taking them to the grinder which would soon kill the toucan if nobody helped. Pedro and Nico flew next to Clyde; both of them were shocked at the sight of the Cockatoo.

"Guys, why didn't you help Rafael get rid of Nigel when I was in trouble?" Clyde asked

"Well…we…sorta have a thing with Huge Ninja talons" Nico said to Clyde

"We will be sliced to pieces if we came across Nigel, please understand" Pedro told Clyde

"Rafael is going to die if we don't help him though! I can't do it alone, would you rather see your friend get chopped into a million pieces and just stand there or save his life!" Clyde said

The Cardinal and the Canary looked at each other and then their eyebrows shifted; both of them nodded at each other and turned to Clyde.

"Rafie needs us" Pedro said

"Let's go show this pea brain we mean business!" Nico concluded.

Clyde and the two birds charged toward Nigel and before the Cockatoo could throw Rafael into the grinder, Nigel heard screams of charge and before he could react he was pushed aside by Clyde, Pedro and Nico, the combined force of the three birds drew Nigel back and the Cockatoo saw the birds rush towards him again. Rafael was free of the Cockatoo's grasp and he saw his friends pecking Nigel.

"Get off me you half wits!" Nigel shouted as he was constantly being harassed by the birds. Rafael Slowly recovered, Pedro and Nico were smacked by Nigel's wings and were momentarily stunned. Clyde realized that he was an easy target for Nigel now so he tried to fly away. Nigel smirked at this and he flew at tops speeds toward the Cardinal.

Nigel was not going to let Clyde get away that easily, he grabbed the Red-crested Cardinal with his right talon and began to choke Clyde once again. "Well…Ill have to hand it to you, You're a bigger pain in the neck then I could have thought possible." Nigel said

Clyde struggled hopelessly under Nigel's grasp; he began to struggle less after a few seconds of trying to escape.

"Tired? Well…it's a darn shame, because I am just….getting…warmed…up!" Nigel said to the cardinal's face, his eyes perfectly blended with some of the lighting that appeared after his comment.

With some strength left, Clyde formed a smirk and Nigel raised an eyebrow in confusion

"Allow me to break the ice!" Rafael shouted, Nigel's eyes dilated and he looked behind him but it was too late.

Rafael pushed the Cockatoo into a wall and the force of the impact immediately made him lose consciousness. The white Cockatoo slumped to the floor with a bit of blood coming out of his skull but that blood was washed down by the rain. Rafael began to feel lightheaded as he lost a bunch of energy during the fight; he flew down to the ground and sat on the overgrown grass. Clyde, Pedro and Nico rushed to his aid.

"Gosh…I never expected to act like this to my own kind" Rafael said as his breathing began to slow down.

"You did the right thing, Rafael" Pedro said

"Yea…and I owe you guys a lot for saving me" Rafael said to his friends

"It was Clyde's Idea to be honest, we felt as though we couldn't help until Clyde persuaded us" Nico explained

"I guess now we can rest" Clyde said

"What about Blu and Jewel?" Rafael asked

Clyde had just remembered the Macaws, they totally forgot about them during the conflict. Clyde spread his wings and prepared to fly, with the rain still dropping down from above.

"It's not over yet, we have to save them, follow me" Clyde finished

Rafael, even though he was weak from the fight, followed the Cardinal, along with Nico and Pedro.

(Day 20) (4:56 Pm) (The sugar mill) (6 hours remaining) (Thursday April 7th)

Marcel was down the stairs and with Jewel's cage on his left hand and Miller's rifle on his right, Castillo peeked into the interior of the sugar mill to find Marcel coming at his direction. He told Linda and Tulio to stay back and Castillo ordered the ambush to happen.

"Now…if I can just find an alternate trail…maybe I can still get to Sao Paulo, with half of what I will get…ill still be rich either way…" Marcel said, he completely forgot about the cops at the front of the sugar mill. Castillo and his men were just inches away.

Marcel stopped, he heard noises, he knew it was someone or a group of people; but before he could react, Castillo and his men stormed inside the compound. Marcel dropped Jewels cage and before he could aim the rifle at Castillo, the lieutenant successfully disarmed him. Three squad members restrained Marcel and Linda came in with Tulio. Castillo remembered the mans face from when he kidnapped Fernando.

"What do we have here, the man from the Favela" Castillo said while Marcel was on the ground facedown.

"Do what you will, I will get out again somehow" Marcel said

"Oh, I don't think that will happen, we will be sure to put you in a place far more suitable for you." Castillo said to the smuggler.

"You don't get it do you? I will keep coming back and I will try and try again till I have these Macaws again!" Marcel said

"We shall see, take him away men" Castillo ordered

"Roger" One man said

The head smuggler was dragged out of the sugar mill and was being taken to the helicopter.

"Do you think this is over? Not by a long shot! I will not stop! I will not rest until those Macaws are mine again!" Marcel shouted his final line before being taken away, his words echoed in the rainy compound. Linda and Tulio were very tense about this, but now at least everything was starting to ease up for them. Linda approached Jewel's cage and took out the keys and unlocked the cage. Jewel immediately took flight and flew towards the stairs, she signaled Linda and Tulio to follow. Linda understood that Blu was upstairs, Linda ran to the stairs and went up to the next two floors, Tulio followed; they left Castillo with two of his men to hunt down for Miller now. Linda and Tulio arrived at the third floor to find Blu in his cage; Jewel was flying right beside them.

"Blu! Thank god you are okay" Linda shouted as she ran towards him, Tulio stopped for some air and he saw Linda get the keys out of her pocket.

"No wait! Linda! It's a trap! He's waiting for you!" Blu tried to warn his best friend but to no avail

Linda stopped running towards him, she almost slipped due to the slippery roof.

"What is it Blu?" The dark red haired woman said, as Linda asked the question she was knocked down with incredible force, Tulio's eyes widened and he ran to her assistance.

"Nice of you to join our little party, Princess" Miller said coldly while keeping Linda still.

"Leave her alone! Miller!" Tulio shouted as he tried to get Miller off Linda

Miller then turned his aggressiveness towards Tulio, The veterinarian began to take many steps back until he had his back against the wall and Miller grabbed him. Miller raised his arm to strike Tulio.

"Allow me to return the favor, this is for punching me back at the train, Mr. Vet" Miller said

(Song: Heavy rain – The hoards Descend)

Before he could hit Tulio with all he had, Linda picked up a corroded steel pipe and she swung the weapon with all of her might towards Miller. The six foot tall man dropped Tulio and forced his way toward Linda.

"Stay away!" Linda shouted, she backed away as far as she could until she came to the edge, if she were to fall, it would sure mean death to her. Blu tried everything to get out of his cage. The keys were literally a few feet away from him; they were dropped during the skirmish. The male Blue Macaw tried to use his feet to grab the keys but it was hopeless.

As Linda swung the steel pipe again, Miller blocked the pipe and took the weapon from her, Miller forced Linda down on the ground and he began to use the steel pipe to choke her. Tulio yelled as he charged toward the smuggler but his physically frail body almost had no affect on Miller. Castillo began to hear yells upstairs, he signaled the others to stay which was the biggest mistake he had ever done in the history of his career, he ran up the stairs and the sounds began to form into words.

"I said leave her alone! Miller!" Tulio shouted

"I should have killed you when I had the chance, princess!" Miller shouted as he continued to choke Linda despite Tulio's attempts.

"Miller! Please don't! Take me instead! Just leave her alone!" Tulio pleaded

Miller just smiled mischievously as the sight of lightning overhead made his face look more menacing than ever before. The man had lost his sanity, he really did not care for anything anymore and he would be sure to take this woman's life.

"Please! Miller! I am begging you! Get off her!" Tulio shouted again

Then out of nowhere, Castillo charged at the smuggler, making him get off Linda, Tulio grabbed Linda and checked to see if she was alright. Clyde and the others just appeared and witnessed what was happening. Clyde saw his father fighting the cop until both of them stepped on the sky bridge.

(Song end)

Both Miller and Castillo were on the half broken sky bridge, with slippery water and nowhere to run at, Castillo was in a very dangerous place to be right now. Miller found this as an opportunity.

"Oh…I almost forgot about you…Mr.…Five…O" Miller said to Castillo.

"Just turn yourself in peacefully…don't make me kill you" Castillo said coldly, he pointed his M4 at the smuggler.

"Ha! You can try, but I know you wont; Cause you had so many chances to kill me before" Miller retorted

"Trust me…Miller, I killed many people in my time, people who were just like you and tried to kill others" Castillo explained

"Don't try to scare me with your cop trash, cause I ain't buying it" Miller said while holding the steel pipe.

Then, a sudden lightning bolt nearby caused Castillo to temporarily shut his eyes for a few seconds; after the brief blind episode, He saw Miller charge towards him. He fired his weapon but it missed as Miller made Castillo drop his rifle. The bullet ricochet all over the sugar mill. The weapon fell 100 feet before hitting the ground in pieces.

(Song: Heavy rain soundtrack – the fight)

Miller swung the steel pipe, only to have it taken by Castillo, the lieutenant smacked Miller and Castillo kicked the smugglers stomach to get him off. There were several tools that were left untouched for many years that Miller picked up. Castillo threw the steel pipe towards Miller who immediately dodged it; Miller found several pipes to throw at Castillo, with only some actually hitting him but having no profound affect. The smuggler then found a hammer and ran towards the officer. He swung violently at the cop but the slippery floor caused him to be extremely clumsy, Castillo found this as an opportunity and he performed a side kick that caused Miller to cringe in pain. Castillo continued his side kicks until he was out of the sky bridge area, Miller then grabbed the officer's leg and caused Castillo to twist and hit the ground in pain. As Castillo fell, his pistol came out of his holster, Miller and Castillo both noticed this and ran toward the weapon. Before Miller could grab it, Castillo kicked the smugglers legs and caused him to trip. Castillo ran for the gun but Miller grabbed his legs and caused him to slip. Both recovered and now engaged into a fist fight. Castillo aimed for Millers nose and essentially caused the man to bleed, Miller performed a Chokehold on Castillo and the cop began to suffocate until he kicked Miller right in his sensitive area and then kicked him in the face. Miller fell next to the weapon and before Castillo could grab it, Miller pushed the cop to the edge, Castillo fell and now was hanging from the ledge, if nobody went to help him soon, he would surely die, the slippery edge made it much harder to grab as well.

"Sad it has to end this way" Miller said coldly with blood coming out of his nose and mouth, he placed his foot on the officers clinging hands.

Castillo tried everything to keep his hands in place but it was useless.

(Song end)


Linda found the cage keys right next to Blu's cage and she unlocked it, the male Blue macaw was reunited with his best friend, Jewel and the others. Linda gave her Macaw the biggest hug she could ever give him. The happy reunion was short lived when Tulio and Clyde immediately noticed Castillo's defeat at the hands of Miller. Blu's eyes widened, Miller was using his foot to smash Castillo's hands so he would fall. Linda noticed this from Blu and she immediately ran towards Castillo.

"No!" Linda screamed

"Linda wait! He has a gun!" Tulio warned

The shout from Linda caused Miller to ignore Castillo and turn around and go towards the vets; the man had completely lost it. Clyde now knew how his father really was, his eyebrows shifted at the sight of Castillo. Clyde flew towards his father at great speeds and started to peck him continuously, the others saw the intense courage this Red-crested Cardinal had, Blu understood what had to be done now, he joined in and helped Clyde harass Miller. Pedro and Nico, along with Rafael joined in as well. Jewel could only see how Miller was susceptible to birds, but why? She asked herself. The combined pecks by all the birds caused Miller to have marks all over his body, Clyde then pecked Miller's hand so he would let go of the gun, the man yelled in frustration. It was working! He was going into the same episode he did when Blu's mother pecked him so many years ago.

"I think its working!" Blu shouted

"Don't stop!" Clyde said

"This is for all the birds you tried to take away" Pedro shouted

"This is for the guy you shot inside the train!" Nico shouted

"This is for trying to hurt Linda and Tulio!" Blu shouted

"This is for everyone you killed and enjoyed killing!" Rafael shouted

(Song end)

Then, another shot rang out; the birds were immediately flown back by this. Blu was in Miller's direction. Everyone was shocked by the initial blast from the weapon once again. Linda and Tulio had their eyes set on the Glock 17. Linda gasped, the birds were vulnerable.

"I don't care about being rich anymore….or fame or any of that! You birds have caused enough distress for me! I will start with the one that had caused the most trouble for me…Let's see if the cop is around to save you know!" Miller said coldly.

Linda and Tulio saw Blu, he was in real trouble now, and they rushed towards him, only to have Miller shoot at the ground by their feet. Both Vets stopped moving.

"Don't Miller! He's an endangered species! He's the last of his kind…" Castillo shouted as he was hanging.

Miller had the gun pointed towards Blu, The Blue Macaw had no time to fly away and even if he did, Blu would have no chance to outmaneuver one of Rio de Janeiro's greatest poachers. Miller's accuracy was just too flawless; he aimed directly for the Macaws body. Everyone's eyes immediately widened, Clyde began to have yet another one of his trances.

"No! Please don't, Miller I beg you!" Linda shouted as she began to cry while Tulio held her back. Knowing full well, Miller would shoot her on sight.

"Shut up! Princess, you will be next on my list, I guarantee it!" Miller shouted

(Song: Final fantasy 8 – wounded)

Blu's life began to flash before his eyes, from the moment he was born on that familiar tree to when he met everyone he loved to the moment he fell in love with Jewel and finally, when he learned to fly. His main focus was Jewel, he looked towards her, she was crying excessively. He told her…

"Jewel…I love you…I have always loved you" Blu said softly, although he was a little far from her, she could still tell what he said and she responded.

"I know…I love you two, Blu!" Jewel shouted as she cried.

"No! Ill do anything! Please just leave them alone!" Linda shouted

"Am I to understand you will give your life to save them!" Miller asked

"Yes…I love them…As if they were my own children….take me instead" Linda said softly, she broke in tears

"Just…don't hurt him" Linda cried

"Why should I when I already have both of you where I want!" Miller concluded.

Miller was about to fire when Clyde snapped out of his trance and flew towards Blu, The chamber exploded and the bullet traveled very fast toward the bird. Clyde pushed Blu aside and then, the Red-crested Cardinal's eyes stared into nothingness. Everyone just stood silent as the rain and Miller's maniacal laughter were the dominant sounds at the sugar mill. Clyde just saved the macaws life at the price of his own being taken away by his own father. Blu and the others began to cry at the lifeless corpse that was once their friend, Blu began to regret all he ever said to the Red-crested Cardinal once again. Pedro was crying softly as well, he didn't want any of this to happen, he understood Clyde's sacrifice and seeing him give his life for Blu was beyond anyone could think he would have done, that is how far Clyde went to prove himself. But then, the cardinal's body began to show off a bright light that almost blinded everyone, Miller covered his eyes with his arm and when the light faded away, everyone gasped, Blu just stared in disbelief. It was Clyde, alive but in the form of his human self. He was wearing his old red sweater that read "crunch time" and blue jeans. Linda immediately recognized the nineteen year old boy, Tulio just had his mouth gaped. Miller was shocked and stood back, he almost dropped the Glock 17 and tried to talk but he was at a loss for words, the Cardinal was gone and in its place, was his son. Castillo was beginning to lose his grip, he shouted for help to Linda and Tulio.

"I…Im alive? But how?" Andrew asked

Andrew caught glimpse of Dionysus in the distance, he was smiling at the young boy, time ceased to exist for a few seconds. Blu seemed to have no affect with the area around him. In the end, only Dionysus, Andrew and Blu were still moving. Blu flew next to Linda, she was still, and her eyes were still locked on Andrew.

"Linda? Linda! What happened to you?" Blu asked

"Blu, you don't know how glad I am to see your okay" Andrew said to Blu, as the human said this; the Macaw remembered the face of the young boy, the one who almost shot Rafael a few weeks ago and almost took him away forever. Blu took several steps back from Andrew.

"No wait! Blu, it's me, Clyde! I just look different…this is me before I turned into a bird, remember? I…know you understand" Andrew said to the Blue Macaw

Blu automatically recognized the voice and confirmed that it indeed belonged to Clyde. The Blue Spix Macaw stopped walking backwards and began to walk towards the human. Andrew noticed the dramatic change in the environment around him, everything was no longer animated, and every detail and every texture was live action. Andrew still noticed the expressions on the Macaws face. The bird's amber eyes stared into the human's, he then spoke

"It is you…Clyde, I am so glad you are okay… listen, I am sorry for shouting at you…you did so much, trying to save us and you even saved my life, for that I am grateful to have you as a friend." Blu spoke out

This surprised Andrew, he expected not to understand the bird because he was no longer a bird himself.

"Blu…you can talk! I can understand you" Andrew said, the boy smiled, he was glad he kept his ability to talk to other animals but how was that possible?

"But how can you understand me when…you are human…" Blu asked

"It must be Dionysus…he must have something to do with this" Andrew said

Correct, And I am proud of you, Andrew; you have proven yourself to everyone, your sacrifice to save Blu was the final thing I needed to know that you have changed. Sacrificing yourself for somebody shows me that you have compassion, thoughtfulness and a tremendous sense of caring for others.

"How did I survive the blast? I thought I died?" Andrew asked, the boy offered Blu his arm so the Macaw could climb unto his shoulder to rest.

You did not survive…but I brought you back in your human form, isn't this what you wanted? Did I not keep my promise to you? You have proven yourself.

Andrew looked at Blu and the Macaw did the same, Andrew missed being a human, talking to other people, driving, doing many activities and he actually missed being in school. He tried walking to the God but he tripped and the Macaw fell but broke his fall by flying. Andrew wondered why and it was because he was not used to being a human anymore, his locomotive for two weeks was being a bird and now he couldn't even walk as a human, despite being one for 19 years, he didn't know it took only two weeks to forget you ever walked as a person, this made Andrew quite sad.

"How could I have forgotten to walk? I was only a bird for a few days" Andrew said to the God

Humans are extremely adaptable with their surroundings; it does not take long to forget about living like a human.

"I don't get it, How can Clyde understand me if he's human again?" Blu asked

He simply carried the characteristic with him, he will still be able to engage into a full conversation with everyone he knows, you see... his brain contains your language from when he was a bird and adapted it into his human form.

"Oh…that's great, but will Clyde ever be a bird again?" Blu asked

That is for him to decide, he needs to think about which lifestyle suits him better

Andrew noticed the body that was known to belong to Castillo, he tried to walk towards the God again and this time he was successful, to some extent.

"Is Castillo safe as well?" Andrew asked

I am sorry; there is nothing I can do. But there is still time to save him

"That's a lie, you're a GOD! You can help him like you did with Clyde" Blu said

If I do, Father will surely be angry at me for disturbing the natural way of life

"Oh come on, you turned Clyde into a bird and then revived him, now you are telling us you cannot help someone else? I find that absurd" Blu argued

Forgive me please

Clyde and Blu just stared at the God, Blu once again climbed into the boys shoulder.

"Well…what now?" Andrew asked

Time will resume again and everything will go as it will, do what you can to save Castillo, take the birds back to the sanctuary and I shall meet with you again for your final judgment.

The God finished and Time slowly returned back to Normal, Dionysus disappeared and everyone around Andrew and Blu began to move slowly.

"Castillo!" Andrew shouted as he ran towards the cop to save him but he tripped a few times while getting to him, Blu flew towards Linda, everyone started to move faster.

Then time was at its normal speed. Miller noticed Andrew was right where Castillo was, his son was right in front of him a second ago, how did he get to Castillo so fast? Linda and the others also noticed this, it was like Blu and Andrew had superpowers or something! Castillo saw the young boy offer him his hand to save him.

"Who…are you?" Castillo asked

"Just grab my hand before it's too late" Andrew shouted

Castillo was saved and he lied on his back, he went to thank the mysterious boy but found him going to Miller.

"What are you doing kid? Hes dangerous" Castillo shouted to Andrew

(Song: Prince of Egypt – Good bye brother) (From 0:00 to 1:44)

Miller was just standing still, his hands were shaking. He just saw a bird turn into his son, nothing made sense anymore. He still had the gun on him.

"Dad…dad!" Andrew said

"Andrew…what are you?" Miller said, taking a few steps back

"I can explain, dad, you see I was…" Andrew tried to explain

"My son? The thing I killed was my son, how could…you be a…bird when…?" Miller asked

"Dad if you let me explain, then I can tell you how it all happened" Andrew insisted

"You are in league with them, is that it?" Miller asked

"What? No dad, look, I love you with all my heart but you have to listen to what I have to say about this" Andrew said.

"You are with them! I should have known…all those years I thought you loved me; instead you picked "their" side, all these people saying they love each other, they are just a pack of liars! Why son! Why! Wasn't it enough for you to run away to Rio and ignore all my calls?" Miller shouted

"Dad please! Let me say what I have to say!" Andrew retorted

"I loved you…as a father…I wanted the best for you" Miller began to cry a little.

Andrew knew this was lie, what his father had just said.

"Now that's…not true at all, you made me kill an innocent bird, then you kill mom and say it was her fault. Then you teach me to hate animals so I could be just like you. If you wanted the best for me, why didn't you let me choose who I wanted to be! I wanted to be a veterinarian, father!" Andrew argued, everyone around them felt for Andrew, Blu understood and he flew unto Andrews shoulder.

"You…you can't be my son…" Miller Said

"You're right…I'm not your son, I never wanted to be your son, you are a despicable, selfish man and you will never be my father." Andrew finished

Miller then aimed his gun towards his former son, and Andrew and Blu were in mortal danger now

"Then…you will die with the rest of these characters…" Miller finished

Andrew and Blu closed their eyes, everyone else was trembling, A lightning flashed with the sound of thunder. And then Castillo ran towards the six foot tall man and tackled him, Miller was at the edge of the sugar mill, there was no one to save him, he fell 100 feet at 70 miles per hour to his death. Castillo was lucky, he did not fall along with Miller, and he panted.

(Song end)

Everyone went to the edge and saw the lifeless body of Miller, Andrew moved his head back, and the father he has known for 19 years…was dead. Linda walked over to the boy and put her hand on his shoulder. Tulio went and did the same. Blu felt bad after seeing the event in front of him, he never liked seeing people die, it always hit him hard even thought Miller was an evil man. The sound of rain stopped and some clouds revealed some sunlight.

some minutes later =

Nigel began to wake up after the fight, he groaned but before he could react, he was put inside a cage. Blu flew to the cage and put and then he put his wing on the cage.

"Such irony don't you think" Blu said

"Let me out right now" Nigel demanded

"We will, we just need to find a place where you could think about what you did today" Blu finished.

Nigel began to get desperate

"Please…let me out I will do anything" Nigel pleaded

Blu just smirked and said

"Don't worry Nigel, we will find a home just for you" Blu finished

Jewel landed next to Nigel and said

"Now you know how it feels to have your freedom taken away from you" Jewel finsied

The Macaws left the Cockatoo by himself, Pedro and Nico flew by the bird and they mooned the Cockatoo. This made Nigel angry but Rafael landed next to the cage and said.

"You need to learn some manners, Nigel" Rafael said before flying off to the others.

Tulio grabbed the cage and took Nigel to the helicopter. The others soon followed but Castillo stayed behind to examine Miller.

"The Cardinal…was right where the gun fired…a bright light….and then a young boy? That's what Linda told me." Castillo said to himself

Castillo stared at the body before saying "I didn't mean to kill you…I lied about killing another man…I guess it's true now" Castillo said softly.

Castillo examined the body and found a picture of a young Andrew with a dead Blue Macaw.

"The kid…was right, but how could he have…been a…" Castillo's eyes widened and he ran towards the helicopter to meet with the others. Miller's corpse was then taken away in a body bag to the nearby helicopter.

(Day 20) (5:36 Pm) (Outside The sugar mill) (5 hours remaining) (Thursday April 7th)

Then rain had stopped altogether and it was sunny once again, Linda and Tulio were talking about the birds back at the train.

"We have to get all the birds back to the sanctuary; the pilot said that there is not enough space for any of them." Tulio said

Linda then noticed Romero, he was under custody, and she walked over to the man and asked

"Can you help us get the birds back to Rio de janeiro, please?" Linda asked

"I can…but I demand these officers release me at once" Romero said

"As you wish, guys give him a break" Linda said

The officers removed the restraints and Romero got to his front seat in the train and made sure everything was okay.

Then an officer noticed the vets and went to Linda and Tulio.

"Listen, your son…took the smuggler to a hospital, he is being treated as we speak; if you want, we could take you to him." The officer asked.

The vets looked at each other then thought of something.

"You want to go With Blu, Linda? I don't mind, I will be with Fernando, we will be back at the house as soon as we can" Tulio said.

"Okay, just be careful, I love you, Tulio" Linda said while pulling Tulio into a kiss.

Castillo came running towards them, with the picture, he stopped for a breath for fresh air

"Castillo, what's wrong?" Tulio asked.

"I guess he was not lying after all" Castillo said while handing the picture to Linda.

"Listen Castillo, we need help getting these birds back to the sanctuary, you don't mind?" Tulio asked

"No, of course not, in fact I need to speak with this…Andrew" Castillo finished, getting into the train.

"You have the keys right?" Tulio asked while getting on the helicopter

"Yes…be careful Tulio" Linda finished, brandishing the keys.

"Good…I'll see you back at the sanctuary, bye Linda!" Tulio finished as the helicopter rose from the ground.

(10 minutes later)

The train was fully operational with newly fed fuel and was ready to head back to Rio; Romero was told that if he fully complied with the vets, all charges would be dropped for him. Andrew was sitting with the birds in the third compartment; the sun was setting rather quickly. Blu explained everything to the birds that was needed to know about Dionysus and Andrew, all of them could not believe it up until now.

"So you can understand every word that comes out of my mouth?" Pedro asked

"Yea…every word, Pedro" Andrew said

"That's awesome! I have never talked to a human directly" Nico said

"This is so cool, having a conversation with a human, it's just so cool" Rafael said

"Not as cool as learning how to fly, to be honest" Andrew said

"Yea…but, you are basically the only human ever to understand us, it's just so new to us" Blu said

"To be honest…I enjoyed being a bird and all but…I feel as though there are something's that I have to do as a human" Andrew said

"Like what? Other than killing birds like you used to do" Blu asked

"Well, stuff like, graduating…going to college, having a loving wife and having kids of my own. Enjoying stuff that my species were meant to enjoy like driving, snorkeling and so much more." Andrew explained

"But does it make you happy? Thinking about doing all of that?" Rafael asked

"It's just…a humans way of life, we just…have to enjoy what we love the most" Andrew answered

"Birds do the same thing, Andrew; but the thing that makes us who we are is what we love doing the most and what we make out of it" Rafael said

"I…it's just I have been taught to live as a human being for 19 years…I was born a human…It's so unnatural…to suddenly live as a bird for the rest of my life" Andrew said.

"Then answer this, Andrew; Where you more happy as a human being or as a bird?" Rafael asked

Andrew thought about it, he looked at all his friends, these birds were so nice to him and treated him equal. Birds had no racism, no politics or debates like what humans had, it was just, friendship.

"Well…I…was happier as…" Andrew said

"Just express yourself, Andrew; don't be embarrassed, tell us who you would rather be, Andrew or Clyde" Rafael said

Andrew looked at his friends again; they were all waiting for the final answer and he smiled as the sun shined in his brown eyes, when he was about to give them the answer, Castillo opened the compartment door and came in.

"Hey there Buckaroo, I would like to ask you a few questions about what happened earlier" Castillo said

Andrew looked at his friends, they took several steps back to allow Castillo to sit

"Where did you come from during that skirmish? Castillo asked

"I…saw you in trouble and I went to help" Andrew lied

"And what made you come to the sugar mill? Curiosity? Maybe the helicopters caught your attention" Castillo asked

"I…just found you guys at the right time at the right moment" Andrew said

"Listen kid, I saw it happen, just tell me how the hell you went from being a bird to turning into a human" Castillo demanded

"Why? You plan to sell me to the government for experimentation?" Andrew asked

"No, I just want to know, how, just how did this happen?" Castillo asked again

"You just want the fame is that it?" Andrew said

Castillo began to lose his temper

"No, I just…want…to…okay look, if scientists knew your ability, imagine how good could be delivered to the world." Castillo explained.

"Well…forget it, you can try to reveal my secret but I will never tell anyone else but Linda and Tulio." Andrew finished

Castillo stood up and went towards the door

"You can't hide it forever, one day, I will see it to myself that we will get this ability and make it useful for everyone else" Castillo finished as he left to the main compartment where Linda was.

(Song: Metal slug – Hold you still, Vocal version)

The birds flew next to Andrew again, the boy was staring into the orange, blue sky, the sun was just in its final stages for sinking.

"What now?" Jewel asked

"We will get back at the sanctuary and…hopefully everything will be fine afterwards" Blu said

Blu noticed the worried look on Andrews face, he was thinking about what Castillo said, was the cop bad now? Or did he really want to help, either way was it moral or not? Blu and Jewel hugged each other tightly and Pedro and Nico flew on Andrew's shoulder. Rafael sat next to Andrew's left leg.

"Hey…Clyde, I'm sorry about busting your leg a few weeks ago" Rafael apologized

"Don't worry about it, you did the right thing, it was to save Blu and if you had not done that, I would have never met you guys" Andrew finished.

"Have you decided who you want to be?" Rafael asked

"Yea…I have" Andrew said

Everyone turned their heads toward Andrew, they waited his answer

"Andrew….Clyde…Andrew…Clyde, lets cast a vote!" Andrew said

Everyone rolled their eyes to the humans comment.

"Who votes for Andrew?" Andrew asked

No one raised their wing to that comment

"And how about Clyde?" Andrew asked

Everyone automatically raised their wings

"I guess its Clyde then" Andrew finished.

Everyone cheered and turned to see the sun make its final plunge over the horizon.

Andrew was happy to have such friends, he felt as though all his problems finally ended, everyone enjoyed the sunset that was given to them. Castillo was talking to Linda in the main Compartment. Tulio arrived at the hospital to see Fernando with Armando, the vet smiled. All in all, it seemed as though it was a happy ending for everyone. But it was not over yet, Castillo began to become frustrated at everything, he began to think of a way to get Andrew to talk. The Sun finally disappeared and everyone enjoyed the rest of the trip back to Rio.